25 DIY Clutches That Will Make You Look Absolutely Stunning

Making a clutch bag is cheaper than purchasing one from an online store. In this DIY tutorial, I have put together 25 DIY clutches that you can make for yourself.

The making process is quite easy to follow. With this information, you would be able to make as many clutch bags as you want. I’m 100% positive that you will find the perfect DIY clutch bag for you.


1. DIY Oversized Clutch Bag

Regular sized clutch bags seem too small for you? If you have tried looking for a bigger size on online stores, but can’t find the perfect one, I have got you covered. In this DIY clutches tutorial, you will learn how to make an oversized clutch bag that will completely soothe you. The making process isn’t difficult to follow. You should be done making this in no time.

2. How To Make A Clutch Bag

Making a clutch bag is not a difficult task to accomplish. What makes most clutch bags hard to make are the design patterns. Here, you will see a concise guide that will show you how to make a simple clutch bag. After watching this, you would agree with me that this is easy to make.

3. How To Make A Faux Leather Clutch Bag

It looks like leather yeah? Well, it isn’t leather. This guide will show you how to make a faux leather clutch bag. This is the kind of bag that will make people think that you are using a leather clutch bag from afar. It is quite cheap to make too.

4. DIY Embellished Clutch


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My cousin has a lot of clutch bags that do not have designs on them. If you are in this position and would like to add something fancy to your clutch bag, here is the tutorial to check out. It will give you a short guide on how to add a fancy embellishment to your clutch bag.

5. DIY Leather Foldover Clutch


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Have you ever seen someone with a leather foldover bag and said to yourself “I want that”. Well, this guide will show you how to make your very own leather foldover clutch bag. If you are really into DIY clutches, you would love this bag. The best part is, you can make as many colors as you want within a short span.

6. How to Make a DIY Envelope Clutch


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While doing my research for DIY clutches, I found this envelope-shaped clutch and I found it to be pretty amazing. I love the fabric used for this clutch bag, however, you are free to use whatever fabric you want. The instructions for making this envelope clutch bag is very easy to follow.

7. DIY Clutch Bag


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The creator of this amazing bag was able to include a zipper pouch inside the bag which is pretty amazing. The overall bag looks simple, but, trust me, the making process is not so easy especially when you look at the humongous instructions.

8. How To Add Character To A Clutch Bag


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This DIY clutches guide won’t teach you how to make the bag you see in the image above, it will, however, show you how to add characters to your already existing clutch bag. It is a great way to upgrade the look of your clutch bag.

9. DIY Cotton + Leather Clutch Purse


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Here is a simple cotton-leather clutch purse I found on “A beautiful mess”. This is one of the “easy-to-make” projects, you would be done before you know it. I think the mixture of cotton and leather is great. You can use whatever color you like.

10. Sequin DIY Clutches


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Are you looking for a DIY clutches guide that won’t cost much? Here’s one that you can DIY right away. This project is also ideal for people who do not know how to sew. Being a no-sew project, you would be able to make this one in minutes.

11. DIY Leather Clutch Bag


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The beauty of this clutch bag cannot be overemphasized. I mean, this looks like the kind of bag made by a top-designer company. In this DIY guide, you will get free instructions on how to make this leather clutch bag. The making process might take a while but you’d be proud of your finished work.

12. DIY Old Book Clutch Bag


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I was all-out looking for creative DIY clutches and then I found this fantastic DIY old book clutch bag. This is the kind of bag that would make your friend’s jaws drop. The making process requires a few tools, the instructions are not hard to follow.

13. How To Add 3D Flair To Your DIY Clutches


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This DIY guide won’t show you how to make a clutch bag, it will rather show you how to add a 3D clay design to any clutch bag. You will need to get creative on this one. After learning from this guide, you can make different shapes for your clutch bag decor.

14. DIY Heart-Shaped Clutch

A heart-shaped clutch bag would be ideal for a dinner night and even prom night. If you are feeling loved up, this is the clutch bag to use. The making process is quite easy to follow. It might take some time, but you will eventually end up with a beautiful looking clutch bag.

15. How To Make A Clutch Purse At Home

From the comfort of your home, you will learn how to make a clutch purse. The creator will show you two styles that you can use whenever you feel like making a new clutch purse, the making process of this clutch purse is also easy to follow just like the former.

16. DIY Book Clutch

Here’s another guide that shows you how to make a DIY clutch from a book. You can use any book of your choice, but make sure it will have enough space to contain your stuff. The guide is pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

17. How To Make A Clutch Out Of Magazines


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That old magazine in your room, yeah that one! You can transform it into a clutch. In this DIY tutorial, the creator shows all the steps she used to make her clutch bag using magazines. I think this is a pretty creative idea. If you fancy it, then dive on in.

18. DIY Clutches | Foldover Techniques

Do you have a sewing machine around? Can you use a sewing machine? If the answer to both questions is “Yes.” Then you need to check out this amazingly outstanding tutorial. The creator will show you step-by-step foldover clutch techniques.

19. DIY Foldover Leather Clutch With Tassel


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Okay, I must admit, I love the tassel. Do you think this would be hard to make? Well, it won’t be. Even the creator was shocked that she was able to make one of these for herself. I bet if you follow her instructions correctly, you would end up with an amazing looking clutch bag like this.

20. DIY Clutches | Foldover Purse


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Out of all the DIY clutches listed in this article, I find this one intriguing and stunning. I don’t know if it’s the pattern or the colors used, but this is one fantastic clutch bag. The best part is that you are just a click away from the instructions to make one of these. Have fun crafting.

21. DIY Straw Clutch


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You would be amazed after looking at the making process of this DIY clutch bag, I asked myself, “How did that! end up like this?” For this DIY tutorial, I have a feeling you would enjoy the making process. However, finding the supplies might be a bit tough.

22. How To Make A Clutch Purse


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wikiHow remains one of the best sources for how-to’s. I was able to find a guide that shows how to make a clutch purse. If you have never made a clutch purse before and other tutorials are difficult, you should check this out.

23. DIY Clutches With Ankara | No Sew

Have you ever thought about adding an African bag to your collection? While doing my research, I stumbled upon this amazing Ankara clutch bag. The making process doesn’t involve the use of a sewing machine. I have a feeling you’ll love the bag.

24. How To Make Your Own Metallic Clutch

Here’s a guide that will show you how to make your very own metallic clutch bag. For the making process, you would need a couple of supplies as seen in the video tutorial.

25. DIY Bow Clutch


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The last but not the least is on my list of DIY clutches is this amazing DIY bow clutch. It looks expensive, right? I know. The cost of making one of these is quite low. The making process is also easy to follow.

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