31 Homemade Napkin Ideas You Can DIY Easily

I hope that you like holidays the way I love them. If it is a case, let’s make them as festive as possible. One of the less complex, but highly effective things, connected with table arrangement, is a technique of bending napkins. I can give you a lot of DIY napkin ideas you can use.

Shape them in the desired way, and beautify your table without much effort and complications. Moreover, you can include your kids in this lovely activity. Teach your beloved little ones to make something useful and show them how tinny details can make a difference between ordinary and unique. Let’s learn something beautiful and enjoyable!

1. Diy Flowers napkin

Presenta las servilletas como flores

No one knows precisely how many types of flowers you can make by using napkins. It will depend on your imagination, creativity, and skill. It is enough to use just paper napkins, but you can add dome ribbons, scissors, or any other material you wish to make desirable blooms. Making beautiful flowers from serviettes is an easy and fun activity for you and your kids. Enjoy!

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2. Diy Napkin bouquet

OK, you like flowers and want to decorate your festive table in the most beautiful way possible, but you are not skillful enough. There is an excellent solution here. Use two different napkins and make a bouquet. It is simple to make this decoration, but it looks so elegant. You will be proud of yourself. I promise you!

3. Diy Turkey napkin

Turkey Napkin-Folding Tutorial

When I discovered this napkin idea for the first time, I thought that making something extraordinary such as this turkey made of napkins requires too much trouble. However, it is not as scary as it seems at first glance.

Depending on a chosen method, you need just one to three starched and ironed napkins to make this masterpiece, but you can use aluminum foil and double-sided tape to make the process much more comfortable.

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4. Diy Envelope napkin

If you are an old fashioned girl as I am, you will adore this elegant option. Place napkins bent in this sophisticated way, and add a card with an appropriate poem in it. Also, you can organize these envelopes as Chinese cookies and put a piece of paper with a quote inside. How lovely surprise for your guests, isn’t it?

5. Diy Necktie napkin

How to Fold a Napkin into a Necktie

Make this male napkin arrangement for your husband or dad’s birthday. However, you can choose to make them for other holidays, as well. For example, make roses of napkins for ladies and necktie ones for gentlemen.

Keep in mind that the length of each tie will depend on the size of your napkins. Also, you don’t need to use those of cotton. Paper napkins will be just fine for that purpose.

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6. Diy Bow tie napkin

There is one more elegant but not too complicated napkin idea to make perfect decorations. Bow ties look sophisticated on our men, but you can use them to beautify your festive table, as well. Pick out linen napkins in your favorite color and an adequate ribbon. It is incredible how fantastic result you can get with so little effort.

7. Diy T-shirt napkin

It is a modern decoration suitable for everyone. However, I highly recommend you to make a surprise for your teenager and his or her friends. It is not too complicated to make these lovely T-shirts of stiff napkin fabric, but you need to iron them before putting them on the table.

8. Diy Pinwheel napkin

It is an elegant and fun fold at the same time. Your kids will love this decoration, but you can make a more sophisticated variation for your festive table, as well. You can make this arrangement of paper, but linen napkins are a better option indeed. The trick is in the right color and a tinny gadget in the middle.

9. Diy Elf hat napkin

What a beautiful napkin idea for your Christmas table! Everything you need is green linen napkins made of stiff fabric and a little patience. That way, the hats will stand up firm. Practically everyone can make this type of decorations without much trouble. In the end, add a name card into the cuff or decorate every hat with a bow.

10. Diy Christmas tree napkin

It is not too hard to bend your napkins in the shape of the Christmas tree, but that zig-zag shape will be surprisingly beautiful. After a few tucking and flipping, you will quickly transform green napkins into the desired evergreen. As a result, you will get a fantastic festive table and impressed guests. How lovely!

11. Diy Peacock napkin

Peacock Napkin Fold

Have you ever seen a peacock while expanding its magnificent tail? What if I can tell you that you can achieve a similar superb effect on your festive desk? The process is not too much complicated, but you need to use an iron to get the real thing. Believe me; the result is worth the effort.

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12. Diy Swan napkin

If there is a napkin folding technique that can impress everyone, this is the one. Everything you need is a pure white napkin and an excellent tutorial to learn the basic origami moves. Whether you choose to use paper or linen napkins, the result will be fantastic. Keep in mind that you need to iron your swan if you use those made of fabric. Try it!

13. Diy Triple pocket napkin

Without too many complications, you will be able to arrange your cutlery beautifully and uniquely. You will need enough linen napkins in your favorite color. Bend them the way to make a triple pocket with individual places for spoon, fork, and knife. It is such a practical and convenient way to arrange your festive table.

14. Diy Fillable pouch napkin

How to Fold Napkins – Creative Ideas for Tablescapes

I find this type of banding napkins highly inspiring and reliable. By using this particular arrangement, you will get lovely decoration and useful and practical pouch-like fold for placing bunnies, Easter eggs, small presents for your guests, as well as name tags or flowers. Remember to choose monochrome napkins for this purpose to avoid making your table look too kitschy.

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15. Diy Rosebud napkin

Rosebud napkin 1

When you want to give your table a gentle touch of romance, you can bend napkins in the form of rosebuds. The ideal choice for this action is red washable serviettes.

The best of all is that you don’t need to be highly skillful. After fashioning every napkin into a long roll, you should hold the left corner down. After making a right angle, try to twist the cloth into a rose. That’s it!

16. Diy Rose napkin

Making roses of napkins is a bit complicated than the previous option. However, the result will also be romantic and beautiful after a couple of quick steps. Believe it or not, napkins created this way will be worthy of every elegant restaurant.

17. Diy Bunny napkin

Salvete Zeke

Who wouldn’t want to have sweet little bunnies all over the table? It is an excellent napkin idea for Easter, but you can make your kids happy and bend napkins that way on every occasion. Use standard size napkins and prepare the bunnies. My choice is always yellow for this purpose, but you can pick out serviettes in your favorite color.

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18. Diy Carrot napkin

Probably every child on the Earth loves rabbits. As we know, these cute creatures like eating carrots. Why wouldn’t you make a few to decorate a table for your kid’s birthday? Roll the orange napkins around the green crepe-paper leaves or green plastic cutlery. That way, you will get quick and adorable decorations your kid will adore.

19. Diy Watermelon napkin

What a napkin idea for the children’s table! Without much effort, you can make a lovely surprise for your dearest ones. Moreover, they can help you, and you can have a wonderful time together while creating something beautiful.

Purchase red and green napkins, layer them on top of each other and fold them into triangles. In the end, use a black marker and draw seeds on the red parts.

20. Diy Atrium lily napkin

Even though this arrangement seems very complicated, it is actually not a case. You will just need enough linen napkins, a little patience, and skill to make one of the most beautiful arrangements for your festive table. The process of creating three layers is much easier than anyone might think. If you like this style, go for it!

21. Diy Holiday crown napkin

Folded Holiday Crown Napkin Tutorial

Even though the crown design is a bit old-fashioned, it is an ultimately modern napkin idea at the same time. You don’t need to be a member of the royal family to bring a little glamor and high-class elegance in your home. Pick out red or golden napkins and improve the appearance of your festive table. They look fantastic, don’t they?

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22. Diy Double star napkin

If you are a woman preferring glamour and elegance, this type of bending the napkins should be your first option. No matter what color of serviettes you will use to create a double star, but they need to be square and made of starched linen. Once you achieve the desired shape, you will quickly transform your table from ordinary to unique.

23. Diy Heart napkin

Folding a Napkin Into a Heart

You can make these decorations for many occasions, but they are actually a perfect choice for special events. Use one or two napkins and make a lovely heart-shaped arrangement for a romantic dinner. It is a better way to pick out red or rose linen napkins than paper ones if you want to achieve the desired effect.

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24. Diy Bird of paradise napkin

It is one of the most common classic napkin ideas and folding techniques I have ever heard. Amazingly, it is still an ultimate classy way to make your festive table extraordinary. Keep in mind that you need stiff napkins for this arrangement. If you don’t have any, it will be enough to starch the serviettes you have in your home.

25. Diy Sailboat napkin

To achieve the real feeling of the seaside at any part of the year, you can purchase nautical striped napkins. These made of paper will be just fine. The best part is that the process of bending is not too complicated, and you can ask your children to take part in making this type of table arrangement. How lovely!

26. Diy Fish napkin

There is one more technique you can practice with your children. Make a lot of these cute fish made of paper napkins and arrange them on your table. It is an excellent napkin idea for your child’s birthday, but you can use them on any other occasion, as well.

27. Diy Lotus napkin

A napkin bent to resemble a lotus flower (also known as water lily or artichoke style) is the ultimate art in the sphere of napkin design. Make them in this particular way and amaze your guests during the festive dinner. The only issue you can face is that they won’t want to unfold their napkins because they look so pretty.

28. Diy Daffodil napkin

Daffodil napkin bouquet

If you like this beautiful flower, you will be delighted to discover that you can add it to your festive table, even out of season of blooming. I need to say that you will need to purchase colorful cardstock and combine it with napkins to get the right effect.

The method is not complicated at all, but you will need enough time to finish the job. Maybe this is the right moment to ask children or friends for help!

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29. Diy Place card napkin

It is a convenient napkin idea when you decorate a table for many guests and want them to take a particular seat. Why wouldn’t you use napkins for this purpose instead of conventional solutions? You can use both polyester or linen serviettes but avoid paper ones. Change the color depending on the occasion.

30. Diy Pocket napkin

I have to admit that this simple arrangement looks gorgeous on the plate. It is so lovely to bend napkin in a pocket shape, and place cutlery, candy, or sweet-smelling herb such as a sprig of rosemary into the creases. The best of all is that you can harmonize tablecloths and the napkins’ color as desired.

31. Diy Breadbasket napkin

bread basket napkin fold

Using colorful napkins is a practical way to make both beautiful decorations for your festive table and useful bread baskets at the same time. That way, you will avoid large classical baskets on the table and get more space for other delicacies.

I am sure that your impressed guests will ask for your advice when it comes to creative solutions for decorating the table.

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