16 DIY Giraffe Costume Ideas – How To Make A Giraffe Costume

One of the best animals to dress up as in a giraffe, the costume might seem a bit complicated to make, but certain creative folks have been able to craft simple giraffe costumes that you can rock for Halloween.

After doing in-depth research, I was able to round up this list containing a couple of DIY giraffe costume ideas that you can make for adults, kids, and even toddlers. You will also find makeup tutorials that will give you the perfect giraffe look.


1. How To Make A Low Budget Giraffe


Here’s a guide that will teach you how to make a low budget giraffe costume, the making process is pretty much basic and easy to remake. It will cost you less than $20 to make this DIY giraffe costume and you’ll spend not more than 2 hours. You will need to gather a couple of materials for the making process, you can get all the details you need by checking out the full tutorial.

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2. Kids DIY Giraffe Costume


Do you want to put a smile on your kid’s face? Here’s a quick one to make. For the materials, you will need brown felt, double fabric tape, yellow felt, scissors, hot glue + hot gun, and a couple of other materials. The making process is very easy to follow and should not take much of your time.

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3. How To Make A Giraffe Costume


A giraffe costume is a great costume for Halloween, you can rock it as an adult or make it for your kids, you can also use items that can be found in your home. The first step in the making process involves making the giraffes body, you’ll need a box for this process. Next up, you need to cover the body of the giraffe with a paper mache, this process is very easy to follow. The most interesting step is decorating the giraffe’s body and neck.

The full tutorial will give you more details on how to build this amazing giraffe costume.

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4. Giraffe Costume DIY For Halloween

Some giraffe costumes can be completed in no time, this factor, however, depends on the materials used and the whole making process. This is a giraffe costume made for a little girl, if you have a little girl and you are looking for a way to dress her up as a giraffe, you should check this tutorial out. You would need to purchase a couple of supplies for the making process.

In the end, makeup is also used on the little girl’s face to complete the giraffe costume DIY for Halloween. The whole compilation process should take about an hour or two to complete.

5. DIY Easy Giraffe Makeup

Here’s a tutorial that will teach you how to make an easy giraffe makeup, it looks so great on the creator. The making process starts off with using a primer, you will also need some foundation, concealer, powder, contour stick, and a couple of makeup stuff.

The complicated part has to be the giraffe markings on the face, while doing this, be sure to pick the perfect shade for your skin color, also, carefully draw out the giraffe markings, you do not want to make mistakes while doing this. The overall making process is pretty much easy to follow. You shouldn’t have a hard time doing this makeup for yourself especially if you already have makeup experience.

6. DIY Giraffe Costume Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a pretty easy giraffe t-shirt that can be worn for cosplay. The making process requires the use of certain tools and materials, some of which are; a glue gun, a pair of scissors, some glue sticks, and felt. For a small-sized t-shirt, you will need approximately 2 regular sizes of felt, if you have a medium or large-sized t-shirt you will need more pieces of felt.

7. DIY Cute Giraffe Costume


While doing research, I came across this cute giraffe costume for girls, it can be worn by girls of all ages. This costume is made with a warm faux fur capelet and a striped tutu. The costume also has a tail, ears, and headband which is pretty much easy to make. Trust me, you will love this cute giraffe costume.

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8. DIY Giraffe Halloween Costume


I found this idea and was completely amazed. I said to myself “this would be amazing for Halloween.” The creator did a great job putting this DIY giraffe costume together. Crutches are used for the arms of the giraffe which gives it a more realistic look. You will also need to do some makeup for the face since no mask is used.

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9. DIY Giraffe Baby Costume


Another great idea is dressing up your toddler as a little giraffe. I found this costume and fell in love with it. The baby’s arms and feet are completely covered. There’s also a bit of blush used on the baby’s face to amp the look. The materials and complete tutorial for making this costume are accessible by clicking on the link below.

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10. No-Sew Giraffe Costume For Kids

This is a pretty short tutorial that will show you how to make a quick giraffe costume for your kids. For this no-sew giraffe costume for kids, you will need tulle, a brown t-shirt, elastic, giraffe leg warmers, scissors, and a safety pin. The making process is basic and very easy to remake. All you need are the materials and tools.

11. How To Make A Giraffe Mask Headpiece

You might not necessarily need to make a complete giraffe costume, you can simply make a giraffe mask headpiece that will fit your head and then rock it with a yellow shirt and probably brown bottoms. The combination is a simple one.

12. Giraffe Halloween Makeup And Costume

I found another makeup tutorial for the ladies, if you are dark-skinned, you should check this out. The pattern she used is pretty much different from the pattern used in the previous giraffe makeup tutorial. In this tutorial, you would also notice how she made her hair, making yours the same way will give that giraffe look that you desire. She also made ears.

My favorite part was the giraffe costume that she made at the end, the process of making that giraffe costume is very easy to follow.

13. DIY Giraffe Costume For Baby Girl

For this tutorial, you will be required to purchase some material and also get ready a sewing machine. The making process is pretty much basic. Unfortunately, the creator does not explain in detail all the steps to make this DIY giraffe costume, however, as a professional, you would be able to understand how to make this giraffe costume for a baby girl.

14. DIY Giraffe Costume


Do you want more love from your kid? Try making this giraffe costume for Halloween or cosplay and thank me later. The making process of this giraffe costume starts off with building the body of the giraffe, the body is made of a cart box and paper mache, the procedure is easy to understand. After building the body of the giraffe, you then need to cover it up using giraffe fabric made by you.

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15. Simple Giraffe Makeup


Not looking at going over the top with your giraffe makeup? I found this simple giraffe makeup that you can DIY for cosplay or Halloween. You will need black spray, contour, thick eyebrow pencil, setting spray, and a couple of other materials and tools. You also need to have long hair because the hair is made in such a way that it depicts a giraffe.

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16. Giraffe Halloween Tutorial

Here’s another one for the ladies. Before thinking about making this, be sure you are ready because this is going to take a whole lot of your time, this DIY giraffe makeup tutorial starts off with showing you how to do the makeup, after that, you will be taught how to do the hair and then the ears. The making process will take some time to complete, but you will be proud of what you will be able to achieve.


Making a DIY giraffe costume is not as hard as it may seem, the whole task might seem a lot complicated at the start but if you are determined, you will be able to make the costume. If you are going for makeup only, be sure to use colors or products that will match your skin color. If you do not have hair, feel free to use a wig.

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