tutorial: washi tape stickers

(This was originally posted at Lines Across as a guest post I did for her Craft Stash Bash series.)

Doesn't it seem like with every new trend comes a new stash? Such is the case with washi tape. 

I like the texture and look of washi tape and decided to turn it into stickers. I came up with a few ways to turn your growing tape collection into fun embellishments. 

What you'll need:
 -washi tape 
-craft punches
-wax paper
-stuff to decorate 

The first idea involves using a larger punch to make stickers.
Cut a small piece of wax paper and stick your tape to the shiny side. You'll want the pieces of tape to slightly overlap to form a large surface area to punch from. Punch out your shapes, peel, and stick. Like I said, this method works best for larger punches. The wax paper can be a little challenging to peel away from the back, but it is less of a problem with bigger punches. I used my pennant punch-outs to decorate a plain notebook.

Say you really like the idea of using a punch to make stickers, but you don't have a big punch. Well, I figured that out too. 

Cut two small pieces of wax paper and lay them so that they are overlapping by about 1/4". 

Stick your tape down over the overlapped area of wax paper. 

About 1/2" down from the overlapped wax paper line, cut off the excess. You don't have to waste as much tape as I did - I just did that for the sake of pictures. The things we do for blogging!

Now you are ready to put that small punch to work. You are going to punch directly over the overlapped wax paper. 

oooh pretty!

See what we've done here? By punching over the overlapped wax paper a sort of tab is created so that peeling the wax paper off is easy. Think about unpeeling a band-aid. It sort of opens up and you peel away the paper so you can stick it. It's like that. 

I just stuck the teeny little hearts on another notebook. I can't vouch for the permanence of these sweet little stickers. I plan on using this as a scratch pad next to my computer, so it won't be moving in and out of a bag or scraping against other books. Sort of a bummer if you are wanting to carry your washi stickers around.

So, we've used big punches, solved the problem of using small punches, and now there is the issue of our washi stickers possibly being damaged as they get shuffled around. Solution? Put them under something.

Like a clear phone case.

I didn't even use a punch for these. I just traced the circles using a dime, cut them out, and stuck them on my phone. The clear case I have holds them down and keeps them from being damaged in the hustle and bustle. (Please put stickers on your phone at your own risk. I figure if my phone has survived my toddler, it can survive a few stickers. Like I said. At your own risk.)

There you have it.



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  1. I love washi tape, when I see it I buy it. I love your idea. My grandkids love it and I enjoy giving it as a gift, I put washi tape in a decorative mason jar with a few other surprises.

  2. These are fantastic, Allison! Thank you so so much for the inspiration...

  3. Great idea, I'll have to try it some time.

  4. Genius! I re-pinned and stumbled and +1'd this...thanks.

  5. So clever!
    Pinning and sharing on my FB page!

  6. I love those decorated notebooks, so cute! Just a thought about durability, I've only encountered washi tape before on the outsides of decorated envelopes, and it held up quite well to being thrown about in the mail, even long international trips. That was with strips of the tape, but I wouldn't be surprised if the stickers were also pretty durable, especially if you stuck them to something papery.

  7. BRILLIANT! I love those little hearts! I've pinned this so I know to do it in the future. Thanks so much!

  8. super cute...especially love the little hearts...

  9. This is very cute art ! Love to decorate my iPhone !i
    custom stickers

  10. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas that I'm now in LOVE with! I'd love for you to come link these up at my weekly Tuesday Time Out party that's still open. I've also added this project to my Craft Projects page that is a permanant listing of fun crafts!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}

  11. Oh, well done! Very good idea, thanks to share with us : )

  12. C'est adorable ! je retiens l'idée parce que c'est tout simple mais il fallait y penser <3

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  15. Awesome post! I love washi! Your idea inspired a card design that I've blogged today at http://card-blanc.blogspot.com/2014/01/wonderful-washi.html.

  16. it´s so interesting the fact that I also came up with that idea without reading this post or anything similar ^^ (I also used the craft punches, the only difference is that I still haven´t used the stickers I made):3

  17. Hi! this is such a great idea, I stumbled on this on pinterest.. I was wondering where did you get the punches? specifically the triangle and heart? those are too cute!


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