25 DIY Business Card Holder – How To Make A Business Card Holder

Do you own a business? Are you finding difficulty moving around with multiple cards? Do you love to find a resting place for them while they do not lose their face value? Then speak no more. We have got you covered.

In this article, I have put together a list of 25 DIY business card holder projects made by creative folks, all the card holders have instructions that you can use to make yours. I hope you find the perfect DIY business card holder.


1. DIY Business Card Holder


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Ever worked with clay before? Well, this is just how it feels making this DIY business card holder. So, it could easily look like a complete mess but whatever you wish to work on will come out exceptionally beautiful. Try to heat the clay well enough but not too dry so it begins to break really easily. You can paint it as good as you want it to be easy with polymer-safe paint.

2. DIY Fabric Origami Business Card Holder


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Origami creations are quite artistic and will require a bit of looking out of the box. If you decide to follow the usual turf then that is fine for you but if you follow the unusual then you should be prepared for some goodness. This adds a bit of style to your business.

3. DIY Lego Business Card Holder


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Remember the childhood game of Lego that we always scrambled for, in the neighborhood, as kids? Well, it has taken a different turn and shape now. As good as it sounds, it has turned into something that can be used to make so many more things. This business card holder is certainly attractive and colorful and you can make it to suit your taste.

4. DIY Wooden Business Card Holder


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There is nothing that cannot be crafted out of wood. Wood specialists always have a whole lot of creativity embedded in them. If you want to make a DIY business card holder with wood then you can as well start getting your work tools ready because this is easy and very workable.

5. Wooden Business Card Holder DIY


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This is creativity at its peak. This wooden card holder is very portable and sleek. You may not want to carry this around, in your pocket or purse because of the size but you surely can take this wooden piece in your car and watch how attractive it will be perceived to everyone that comes in contact with you.

6. Piston Business Card Holder DIY


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These beautiful pieces were recreated from recycled pistons from small engines. They looked really like items for the garbage this minute and then boom!. You can repaint up your DIY business card holder when you are done so it still doesn’t have that feel of garbage, and trust me, this will last for a pretty long time.

7. DIY Gilded Leather Business Card Holder


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This beauty is made of soft leather and it is very easy to carry around. The good part of it is that you can even make an attempt to customize the business card holder. You can make your print on it and it still goes down perfectly well. This DIY business card holder does not need a lot to create. All you need to do is to be smart. Your measurements will speak well for you in times like this.

8. How To Fold An Origami Business Card Holder


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This DIY business card holder is made of a material that will not give you any stress at all. In fact, the business card holder has already been prepared. All you need to do is FOLD. Folding is one of the easiest jobs here and it doesn’t prove to be durable. However, you can replace it as soon as you need a new one.

9. DIY Business Card Case


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Getting a business card is good but getting a business card is a lot better. It shows the kind of reputation you have for your business. You can either use a sewing machine to stitch your felt or you can go for using a needle and a thread.

10. DIY Leather Business Card Holder


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If you need some sophistication for your business then you can use this leather material to get yourself a DIY business card holder. It is one of the best materials since it is not guaranteed of wearing off easily.

11. How To Make A Business Card Holder

The cardboard used for making your DIY business card holder should preferably be the color of the business card which should, in turn, be the color of the business. It will make it all colorful. You can attach your own special design to it also.

12. Easy Desktop Business Card Holder


You don’t need to break the bank to make a business card holder that you would love. You can always make something that you love from your own imagination. This DIY business card holder is not just good for your table at home, you can also use it in the office and you get to fit both a business card and some writing materials.

13. How To Make A Pocket Business Card Holder

One of the necessary things to look out for when trying to carry out any DIY project is durability. The more your project can last, the more successful you are at making it. This plywood card holder is thick enough to be used but strong enough also so it will not break easily.

14. DIY Wooden Business Card Holder


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There is beauty in simplicity. We derive pleasure from going simple on any project. It does not just come out sellable but it also comes out it comes out really beautifully done. You can always carve your inscription on your wooden business card holder.

15. Pallet Wood Business Card Holder DIY


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Durability and preciseness are top-notch when being creative. Originality will only increase the popularity of your work. This is why I will not readily encourage repeating everything exactly. It is always possible to tweak it a little. It looks a lot classy when your business card holder has a lid or covering.

16. DIY Desk Planter Card Holder


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Wooden DIY business card holders can be really tiring to make but the outcomes are not always tiring to behold. They are always attractive and have a great sense of appeal. So when next you need to get a business card holder, well, this should be your resolve.

17. DIY Felt Business Card Holder


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Life doesn’t always have to be difficult and you don’t always need to spend too much to get what you want. This beautiful card holder made of felt and a little bit of trimming can actually make a whole lot of difference.

18. DIY Cassette Tape Business Card Holder


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Waiting for your business card to get worn and tear out is one of the unkindest things to do. This is meant to be the face of your business and as such, you should pay a little bit more attention to it. You can turn your old cassettes into a card holder. The good part of it is that you don’t need to cut nor adjust the size. It is a perfect fit for all.

19. DIY Business Card Wallet


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Leather couldn’t have done better justice to this beautiful piece. There are always a lot of ways you can choose to get this done. You can choose your favorite color on a leather material and sew this to shape.

20. How To Build A Wooden Business Card Holder


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If you are looking for the perfect gift for your boss or your business partner then you have just made the right choice. This wooden DIY business card holder is top notch and has an excellent look. It speaks volumes as a gift. You don’t have to worry about your cards falling off, the internal magnet can keep the lid sealed comfortably.

21. DIY Fabric Business Card Holder

Fabrics are not only wonderful when worn on the body like clothes, but you can also use them to make a good DIY business card holder. They’ll help prevent your cards from getting worn out from prolonged mishandling.

22. DIY Desktop Business Card Holder

They are counter sitting or desk sitting business card holders. You can make yours as neatly done like this. A scoreboard is very affordable and there are a lot of great designs you can use to make this more beautiful.

23. DIY Card Wallet

When making DIY crafts, get the best of materials. This fabric is easy to wash and dry, unlike the paper business cards holder. If you are not ready to wash then you can change it when it gets really dirty.

24. Business Card Holder Case

DMFLY Business Card Holder Case - PU Leather Business Card Case Name Card Holder Slim Metal Pocket Card Holder with Magnetic Shut, Black

On the other hand, if you are very sure that you do not need to make one of these for yourself then you always have the option of buying one. This card holder has the capacity to hold a lot of cards.

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25. Leather And Stainless Steel Card Holder

Business Card Holder, Business Card Case Luxury PU Leather & Stainless Steel Multi Card Case,Business Card Holder Wallet Credit Card ID Case/Holder for Men & Women. (Pink)…

Making a business card holder can most times be time-consuming, if you won’t want to waste your time, you can buy a business card holder for yourself.

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