18 DIY Phone Case Projects – How To Make A Phone Case

Phone cases are now a big deal. People would not want to have the same kind of phone case with the person sitting next to them on the same bus. They would love to use something different and unique.

To make this possible for you, we have outlined a collection of adorable phone cases that can suit your needs and there are really easy steps to create them. Check out this list of the best DIY phone case projects made by amazing people. I hope it inspires you to create yours.


1. DIY Ankara Phone Case

This phone case pattern is pretty much unique since you can always use any Ankara fabric of your choice to make it. This happens to be a traditional material and is relative to a particular environment. You can also make your phone to dress with the same material you are putting on.

You will need a plain phone pouch, Evo Stik glue, and Ankara fabric. Cut a small square piece of fabric from the whole yard. Rub some glue on the pouch and attach the cut piece to it. Cut off the extra pieces and tuck the remaining fabric in. Make holes for the camera and charging port.

2. Printable Smart Phone Case


This smartphone case can be printed with the pattern you are fascinated about. To make this will not take more than 5 minutes and it is meant to rest inside the pouch. If you are able to follow the instructions. To make this, you will need a clear smartphone case, printable cases in small or large sizes, a printer, scissors, and a craft knife. The first step is to print out the size corresponding to your phone case size. Cut out the designated holes that are in the pouch. Slip the paper into your clear phone case and put the case onto your phone.

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3. DIY Phone Case With Cricut


Changing your phone case should be a big deal because you will always see your phone in a brand new light. It is obviously more expensive to buy one for yourself so you can easily make one in the comfort of your space. This phone case is made of circuits and some vinyl though the latter is the primary material to be used. Burnish your design on a transfer tape then uses a circuit scraper to rub the vinyl on the tape.

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4. DIY Glitter Phone Case


This is a plain glitter phone pouch that is used to preserve the phone from scratches. There are about 4 easy steps to be used to create this. The first step is to cover the outside portion of the phone with a layer of mod podge. Then, pour glitter and set for about 2minutes. Repeat the process again for a better coating. Finally, if you are sure the coating is complete, cover a final layer of mod podge and leave it to dry.

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5. DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

I found this unique phone case and fell in love with it. I’m sure the ladies would love this too. To make this place some paper towels on the top and bottom of the flowers then place a flat surface on it and microwave. Finally, dress the phone case.

6. How To Make A Paracord Phone Case

This paracord is formed to make an open lid phone case. Clip out both ends of the paracord and pull out. Immerse in water to make it easy when flatting out. Begin knitting with the cord till you have the full shape you need. The making process is quite easy to follow, it might be confusing at first, but I am sure you will get the hang of it.

7. How To Make A Phone Case With A Book

This DIY phone case was made from a book. A piece of a book was cut out to make this. The first step is to measure the size of your phone and carve out the pieces on paper. Using hard paper will give it firmness. Glue your pieces together.

8. DIY Tie Phone Case


It is so easy to get a casing for your phone. And guess what can be used to get it: an old tie. You must be really imagining how this is possible. You will need an old tie, scissors, stick pins, glue, and a self-adhering Velcro. Remove the center seam from the back of the tie. Slide your phone in and take measurements and see how it fits well. Cut off the excesses and seal the bottom. Finish off with Velcro

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9. Puffy Paint DIY Phone Case


This is a fully decorated phone case which is made using tulip dimensional fabric paint. You will also need a phone case to make your design on. Toothpicks are also necessary to make this work. Outline a design on your phone case then keep filling in till you are done making your design completely. Keep alternating the colors to make it as beautiful as you want.

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10. DIY Wooden Phone Case


Have you ever thought of making a custom phone case? This is a really cool phone case made of wood. The first step to creating this is to make a reference drawing for the design you want. Cut the wood pieces according to plan. Glue the pieces. Drill holes for the opened spaces like the camera and the charging port. Assemble your pieces together and finish.

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11. DIY Wood Phone Case


This DIY wood case does not really need so much cutting and joining and it can fit into the phone comfortably the way you want it. To customize your phone case get a pattern and cut out your stencil. Cut the veneer wood according to shape. Glue it to the case you have already. Clean up the edges and sand. Cut out the relevant holes for the pouch. The making process is easy to follow.

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12. DIY Guitar Phone Case

Do you play the guitar? You can make this guitar phone case and leave your friends in awe. This cake pattern for icing is used to make this phone case. You can always print a pattern if you want. Cut off the pattern and make your decorations on it then attach to your pouch.

13. DIY Denim Phone Case

Making a case from denim is really cute and adorable. Cut a piece from an old jean fabric and attach it to a case. Cut off the portions for the camera, earpiece, and charger. The process of making a denim phone case is very easy.

14. DIY Wood Phone Case From Popsicle Sticks

This wooden case is made from Popsicle sticks. Flue a bunch of sticks together and cut off the sides to make a base. Sand appropriately and sand holes for the camera and other outlets. Glue all the different parts together.

15. Leather Envelope Phone Case


To protect your phone from scratches and dents, you will need a case. The most important material to be used for this craft is leather. Cut out the pattern and hand stitch around it. use glue to attach the sides together and leave an opening for the phone to slip through.

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16. DIY Cute Phone Case


This DIY case can be customized the way you want and you can even write out your name. to make this, print out what you want on paper then cut out each letter. Glue gemstones on each letter then place on a clear phone case.

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17. Easy DIY Phone Case


This phone case is made of material and you can slide your phone in when you don’t want to use it and out when you need to use it. Measure the size of the phone and leave extra spaces for the protruded areas. Sew and leave the top open where you can slide the phone in.

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18. DIY Glow In The Dark Phone Case

This phone case has the ability to glow in the dark as its name suggests. Take a clear phone case and pour some glow in the dark powder on the glue which is laid on the back. Make a second layer on it.


Using a phone case is a great way to make your phone look a whole lot newer and better, however, using a phone case made by you or revamped by you gives you this amazing feeling. Trust me, I have been there.

The best part is, you can choose to make as many DIY phone cases as you please and use them simultaneously on different occasions.

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