23 DIY Hangboard – How To Make A Hangboard Pull-up Bar

Are you looking for a way to build arm strength for rock climbing? If the answer to that question is yes, then it is inevitable that you need a hangboard. There are different kinds of DIY hangboard designs that you can make, you will have to find the one that suits you.

In this article, I have put together 23 DIY hangboard projects. Here you will learn how to build a hangboard, and also, how to mount an already purchased hangboard.


1. Homemade Hangboard


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Homemade hang boards are just adorable and will last for a pretty long time. You will surely need a drilling machine and know how to use it if you want it to get to the specifications you want. Drilling neatly and firmly to the wood will produce excellent work. This wooden hang board is one of the best.

2. Portable Hangboard DIY


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Here’s a hangboard with a different pattern. When you think of a basic finger strength exercise then the first thing that should come to your mind is a hang board. When making yours, your weight should matter a great deal also so you don’t end up fixing up something that will wear and tear with just one hanging.

3. Standalone Flexible Hangboard DIY


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Setting up a DIY hang board is not too expensive and also you can set it up to taste if you want it. With this wooden hang board, you will certainly not have to put holes through your wall. It comes as a standalone and has different slaps where the fingers can be paced comfortably.

4. DIY Hangboard For Less Than $15


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There are some hang boards that are made to be wider than others. This is one of them. If your arms are wider then you may need to learn the art of crafting this hangboard for yourself to suit your needs. It will certainly grip your fingers well enough.

5. How To Build A Hangboard Without Drilling Walls


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Most people really need to do the finger exercise but some of them may not love to see their walls having holes from the drilling machine. This time, you do not need a drilling machine. You may just need something a little more technical but simple to work with.

6. DIY Hangboard Stand


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A hang board stand will come in very handy when you want to prevent unnecessary holes in the wall. It is a frame that is created on its own and in isolation. All you need to do is attach your hang board to the stand and you are good to go. Guess what? This stand can be moveable. So you must not have to exercise from the house alone. You can still do that from any part of the yard.

7. Slat Style Hangboard


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This generic hang board is very simple yet unique. You will not have so many unnecessary complications while in the making process. You may not even need some technical equipment to get this done. Just create one slab and you are good to go. It’s wood, it will have a firm grip so you don’t need to bother about falling off.

8. DIY Hangboard


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Here’s another cool hangboard you can DIY. For this hangboard, the creator used non-splintering wood, you can go with polar or cherry wood, any would do. This is simple to make if you have all the materials required. The instructions are pretty straightforward.

9. DIY Hangboard Mount


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This DIY hangboard tutorial won’t teach you how to build a hangboard from scratch, however, you will learn how to make a perfect mount for your already purchased hangboard from a store. Buying a hangboard is easy peasy, creating a hangboard mount is the real task.

10. How To Mount A Hangboard Without Drilling


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Some people do not have a flair for using equipment to create new things. Sometimes because they are afraid of getting injured. In this DIY guide, you will learn how to mount a hangboard in your home without having to drill.

11. Making A Climbing Hangboard


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There are two great ways to have strong hands and increase your finger strength. It is either you climb more often or you get a hangman. Getting a hang board is quite easy but making one is more fulfilling. This hang board is customized such that you can set your hands as far apart from each other as possible to suit the wideness.

12. DIY Hangboard Build

You can always make a DIY hang board from the comfort of your home. In this DIY hangboard guide, you will learn how to build a hangboard using recycled wood. I would recommend this tutorial for people who actually have waste timber and are looking to make something great out of it.

13. Low Budget Hangboard

The process of making a hangboard can be quite expensive, but there’s good news. I was able to find a low budget hangboard, trust me, you won’t have to spend above $20 to put this hangboard together. The making process is quite easy to follow too.

14. How To Make A Hangboard In A Day

Hang boards are not very expensive to make but they are pretty much expensive to buy. Making a hang board in a day is very realistic. All you need to do is keep your materials at arm’s length and start quite early.

15. How To Make A Perfect Hangboard

Want to go professional? This tutorial goes in-depth to show you how to make a perfect hangboard, for the making process you would need a lot of tools to work with. I would only recommend this guide for woodworking experts who have all the required tools.

16. Backyard Climbing Wall DIY

16. Backyard Climbing Wall DIY

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You can take your hanging outdoors with this amazing climbing wall. It is not so easy to make and might take a while to finish. The wood at the right of the wall can be used as a hangboard. The making process requires that you pay attention to every single detail given. In the end, you’ll have an amazing climbing wall with a hangboard.

17. DIY Hangboard With Pull-up Bar

17. DIY Hangboard With Pull-up Bar

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I stumbled upon yet another amazing DIY hangboard, this one comes with a pull-up bar. I think this idea is amazing. The best part is that you get to see how this was made from start to finish. With the right tools and materials handy, making and installing this DIY hangboard shouldn’t be difficult.

18. DIY Hangboard For Climbers

18. DIY Hangboard For Climbers

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Without having to make holes in the wood, the creator was able to piece together this amazing work of art using 3 x 1 and 3 x 2 plywood. The making process is quite easy to follow. You will need to put your woodworking skills to the test.

19. Making A Climbing Hangboard

While researching the best DIY hangboards, I stumbled upon this amazing piece of art. The making process requires a couple of tools that are easy to find. You’ll also need a computer and special software to draw the plan of how you want the climbing hangboard to be. The making process is easy.

20. How To Build A Climbing Hangboard

Unlike the previous tutorial, here you won’t need to use a computer and software, the creator simply marked out the parts of the board and cut them using a special tool. I must say, this is a creative hangboard build.

21. Hangboard And Chin Up Bar

23. White Oak Hangboard

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Instead of creating a lot of holes on one board, the creator simply attached extra wood to the hangboard for grip. This DIY project will show you how to attach holds to a board and also how to hang the board after making necessary add-ons and adjustments.

22. Rock Climbing Hangboard

Yes4All Wooden Rock Climbing & Bouldering Hangboard/Hangboard for Strengthening Fingers, Hands, and Wrists (Espresso)

If you do not have a clue about woodworking, I have got you covered. I was able to find one of the best hangboards that will be 100% soothing. It has a lot of places you can grip. Also, it is quite affordable too.

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23. White Oak Hangboard

Acorn Climbing White Oak Midnight Hangboard/Fingerboard

Here’s another option to go with. If you are looking at having a wooden hangboard without having to go through the stress of making one from the scratch. I would recommend this white oak hangboard. It is beautiful.

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