tutorial: rice handwarmers

I have an easy tutorial for you to do. And when I say easy, I mean it. If it in involves a sewing machine and I can make it, it must be easy. 

Rice hand warmers!

I saw some hand warmers pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and decided I would like to tackle my own.

I also decided I needed to make his and hers versions. Because good enough is just never enough for me. 

Here is what you will need :
  • Flannel fabric. It needs to be 100% cotton - no synthetic fibers since these will be heated and you don't want the fabric to melt. 
  • Coordinating thread. 
  • Rice. 
  • Funnel (for filling the warmers with rice.)
  • Sewing machine, scissors, iron, etc. 

1. Cut out two rectangles (Mine were 4.5" x 4")
2. Pin together, right sides together. I drew a line so you can see where to sew.
3. Sew together. Make sure to leave a space to turn inside out. 
4. Turn inside out and press. 
5. Top stitch around the edge. There's that line again to show you where to sew. 
6. Use your funnel to fill with rice, and then top stitch closed.

 As far as heating them up, let me start with a disclaimer. Please don't hold me responsible for burns of any kind, ruined microwaves, rice all over your floor, or anything else.

I heat mine up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Depending on if you use more or less rice, you might need to adjust that. Also, microwaves have different power levels, so you have to factor that in. I would experiment first, starting with 15 seconds or so at a time. Always test them before you hand them off to the kiddos.

One last thing. When I was researching how to make these, I read some things about these possibly ruining your microwave because the rice takes moisture from the microwave or something. Some recommendations say to warm them up with small cup of water. Other people say that they have been warming them up with no water and their microwaves are fine. 

So. Maybe after reading all those warnings you are thinking there is no way you are going to make third-degree-burn-giving-microwave-killing-rice-bags. I get it and I might be scared to tackle them too. I just wanted to give you all the info I could. Let me follow up all those neurotic warnings by saying we are burn free and our microwave still works and we have used them a few times. 

They sure do keep your hands toasty. Plus, they're pretty. 

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  1. Me parecen fantásticos. Una idea para un regalo genial...

    Saludos, buen día.

  2. totally gonna whip some of these up - I like EASY too! I've made big ones but never handwarmers - you've inspired me!


  3. I just whipped up a few of these last week. They sold out this past weekend at a craft show I was at! they are great and very easy to make.

  4. LOL! third-degree-burn-giving-microwave-killing-rice-bags!!!

    I have a huge tube sock (and I mean huge) filled with rice that I use for muscle spasms in my neck, and my microwave still works AND I haven't burned myself yet. I must be on a roll! Great project -- I'm pinning it.

  5. LOVE this idea! I've used a similarly made "neck warmer" for years and it has never ruined my microwave. My mom is always needing something for warming her arthritic hands...can't wait to make this for her! Hopping over from Tip Junkie...please visit if you get a minute: http://wp.me/pYcKQ-mj

  6. Your tutorials are wonderful, thank you for taking the time to make them! Love your "disclaimers"! haha!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Love it! These are great for stocking stuffers.

    I'd love for you to link up and share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2011/12/pinteresting-link-party-week-sixteen.html

  8. So cute Allison- I just pinned these. I think it'd be perfect to add to teacher gifts, stockings, etc. Love it!

  9. Well, hello Allison! I just found you and this wonderful idea on Tip Junkie and I'm so glad I did! I've been trying to think of a stocking stuffer for my son-in-law and this is absolutely perfect! Looks like I'll be subscribing to your blog by email. I don't have a blog, myself. I'm just a blog-stalker! Thanks for the idea!


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