36 Mediterranean Kitchen Design to Redefine the Luxury of Your Kitchen

Mediterranean kitchen designs help your kitchen look luxurious with the enormous materials and cute aesthetics.

We bet you are already considering this design for the next makeover you will make in your kitchen. It’s a nice move, but you need more inspiration to make that happen.

That is why we have put together the top 36 Mediterranean kitchen designs that will redefine the luxury of your kitchen going forward.

best Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Why You Should Consider the Mediterranean Kitchen Design

There are many reasons why this is the best kitchen design ever. From the luxurious undertones to the color tones, it is one of the best ways to style your kitchen.

Worthy of mention is that the Mediterranean kitchen design is the type that uses extensive materials, including cotton, ceramics, wrought iron and wood. Also, it reeks of convenience, boldness and simplicity.

That is not leaving out the light and warm tone color schemes and the aesthetics that are peculiar to Southern European countries.

Mediterranean Kitchen Designs You Will Love

If you are to style your kitchen the Mediterranean way, it makes sense that you learn about the options you have so you don’t make mistakes.

We are here to guide you with these amazing Mediterranean kitchen designs that will remodel your kitchen from antique to modern.

1. Simply Mediterranean

1.Simply Mediterranean

That the kitchen is looking to take a luxurious look doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything. You can still maintain the simplicity amidst the affluence.

2. Refurbished Kitchen

2.Refurbished Kitchen

You can refurbish and remodel your kitchen without having to break the bank. And the Mediterranean kitchen design here is an ideal way to go about it.

3.The Tennessee Style

3.The Tennessee Style

The secret to pulling off this type of architecture in your kitchen is to invest in ceramics for the remodeled dining table and polished wood for the floor.

4.Unique and Comfortable

4.Unique and Comfortable

If you are looking for something different from what the other homeowners are doing, we are confident that you will like to roll with this style.

5. Ranch Rustic Kitchen

5.Ranch Rustic Kitchen

It makes a lot of sense to incorporate highlights of farmhouse in your Mediterranean kitchen using this ranch rustic kitchen as an inspiration.

6. Wood Range Hoods

6.Wood Range Hoods

Remodeling your kitchen to look Mediterranean doesn’t always have to be in the interior alone.

A few touches in the hoods using wood and metals can be the secret to redefining the luxury of your kitchen. Don’t you think so?

7. Mediterranean Pool Ideas

7.Mediterranean Pool Ideas

As you can see here, nothing was spared to ensure that this kitchen reeks of luxury. If you have the means, you can do something better.

8. Chateau Design

8.Chateau Design

From the excellent wood finish to the color tones and kitchen arrangement, this is the best way to style a kitchen the Mediterranean way.

9. The Tunnel Inspiration

9.The Tunnel Inspiration

Ever being to a tunnel? The zigzag inspiration can help you create a Mediterranean kitchen like this with a tile floor mat in front of the sink.

10. Charismatic Architecture

10.Charismatic Architecture

The charisma of the architecture of this kitchen shows the harmony within the other elements.

11. Enchanted Kitchen

11.Enchanted Kitchen

It’s time to enchant your friends and leave them in awe with the architecture and money you threw in to make your Mediterranean kitchen look this nice.

12. Fully Antique

12.Fully Antique

Everything in this Mediterranean kitchen looks antique from a distance until you come closer to see the beauty within.

13. Monks Style

13.Monks Style

Yeah, monks do eat and this just a peek into how their kitchen looks like – the Mediterranean way!

14. Luxe Interiors

14.Luxe Interiors

Luxury doesn’t always have to be about buying expensive kitchen hoods and items. A simple arrangement and application of the Mediterranean kitchen style can do all the magic.

15. Creativity at Its Peek

15.Creativity at Its Peek

Put on your thinking cap and look for the best ways to remodel and style your kitchen with Mediterranean finishes so there will be space and luxury in the room.

16. The Classics

16.The Classics

If you are still a lover of old school kitchen design, there is an option (right here) for you to remodel your classic old kitchen into the modern Mediterranean kitchen.

17. Justifiable Spacing

17.Justifiable Spacing

Creating disorientation in the kitchen isn’t hard work because all you need do is to reposition the kitchen and keep the items you need within reach and without disrupting the aesthetics of the kitchen.

18. The Janet Brooks Style

18.The Janet Brooks Style

Janet Brooks is a leading name in home décor and we are sure you will like to have one of her finest Mediterranean finishing in your kitchen.

19. Mediterranean Kitchen with Window Walls

19.Mediterranean Kitchen with Window Walls

You don’t have to look farther for luxury in your cooking place, as this Mediterranean has everything you need ranging from window walls to excellent arrangement.

20. Functional and Stylish Mediterranean Kitchen

20.Functional and Stylish Mediterranean Kitchen

Style meets luxury and everything reeks of a kitchen worth the value of an island. That is what you get from this Mediterranean kitchen design that adds comfort and style to busy kitchens.

21. Southern Mediterranean Kitchen

21.Southern Mediterranean Kitchen

Taste never goes out of style for homeowners who cross the borders to get the best Mediterranean kitchen designs to equip their kitchen décor.

22. Gorgeous and Formal Luxury

22.Gorgeous and Formal Luxury

It is different stories for different folks. While some homeowners consider this to be luxurious; others consider it to be a little bit busy for a kitchen.

What does this mean for you? Gorgeous or busy?

23. Brown Accents

23.Brown Accents

Sometimes, you have to let the warm tones to accentuate the kitchen. And brown is the color that does the magic!

24. Intracoastal Kitchen

24.Intracoastal Kitchen

This is a super Mediterranean kitchen design and we are sure you will love everything about it from the color tones to the arrangement and excellent choice of materials.

25. Mediterranean with a Touch of Brown Magic

25.Mediterranean with a Touch of Brown Magic

Brown has always been the color that does the magic in Mediterranean kitchens. And this right here is a confirmation!

26. Large Mediterranean Kitchen Design Inspiration

26.Large Mediterranean Kitchen Design Inspiration

If you love big spaces in your kitchen, why don’t you consider this large Mediterranean kitchen design that features everything from luxury of space for cooking to eating and socializing?

27. Ambler Finish

27.Ambler Finish

There is no hiding place for gold, and that is what this ambler Mediterranean kitchen design with gold finishes reeks of.

28. For Castle Lovers

28.For Castle Lovers

You don’t necessarily need to leave in a castle before you enjoy the feeling of what it feels like to be there.

With the right materials and color tones, you can pull off an intriguing castle-like kitchen like this one.

29. Magnificent Luxury

29.Magnificent Luxury

This Mediterranean-inspired kitchen design features many designs and décor components that you will love.

From the integration of Tuscan kitchen style to lots of lights and pull out drawers; it has it all!

30. Clarkson Kitchen

30.Clarkson Kitchen

Clarkson’s gourmet kitchen is also another design you should consider as you transition your kitchen to Mediterranean.

Think of what a bar-like kitchen will do for your remodeled home and you have an idea of how unique it can be.

31. Gothic Mediterranean Kitchen

31.Gothic Mediterranean Kitchen

The Gothic kitchen isn’t something that is easy to style. However, it appears to work seamlessly with the Mediterranean kitchen design style that brings out all its uniqueness.

32. The Countertop Pattern

32.The Countertop Pattern

Simplicity is the inspiration of the design and if you like to keep things on the low, this is the unique way to integrate the countertop pattern, the lights for the kitchen and the hardware.

33. Contemporary Kitchen Décor

33.Contemporary Kitchen Décor

You are now playing the Big League and this is an ideal way to integrate the Mediterranean touches to your new kitchen.

34. Stunning Mediterranean Kitchen

34.Stunning Mediterranean Kitchen

You can take the time to organize the space in your kitchen and apply the Mediterranean kitchen design in a way that multiple dinner tables can be integrated amidst the glittering hardwood floor.

35. Gorgeous Neutral Color

35.Gorgeous Neutral Color

Consider selecting this Mediterranean kitchen design style because it allows you to create a unique neutral color tone in the kitchen.

36. Mediterranean Kitchen Lighting

36.Mediterranean Kitchen Lighting

You can light up your kitchen even when the color tones are brown. If that’s what you want, you might want to use chandeliers to light up the better part of the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

The Mediterranean kitchen design is an excellent design for modern-day homes. With the interoperable style, it makes sense that you can use it in any type of kitchen.

Besides, there are lots of Mediterranean kitchen designs out there and we just have you a heads-up on some of the ones that will redefine your kitchen and make it look as enchanting as you always wanted?

Which Mediterranean kitchen design style do you love the most?

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