20 Diy Puzzle Ideas that Kids Can Make Easily

Do you love mind games? Do you love problem-solving games? You are in the right place, you can learn how to diy puzzles here.In this article, you are going to learn and follow different tutorials on how to come up with puzzles. You don’t need to buy puzzle games while you construct at your home to suit your preferences.

You are going to save money since you will spend less on constructing than purchasing one.

1. Coaster Trivet DIY Puzzle

You will require the following materials glue stick, sandpaper, plywood, and jigsaw

First, begin by printing out the puzzle template, cut each paper puzzle piece, and attach it to the plywood using the glue stick.

Proceed to cut the puzzles out using a jigsaw, sand the pieces, and finish them.

2. Friendship Necklace Puzzle DIY

This DIY is unique and easy to create. You will require the following supplies two necklace chains, paint, paintbrushes, push pins, and two puzzle pieces.

Begin by painting the puzzle pieces, make a hole on the puzzle using the push pin and attach the necklace.

Lastly, finish the necklace.

3. Wooden Centrifugal Puzzle DIY

3. Wooden Centrifugal Puzzle DIY

This is a wooden puzzle with two parts locking together. All you need to do is to separate the two parts.

You require the following tools and materials to construct clear pine, band saw, dowel rod, and glue.

Begin by marking and cutting two pieces, and saw the scrap. Proceed to mark and make holes on the end of the pieces.

Cut dowels and chamfer end. Glue and clamp for drying. Drill the long piece, chamfer, trim ends, and finish by sanding.

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4. DIY Jig Saw Puzzle

You will require the following supplies silhouette machine, a pizza box, a printer, spray adhesive, and a sheet of white paper.

Begin by choosing your photo, stick the photo to the cardboard, and cut. Lastly, do the finishing and ensure that all the pieces are detached and none is stuck with the other

5. WOODEN Sliding Puzzle DIY

5. WOODEN Sliding Puzzle DIY

Coming up with this puzzle you require ¼ plywood, wood glue, clamps, table saw, ruler, pencil, and stain.

Begin by cutting out squares on the plywood, measure mark, and flue the tiles. Make finger holes and then paint.

Create border and glue it up, wax the pieces for sliding ability, and assemble.

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6. Cube Eraser Puzzle DIY

6. Cube Eraser Puzzle DIY

This DIY is really easy to make you require eraser cube pieces

The pieces are numbered from one to six. Begin by placing No 2 on No 1. Make sure No 2 is facing upward. Slot No 3 into the free area.

Place 5 and 6. Lastly, place No 4.

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7. Laser Cut Puzzle Picture DIY

Begin by collecting the following materials Spray adhesive, MDF,  picture, cloth, scissors, masking tape, and laser cutter.

Proceed to cut a section of your picture and attach it to MDF, load the laser cutting program and do test cuts.

Lastly, cut the puzzle using a laser cutter.

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8. Voice-activated Interactive Puzzle DIY

8. Voice-activated Interactive Puzzle DIY

Voice animated puzzles make puzzles interesting. You will require the following materials; pair of scissors, a knife, glue stick, cardboard, a picture, puzzle outline, and an Arduino UNO.

Begin by cutting puzzle pieces and assembling the puzzle. Prepare breadboard and add LEDs to the Breadboard.

Connect shield and the Arduino. Connect the breadboard to the Arduino and then connect the Arduino to pc. Connect program shield and Arduino Uno

Lastly, place LED lights on holes and noses of reindeer.

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9. Card Board Steampunk Puzzle Box DIY

9. Card Board Steampunk Puzzle Box DIY

Building up this DIY you require a cardboard, cutting board, knife, hot glue gun, wood skewers, ruler, compass, pencil, hedge clippers. and screwdriver.

Begin by making gears from the cardboard. Arrange the gears and construct a lock. Proceed to assemble scale and key, and construct a second lockbox.

Build the second key and position its key mechanism. Create an outer box and then assemble them.

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10. Fibonacci Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle DIY

Constructing this DIY requires a picture, MDF, plywood, and laser cutter.

The placement of puzzle pieces is based on Golden Angle (137.5). The puzzle has 8 spirals in one direction and 13 in the other.

Laser-cut the pieces.

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11. Lego Puzzle Box DIY

Begin by making the box. Place 6 1×6 tile pieces at the center 8×8 base plate. Construct five rows on the wall. Place tile pieces on the top of bricks.

Lastly, make small puzzle box pieces and then make the big puzzle pieces.

12. Codex Puzzle Box DIY

12. Codex Puzzle Box DIY

Building this puzzle box requires the following materials and equipment scroll saw, drill press, sander, carver, mahogany, and screws.

Begin by cutting 7 circles that have a radius of 3 and cut different layers. Proceed to assemble the three outer columns.

Assemble the inner chamber, and make notches on rotating rings. Test fit and glue components together.

Lastly, make the bottom and top covers.

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13. Card Board Dinosaur Puzzle DIY

To construct this puzzle you require corrugated cardboard, cutter, 3D printer, stitching, and marker.

Firstly, make a template and print it out. Attach templates on the cardboard and then trace with a marker.

Cut and join the puzzle pieces. Lastly, hang the puzzle.

14. DIY Tower of Hanoi Puzzle Game

To make the tower of Hanoi puzzle you require wood, saw, pencil, drill, tape measure, and pegs.

Begin by choosing the wood to use and cutting out the discs. Measure, mark, and cut the baseboard.

Finally drill the center of the discs, sand, and stain them.

15. Paper clips Puzzle DIY

15. Paper clips Puzzle DIY

Constructing this DIY is very easy and it requires paper clips and pliers.

Begin by unwinding the paper clip and ensure it is straight.  Proceed and make two rings from the straightened paper clip.

Make an extra one and then bend it to resemble a bow. Insert the straight paper clip into the bow rings.

Straighten another paper clip and bend it using fingers to form a U shape, make letter M from S and U.

Bend the long ends and ensure they cross each other. Twist the ends to come up with a handle and trim the uneven part of the handle.

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16. 52 Piece Burr Puzzle DIY

16. 52 Piece Burr Puzzle DIY

You will need the following materials Japanese saws, hand plane, chisels, marking gauge, hammer, steel square, shooting board, a pencil, and wood.

Choose the dimension you will use for this puzzle, come up with square slats and join the two surfaces.

Reduce the thickness of the edges to your desired thickness, mark and shoot the ends. Cut the parts to the desired length and do a cross the lap.

Cut notches and remove the excess part using a chisel. Lastly, repeat the steps 50 times.

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17. Rope Puzzle DIY

Coming up with this puzzle requires the following materials and equipment saw, drill, drill bits, sander, ruler, pencil, lighter, wood, rope, wood beads, and glue.

Begin by drawing, measure, mark and cut two pieces of the wood to the required length. Mark and begin punching holes then drill the holes.

Pass the rope through the large beads then feed the rope through the small bead. Tie the rope and cut off the excess rope.

Lastly, burn rope ends to act as a seal.

18. Piece Pen Puzzle Holder DIY

18. Piece Pen Puzzle Holder DIY

Do you give yourself mind tasks? This pen holder can’t hold the pens unless you solve the puzzle.

To construct this begin by collecting puzzle pieces from a variety of puzzles. You will need supplies like scissors and 2 glue sticks.

Use a cup to make a circle where you will do your build from, and cut 30 of the 35 pieces into half. Play around with puzzle pieces until you get a circular base.

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19. DIY Dolphin Puzzle

You need the following in your build wood glue, scroll saw, hand saw, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, dolphin pattern print out, 2 pieces of plywood.

Start by cutting plywood into the required size, get the shape of the dolphin, and draw it on the plywood. Cut out the pattern.

Smooth the plywood and apply acrylic paint.

20. Concrete Cube Puzzle DIY

20. Concrete Cube Puzzle DIY

In this DIY you require cement, white cement, M-seal, scale, sandpaper, cardboard, glue gun, and printer.

Begin by creating a perfect cube and proceed to make cardboard molds. Mix the cement and fill the molds.

Leave it for some time to set and then un-mold the cubes. Sand the cubes, print template designs, and stick to the cubes.

Lastly, join the cubes.

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These DIYs are very resourceful since they help you improve your creativity, get skills that you can use to earn and exercise your brain.

You do not need to purchase a puzzle while you can make one on your own easily by following the above tutorials.

If you haven’t tried these ideas/ tutorials what are you waiting for?

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