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I am really trying to get ahead of the game this year and get my Christmas shopping done. Why? Let me tell you. Last year I waited until the last minute and then thought it would be a good idea to take Sawyer with me to the mall on December 22nd at about 5:00 at night. (shudder) It was terrifying.

This year I am trying to shop online and ahead of time so that I don't end up at Walgreens on Christmas Eve doing my shopping from that classy gift card rack next to the shelf of Snuggies and Shake Weights. Because goodness knows I will not be at the mall the week before Christmas.

Enough about the gift buying. The really fun part is wrapping. 

This year I am keeping it simple with brown paper and colorful yarn. I got a roll of brown paper from the office supply section of Target (it's with the mailing stuff.) For about $5.00, I have enough to wrap all of our presents.

The yarn is from my stash. This is a great way to use up small bits of leftover yarn. I just made some pom poms and simple bows.

No tags- I just write the name of the recipient on the back of the package. Simple.

The best part about this method of wrapping is that all my presents under the tree will match. Add any color of yarn, and the pile of gifts under the tree looks cohesive and pretty.

Plus, it's cheap. $5.00 to wrap everything? I'll take it. More money to spend on the good stuff.

So, I have three presents. Many more to go.



  1. I always use brown paper! The colorful yarn is a fun spin!

  2. Nice! That looks so pretty and Martha-ish. I was just browsing pinterest the other day for gift wrapping ideas--my usual method is wadding whatever paper we happen to have (usually birthday paper with dogs in party hats, or wedding paper) around gifts and applying a few feet of tape to each. I'm all about the presentation.

  3. So freaking adorable!!! Love the gift wrap! I too wanted to get ahead with Christmas shopping this year, online shopping has been such a blessing(I have a 2 yr old and a 5 month old, malls would be torture)!

  4. This is so smart!
    I love your wrapping.

  5. Really great and simple idea!! Pinned it!

  6. Nice idea! You really do like things that match! lol I'm going to make some potato-stamped wrapping paper with a friend and our kids next week, but I think I'll grab a roll of brown, too. God knows I have a ton of yarn to use up. Bummer I'm not so keen on making pom poms, though!

  7. Just an idea: at Home Depot they have huge rolls of brown paper in the paint area for the same price but will last you a lifetime! It's all I wrap with, have used it for over a year and still have YEARS of it left. :) They have all different thickness' too. Happy wrapping!


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