25 DIY Tablet Stand Projects – How To Make A Tablet Stand

Are you having issues with your current tablet stand? This might be the right time to get a new tablet stand. In this article, I have put together 25 DIY tablet stand projects that are stunning.

Some of the tablets are made out of wood, others are made out of household items. Making a tablet stand is not as hard as it seems, check out our list and I’m sure you will find the perfect tablet stand for your tablet.


1. Under Cabinet Kitchen Tablet Stand


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You do not have enough counter space? Check out this cute under cabinet tablet stand, this is by far one of the best tablet stands I have seen. It is ideal for people who love to watch cooking tutorials. The making process is easy to follow. You would be done making this before you know it.

2. DIY Tablet Stand


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Here’s one of those simple wood projects that you can DIY easily. In this tutorial, the creator will show you how to make this beautiful tablet stand. I love that it does not take up much counter space. You will need some plywood, sandpaper and a table saw to make this DIY tablet stand.

3. Wooden Tablet Stand DIY


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I found another amazingly outstanding wood project that you can try out. You do not have to be a pro in woodworking to make this. Also, this wooden tablet stand can be used for smaller devices. It has an amazing finish that you can DIY.

4. DIY Custom Wooden Tablet Stand


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The mixture of colors on this custom wooden tablet stand makes it look better. As simple as this DIY tablet stand looks, the making process is quite time-consuming. Also, you would need woods like cherry, maple, and purple heart to make it.

5. Moveable DIY Tablet Stand


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I found this tablet stand and fell in love with it. I mean, the fact that it can be adjustable makes it ideal, especially for people who work from desks. The building process is not quite difficult to follow. The creator explained in detail all the steps to make this adjustable tablet stand.

6. DIY Cutting Board Tablet Stand


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Here’s one of those unique projects that you can DIY. Never have I ever seen a cutting board tablet stand, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. This build is ideal for cook-moms and dads. The tab rests on a scrabble letter rack that can be gotten from amazon.

7. DIY Book To Tablet Stand


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Converting a book to a tablet stand isn’t an easy task to do, but this guide is here to help. All the steps required for converting a book to a tablet stand can be found in this DIY guide. The steps are quite concise.

8. DIY Wooden Tablet Stand


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I stumbled upon this simple wooden tablet stand. Not sure if it can be used to watch a movie with your tab, but it sure looks like a great way to store your tablet especially if you are on a desk. This is a simple woodworking project that can be made even by a novice woodworker.

9. Cookbook And Tablet Stand DIY


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My favorite part of this tablet has to be the copper rod attached to it. This stand would look great on your kitchen counter as a cookbook stand, it would also look great on your office table as a tablet stand. The making process is easy to follow.

10. DIY Wooden Tablet Stand


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I found another wooden tablet stand but this design is unique. I would recommend this wooden tablet stand for folks who love watching movies from their tabs. It supports charging and connection of in-ears. The making process is not so easy but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

11. How To Make A Tablet Stand With Cardboard

Who needs a wooden tablet stand when you can craft a beautiful tablet stand with cardboard. IN this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to make a tablet stand with cardboard. The making process is very easy to follow. With the right tools handy you would be done making this in no time.

12. How To Make A Tablet Case/Stand With Cardboard

Here’s a better version of the “DIY tablet stand with cardboard.” I love how the creator was able to make a table case with cardboard, the case can also be used as a stand. This guide will show you how to make yours.

13. How To Make A Tablet Holder In 1-Minute

Are you looking for a quick fix to your tablet stand needs? I found one for you. With all the materials handy, it would take about a minute to put this tablet holder together. The process of making this is so easy to follow.

14. How To Make An iPad Stand


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In this tutorial, you will learn two methods of making a tablet stand. You can use household items to make the stand, the guide also explains a whole different method of using cardboard to make a tablet stand.

15. DIY Tablet Stand


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This is a sewing tutorial and I would only recommend for folks who know the basics of sewing. With help from this guide, you can make a tablet case and stand using your favorite piece of fabric. You will most definitely need a sewing machine and a bunch of other tools to put this tablet stand together.

16. Homemade Wooden Tablet Stand


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Do you have a broken computer stand at home? If the answer to that is yes, then you should check out this guide that shows you how to make a homemade tablet stand using wood and an old computer stand. The process of piecing this stand together is easy to follow.

17. DIY Tablet Stand From Laminate Leftovers


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Using laminate leftovers the creator was able to make this amazing tablet stand for his tablet. However, this stand can only be used on hard surfaces like your kitchen countertop or your office desk.

18. Tablet Stand With Clothes Hanger

Here’s one of those guides that show you how to make something out of nothing. In this DIY tablet stand tutorial, you will learn how to make a tablet stand with a clothes hanger. The hanger needs to be metal. You can’t do this with a plastic hanger.

19. DIY Wooden Adjustable Tablet Stand

Are you a woodworking expert? I found a challenge for you. As simple as this adjustable tablet stand looks, it might not be easy to make if you do not have good woodworking prowess. Based on your mood, you can adjust the tablet stand to fit your needs.

20. DIY Quick Tablet Stand

This tutorial is for people who are looking at making a cute tablet stand. The making process of this tablet stand requires that you use a whole lot of materials. The required materials will be shown at the beginning of the tutorial.

21. DIY iPad Metal Stand


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From the workshop of Jen woodhouse, I bring to you this metal iPad stand, It can also be used for other kinds of tablets. You can use it for watching movies and more. You will need some supplies for the making process. They can easily be gotten.

22. DIY Tablet Stand From Egg Carton


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You don’t have money to make a tablet stand? Not to worry, here’s a cool hack, I bet you have an old egg carton at home, if you do, this tutorial will show you how to use an egg carton as a tablet stand.

23. DIY Adjustable Tablet Stand


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Here’s yet another challenge for the woodworking experts. In this DIY tutorial, you will be given all the steps used to make this adjustable tablet stand. The stand can be used for a tablet and also for different phone sizes.

24. Tablet Stand Multi-Angle

Tablet Stand Multi-Angle, Lamicall Tablet Holder: Desktop Adjustable Dock Cradle Compatible with Tablets Such As iPad Air Mini Pro, Phone XS Max XR X 6 7 8 Plus More Tablets (4-13 Inch) - Black

All the DIY tablet stand tutorials are too complicated? Here’s a quick fix. I found this amazing tablet stand and I think you will love it. It can be used at your bedside, kitchen countertop, or office desk. It is quite affordable too.

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25. Pillow Pad Tablet Stand

Ontel Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand, Charcoal Grey

This tablet stand has a cute pocket at the side for storing your small-sized device. It is perfect for use on a couch, in bed, or wherever. It gives you three perfect viewing angles.

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