20 DIY Concrete Planter Projects To Make For Your Plants

Concrete planters are amazing vases where your plants can grow in peace and harmony. They are easy and fun to make. After hours of research, we were able to compile a list of the best DIY concrete planters that you can make from home.

All of the projects listed below require cement. The making process of each concrete planter in this article is 80% safe. You do not have to worry about anything. Just make sure you follow the process correctly.


1. DIY Concrete Planter


Are you in search of a concrete planter, a pot that you can place your beautiful plants and they will grow and flourish? Welcome to this guide, here you’re going to learn how to make this with just a few simple supplies. You need 5000 concrete mixes, 5 and 2-gallon buckets, wood board, wood glue, a router, miter saw, and much more. The wood board comes at the bottom of the concrete planter as the base for the concrete pot. The making process is quick and easy.

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2. How To Make Concrete Planters


We are going to start his guide with the material that you’ll need to build this concrete planter. You need to purchase some fine smooth concrete, foam brush, cooking oil, rocks, towel, a concrete drill bit, plastic containers to dorm your concrete molds, and a few other supplies. So, for the first step in making this, you need to thoroughly grease the plastic containers with cooking oil so that the concrete you’ll pour later won’t stick and will be removed with ease when it must have dry and hardened. The rest of the steps are super easy to follow. The concrete planter is also quite small, if you need something bigger, probably try another guide.

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3. Making A Concrete Planter


Here’s how you can make a big concrete planter that is wide and deep enough to accommodate your plant. In the image you can already see a wireless, portable nail gun, so let me mention a few materials that you need to add, you’ll also need plywood. The wood will be used instead of a bucket or container, to build the forms of the planter. This project will cost you about $80 for each planter, the process will take 2 full days and you don’t need a high-level skill to work with concrete although, ensure you follow the concrete recipe to build a solid and durable concrete planter.

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4. DIY Cute Concrete Planter


You can make this cute concrete planter for your garden for kid’s rooms. It’s small, strong, cute, and adds beauty to wherever you put it. The concrete mix is inexpensive and the molds can be formed with any recyclable material around. Here are the supplies you’ll need. Some plastic pop bottles, drinking straw, tape, utility knife, cooking spray, concrete mix, and a few others. At the end of the making process, if you wish to add as finishing touches, you’ll need concrete paint, potting soil, paintbrush, and plants.

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5. How To Make A Large Concrete Planter

Firstly, you need a Quikrete concrete mix, two buckets, one bigger than the other, the smaller one will go inside the bigger one to create a wide space for the plants. Now, the creator attached some wood at the top of the smaller bucket to enable it to stay on top without falling into the bigger bucket when the concrete has been poured in. To start the process, spray the insides of the bigger bucket with cooking oil, mix the concrete and let it have a consistency of oatmeal, fill the bottom of the bigger bucket with concrete and then place the smaller one in and fill the side till it reaches the top. That’s how easy it is to build.

6. How To Make Cement Planters

Let’s get down to what you’ll need to make this concrete planter for your home or garden. You need a flower pot, scissors, an old towel, cement, water, and a bucket. First, pour the cement into the bucket and mix till you get that consistency. Then, cut the old towel into a square shape and put it inside the cement bucket, let it get soaked, and absorb all the cement mix. Then, hang it on the flower pot and let it dry. The towel becomes your cement planter which you can use to place your flower pots or your flowers directly.

7. DIY Simple Concrete Planter

Today, you’re going to learn how to make a simple concrete planter. This concrete planter is small and portable. First, you need a Quikrete cement mix, cups, bucket for mixing, and a mold, preferably a milk carton. To start, you’re going to need a mixing spoon for the Quikrete and water. The Quikrete you’ll buy is a small bag that goes for about $3 at your local hardware store. The rest of the making process is simple and easy.

8. Homemade Concrete Planter

You can make this concrete planter all by yourself at home, all you need to begin with are two bags of Quikrete cement mix, an old cabinet, foam in insulation, a spigot, a piece of threaded brass pipes, heavy-duty casters, and a piece of plywood. All these supplies will cost you about $36. You will need some wood cutting materials like a table saw to cut the wood and then, use the Quikrete to build your planter. The spigot and caster come into play at the bottom of the planter, this makes the concrete planter become a mobile concrete planter that can easily be moved from one point to another on four rolling legs.

9. DIY Modern Concrete Planter


This is your everyday modern concrete planter. It was made from a Quikrete 5000 concrete mix. You also need a few materials to complete the task, some sanding blocks, an orbital sander(optional), cooking oil, and a few more.

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10. DIY Concrete Planters


These are some concrete planters unlike what you have ever seen before. To make this you need comment, sand, glue, anti-cutter, brown scotch tape, and more. The guide is user-friendly and has a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to build this planter.

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11. Easy DIY Concrete Planters


To make this concrete planter, you need a few plastic bottles of different sizes and shapes. This will give you several amazing molds for your planters. For the first step, you need a floor mat, put it inside the mold, and pour in your cement with a plastic bottle in the middle to create your space for the plants to come in later.

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12. DIY Cement Planter


The project will take just one hour although the estimated cost is not certain so keep your fingers crossed, it’s quite easy to build so I believe you don’t have anything to worry about. Here are the materials you need, Portland cement, polyethylene sheets, a 5-gallon bucket, scissors, and pliers.

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13. How To Make A Concrete Planter


You need Quikrete 5000, caster wheels, silicone caulk, ¾’ plywood, construction adhesive, and rigid foam insulation. With just easy steps, you’ll make this amazing concrete planter that moves on wheels and can easily be transported from one place to the other.

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14. DIY Small Concrete Planter


Check out this amazing guide on how to make a small concrete planter for your home or garden. It’s small and portable and you can easily transport them by hand from one spot to another spot. Like every other concrete planter, you’ll need fine particle cement, jute twin for decoration, hot glue, an empty yogurt cup, and much more.

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15. DIY Concrete Planters

With just a $4 bag of Quikrete, you can make this concrete planter at home. It’s super cute and adorable. It’s not a regular shaped concrete planter that you might be expecting. For this design, you’ll need 8 triangles and 5 squares. Then, use duct tape to piece your mold together, in a triangle-square, triangle-square pattern.

16. How To Make Concrete Planters

You’re going to make concrete planters with reusable molds. Here is an amazing segment concrete planter made out of Quikrete 5000 concrete mix and all you have to add is water. PVC pipe was used to make the mold, this pipe was screwed to a vinyl floor mat, the whole process was quite stressful, but the design came out great.

17. DIY Concrete Planter With An Ombre Finish

The form of this concrete layer was made with 3 PVC couplings, and just 1 bag of Quikrete countertop concrete mix was used and the design came out well with the ombre finish. Check this time-lapse video tutorial for more information.

18. How To Make A Very Large Concrete Planter

To build this very large concrete planter, you need a large and strong frame. To make this frame, you’ll be using aluminum and this is good for easy welding. You will need all-purpose sand which you can get at home depot. This particular sand was selected because it can be reused again and again. Check the video tutorial for more on the making process

19. Geometric Concrete Planters DIY


Here is a gorgeous geometric concrete planter made from paper molds. You can’t use just any kind of paper, because the cement will hold a lot of water and low-quality paper will absorb the water and ruin the mold. You need cardstock paper, 4mm plywood, small stones or sand, and a few more.

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20. DIY Cupcake Concrete Planters


You can make a concrete planter that looks like a cupcake. You will need cement for starters then, a cupcake tray, a polycell rocket, a long nose plier, colorful succulent and soil, and a few other essential supplies. This task is quick and easy with step-by-step instruction that comes with meaningful images, later in the guide.

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