31 Innovative Wooden Ceiling Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen

 Who doesn’t want to walk into a beautiful kitchen from top to bottom? When it comes to the top, these amazing wooden ceiling ideas might just do the trick! There are many different ways of decorating your kitchen ceiling with wood.
A variety in colour and type of beams, panels and planks are just some of the options you have. Either you decide to do it yourself, or with the help of an expert carpenter, the result will be satisfying for the image of your kitchen.

Wooden Ceiling Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen

1.Combine Rustic With Modern

1.Combine Rustic With Modern

This high-ceiling kitchen is transformed when you install rustic beams on the vaulted-type roof. Matching the colour of the wood to the one of the furniture and adding two unique lanterns, offers the modern result you are looking for!

2.Create a cozy place to cook

2.Create a cozy place to cook

Source: domino.com

Using mahogany coloured wood on the kitchen ceiling brings a warm feeling. I can imagine it either in a house close to nature, or even in a city apartment. Panels combined with beams produce an illusion of depth, which is a marvellous view!

3.Enter a Treehouse

3.Enter a Treehouse

This cute little kitchen is a must for your vacation house! Panels in light colours are nice, but when you add these hardwood beams the result is more than amazing! To complete the picture, add a log as a pillar and a place to hang your cups!

4.Make a High-Ceiling Unique

4.Make a High-Ceiling Unique

Source: hunker.com

When you own a large kitchen and a high-vaulted white ceiling, you need to fill in the gap that is created. A truly effective solution is to apply wooden beams and use a long hanging cord for the lights!

5.Just Hang Stuff

5.Just Hang Stuff

Source: hunker.com

Useful information about wooden ceilings: You can easily hang decorations. Make the most of this delightful kitchen roof with beams and panels, by adding pots, ropes or anything you can imagine, to step into your own style and taste.

6.Keep It Simple And Efficient

6.Keep It Simple And Efficient

White kitchen ceilings are common. White wooden kitchen ceilings are the ones that make a difference. Add a twist and give character to your ceiling by using beams and stylish lights.

7.False ceiling = More Room For Decorations

7.False ceiling = More Room For Decorations

This turquoise painted kitchen combined with the false wooden ceiling is truly a beautiful sight. The attached lights on the woods together with the rustic style decorations above transfuse height and architectural depth.

8. Let The Light Come In

8.Let The Light Come In

Welcome to plywood potential! This wooden ceiling with plywood planks and a window on top, will transform your kitchen into a brighter one. Also, the marvellous black metal chandelier will bring in a contrast and a modern breeze of air.

9. Make low-ceiling work for you

9.Make low-ceiling work for you

Create a warm atmosphere in a low-ceiling kitchen by installing beams of an engineered-type orange coloured wood. If you combine it with smooth coloured furniture, the result is cozier and not too heavy to the eye.

10. Similarity Done Well

Who says that using the same material in the whole kitchen won’t be nice? This picture is completed by the classic wooden ceiling with the discreet lighting, so that there will be the less possible interference in the harmony of the place.

11. Give it A Go With A Barn Type Kitchen

Now let’s presume that you live in the countryside. How about you acquire a shed ceiling with wooden planks to transfer the barn feeling not only on the outside of the house, but also on the inside?

12. Countryside Vol. 2

Source: flickr.com

What can I say? When it comes to interior architecture, wood is my weakness. Especially when i see those attic type ceilings which remind me of my grandmother’s home. An extra asset here is that you can hang your kitchenware with the help of the pillars..

13. Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Source: airbnb.gr

We’ve seen it again, but this time from a different perspective. Use white-plank ceiling together with dark hardwood beams to create a different, but fascinating image for your kitchen. This change makes it look brighter and definitely bigger.

14. Hide the Lights

If your kitchen is separate room from the house, make it special. This softwood style kitchen ceiling matches perfectly with the grey cabinets in the room, and the hidden lights are a nice surprise for anyone that enters!

15. Enter Whole Logs!

Source: yesmissy.ru

If you are really serious about a wooden ceiling, consider going a lot further. An impressive roof with large wooden logs will stand out in your kitchen. Will you need an expert to install it? Yes. Is it worth it? Totally!

16. Magnificent contrast time

Dark ceilings tend to make rooms look smaller, but here this isn’t the case. A hardwood oak kitchen ceiling with white furniture and walls will result to a modern image. Moreover let’s be honest, this type of wood would look amazing anywhere!

17. Ceiling In A Ceiling

Why not adding an innovative twist to your ceiling? Just put some wooden planks in the roofing so that you will add style, modernity and the uniqueness element to your kitchen. P.S. That’s one of my favorites!

18. Fishbone Ceiling

Ok, i might be exaggerating here, but if you use your imagination you can see that fishbone on the roof. Just try to understand how the image of this kitchen would be if it was just a plain white ceiling, and how it changed by adding these wood beams.

19. One Of A Kind Choice

Wood furring grey strips with planks, a fair amount of orient type hanging lights and turquoise colour for the cabinets. I just described the recipe to success if your goal is enter a kitchen which will stay in your memory for a long time..

20. Own a Kitchen With An Open Attic on Top

What’s better than a wooden ceiling? Two wooden ceilings! One of them is vaulted with logs and reeds and the other one with rods and planks. It is a killer combination and offers extra storage space as well as space for ornaments.

21. Create a Multiple Tunnel Ceiling

Source: bing.com

This is the definition of the expression “out of the ordinary”. For those of you who love warm and heavy decorative styles, a rustic tunnel type kitchen ceiling should be a solution. Brown bricks connected with wood present you to a different era of time.

22. A Trigonometry Lesson


A white shed ceiling can be pretty usual. Here is an example of how to add suspense and rustic style, by inserting wooden planks and logs. You can interpret this idea more like a decorative addition, than a constructive one.

23. Go Traditional

Give to your kitchen an authentic style by installing a false ceiling of wooden logs. Enhance the details of the materials and introduce a atmospheric emotions by putting hidden lightning here and there. The result is truly amazing.

24. Solve the problem of high roofs

Cathedral ceilings provide a dramatic result to the image of a kitchen. Use hard and large wooden trusses to stabilize the roof and make the space visual attractive. In addition, you can attach long-cord lights for a more completed image.

25.Modern Kitchen No. 1

Source: houzz.in

Welcome modern decor in your kitchen by inserting a false wooden ceiling just above your island. It is another great solution to cover in an elegant way the charmless space between the furniture a high roof!

26. Modern Kitchen No. 2

A roomy kitchen requires a proper designing. This suspended wooden ceiling along with the other matching elements constitute a great whole. Extra points go to the mirroring effect of the wood planks and the amount of lights which are attached to them.

27. Have you ever played tic-tac-toe?

Sometimes all you need is a vivid imagination and possibly a good architect to create something extraordinary. This creation might as well be a black and brown wooden plank ceiling with your kitchen range hood passing right through.

28. Make a Distinction in United Spaces

In case your kitchen is in the same room as other compartments of your house, separate it with the help of a faux wooden ceiling. The horizontal lines of planks enter smoothly into the empty space above the island, and we have an installed range hood here as well.

29. Classic is classy

Perfection sometimes comes with classic choices. Take for example this kitchen ceiling with light brown wood furring strips which is an important factor for the gracefulness of the place.

30. Select A Cove For The Roof

Source: domino.com

Express a different vibe in your kitchen by choosing a wooden coffer-type ceiling. It breaks the white monotony and adds depth in the picture, which ultimately drives your gaze to the outside view.

31. Time To Reverse The Roles

Source: digsdigs.com

Although you might be used until now to see white walls and wooden brown ceilings, this time it is all the way around. The contrast between the black walls and the light brown ceiling with planks, created a magical effect and it’s one of a kind.


Most of the time, people don’t pay that much of attention to the ceiling of their kitchen. Nevertheless, if you consider adding the wood element, you will transfuse texture, colour, uniqueness and quality in your room. Take the step and make your kitchen distinctive with an element that will last for years!

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