30 Cute & Funny Easter Bunny Ideas

The fact is that almost everyone loves Easter. It is such an elegant and cheerful holiday, especially for children. Not to mention, that gentle and cute bunnies are favorite animals for every child. Therefore, spend some time looking for the best Easter bunny ideas your kid will adore.

Talk to your kiddos, explain to them who the Easter Bunny is and make some lovely decorations with a lot of happy rabbits together. I am sure that they will be satisfied! Let’s take a look at what options you have.

1. Giant Origami Easter bunny


Probably every child on the planet loves rabbits. Can you imagine the delight of your kiddo after waking up in the morning when he or she sees a few giant bunnies in the room? You can quickly make a few by using a traditional Japanese technique, Origami.

Use them as decoration during the traditional Easter egg hunt. After that, take a photo of your kid surrounded by colorful paper bunnies. It can be quite funny, especially if your child is smaller than these photo props.

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2. Easter Bunny cookies

Making a lot of bunny cookies is always a perfect Easter bunny idea. Make them in the shape of little rabbits, and don’t forget to paint big eyes and mustache by using black and white chocolate and whipped cream. They are tasty and look festive, which means that your children will adore them. Just be careful not to overdo it!

3. Easter Bunny cake


Many people make bunny-shaped cookies, but you can go a step further with this fantastic Easter bunny idea. Make a cake, which looks like a sweet little rabbit nibbling a carrot. Can you imagine how thrilled your kiddo will be when spotting such a unique cake on the table? Yes, it is worth of effort!

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4. Easter Bunny banner



It is hard to imagine the Easter celebration without a banner. You can use a rabbit template you like the most and make a banner as a decoration for your home. Make them from fabric scraps, paper, or even balloons. Then punch holes through the bunny ears or otherwise tie them together to get your ideal series of rabbits.

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5. Easter Bunny vase


You need just a little skill, a lot of patient, and goodwill to make this vase. The bunny shape will add to the festive feeling of Easter, especially if you put it in the middle of the dinner table. Fill it with your favorite flowers or make some of the colorful paper. In both cases, it will look cheerful and cute!

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6. Easter Bunny gift tag

Free Printable Bunny Gift Tag

It is not necessary having Easter bunny gift tags on the presents, but they look so cute, especially if you make some that look like rabbits. Cut a sweet bunny from colorful paper, write the name of the person on it, and attach the tag on the package. You can also make similar holders for cards to have a set.

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7. Easter Bunny cake stand


Create this excellent Easter bunny idea as an ideal centerpiece for your dinner table. It is not complicated at all. Just glue a bunny figurine on glass or ceramic plate for a cake or decorated Easter eggs. It will be lovely to paint it in the same color as your gift tags and cardholders.

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8. Easter Bunny fold-over clutch

Bunny Foldover Clutch Sewing Tutorial

Have you ever thought about making a bunny fold-over clutch with a sewn Easter bunny on it? The great thing is that you can use any pattern you like, including a face or a whole figure of a rabbit. Also, you can use different fabrics, play with shapes and colors, and recycle at the same time. In the end, you will get a fantastic result your friends will love.

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9. Easter Bunny mini treat bag


Everyone likes to get a present. Why wouldn’t you make a lovely surprise for your guests and create a beautiful mini treat bag filled with candies for each of them? You can make all of them happy with these sweet parting gifts. The best of all is that making them doesn’t take much effort.

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10. Easter Bunny chalk


It is one of those Easter bunny ideas you can make quickly, but your kids will enjoy for a long time playing with them. Purchase a bunny-shaped silicone mold, tempera, plaster of Paris, a few paper cups, and a spoon, and make these unique chalk figures. Aside from being beautiful, they will encourage the creativity of your children. Well done!

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11. Easter Bunny muffins and cupcake wrapper

Bunny muffins and cupcake wrapper 1

If you love muffins and cupcakes as I do, you can make a bunch of it for your Easter party. To make these beloved sweets unique and create them in the spirit of the holidays, you can cut bunny-shaped wrappers from paper and put your cakes into them. Then, add cotton ribbons or mini pom-poms to decorate them if you like. So cute!

12. Easter Bunny T-shirt

DIY Vintage Bunny Iron-on T-shirt

It is a convenient Easter bunny idea for parents with teenagers in the house. They can wear this lovely bunny T-shirt during Easter egg hunt, but it looks so cool that they may not refuse to put it on all day long. If you know to sew, it will be an easy task for you to add a cute bunny face on a classic T-shirt. Otherwise, attach it with a safety pin just for fun.

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13. Easter Bunny purse

DIY Handmade Bunny Purse

Instead of a traditional Easter basket, you can sew the unique bunny bag or purse. Your kid can carry it over a shoulder while looking for Easter eggs around your house.

You can decorate it in so many different ways by sewing a lot of tiny bunnies, one big rabbit, colorful ribbons, balloons, and eggs all over the bag. Also, you can pick out the color of the purse, depending on the gender of your child.

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14. Easter Bunny bowl

DIY Clay Bunny Bowls

Among many well-known Easter bunny ideas, I always like finding something different and extraordinary. One of these solutions is to decorate a bowl with a funny bunny. It will be perfect for including your children in this activity to make it together. You will be surprised how ordinary decorative bowl can become a unique piece after the bursting of kids’ creativity.

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15. Easter Bunny wreath

I hope you like wreaths as much as I do. In that case, you can make one by using any useful tutorial you can find on the Net. I prefer creating one of moss until getting the shape of the rabbit.

However, I will change my usual style this year and try to make a little rabbit inside the wreath. I find this project challenging, but it seems the result will be fantastic and worth of effort.

16. Easter Bunny flower pot


Challenge your kids to make a few bunny flower-pots this year. Pick out colorful ceramic pots and decorate them with cute rabbits, Easter eggs, satin bands, pom-poms, and flowers.

One of the exciting Easter bunny ideas is to wrap your pots with tissue paper grass. I am sure that your children will be overwhelmed. They will enjoy every second during these attractive and creative moments.

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17. Easter Bunny game


After discovering this fascinating Easter Poke-a-Bunny game, your kids will spend hours playing it. The best part is getting lovely prizes for every smart move. I use this particular game instead of an Easter egg hunt when the weather is bad. Start playing and enjoy it!

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18. Easter Bunny recipes


As you probably know, there are a million Bunny recipes you can use for making Easter delicacies. You should find these that your family enjoys the most and stick to them.

However, it is an excellent idea to add some unusual tastes to your traditional menu every year. Changing just one dish can give that fresh expression you want to see on your festive table. Go for it!

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19. Easter Bunny headband


One of the most beloved Easter bunny ideas for girls is definitely handmade headbands. You should create at least one bunny-shaped headband for your little princess, to fulfil the festive Easter atmosphere in your home. Can you imagine how happy your sweet girl will be with a cute bunny on the top of her head?

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20. Easter Bunny pillow

Bunny Pillow Tutorial

Before falling asleep, your kid will enjoy having a cute bunny in front of her or his face. Therefore, take advantage of this lovely Easter bunny idea and make at least one pillow with rabbits, eggs, and a lot of balloons. It won’t be a complicated job for you if you know to sew. Using a sewing machine will make your job even more comfortable.

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21. Easter Bunny bottom pops


If you wish to make the funniest pops in the world, you should follow this particular recipe. These bunny bottoms on the ordinary pops will make your kids thrilled. It seems that they have a different sense of enjoyment than we do.

So, they will adore eating these holiday treats for days. If you have boys, you can expect them to share their sweets with all friends, and treat them as the best pops ever.

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22. Easter Bunny canvas art


Not many people can afford expensive pieces of art. On the other hand, there are no many paintings with rabbits as a motive. However, anyone can make or purchase some affordable canvas arts.

Since children like to craft, you can designate the part of the house for displaying their works of art. Easter bunny canvas will be cheerful and beautify your home during the holiday. Plus, your kiddo will be happy and proud. Two benefits in one go. Well done!

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23. Easter Bunny paper mask


Bunny masks are convenient and easy-to-make Easter bunny ideas. Make a few adorable pieces by using different supplies, including bunny photos, ribbons, children’s arts, or glitters. Let your creativity bloom and make your kids happy at the same time.

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24. Easter Bunny chair backer


Chair backers are elegant and decorative solutions transforming old and damaged furniture into beautiful and stylish pieces. For Easter, you can decorate your chairs with funny chair backers containing motives of bunnies or eggs. For less than half an hour, you can beautify your home and make it cheerful.

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25. Easter Bunny egg ornament


If you haven’t done so by now, it may be time to start a new beautiful tradition. Encourage your kids to make various Easter egg ornaments together. You can use a blank bunny template and let children draw ears, eyes, and nose to their rabbits. That way, they will contribute the celebration with their own unique ornaments.

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26. Easter Bunny napkins

DIY Bunny Napkins

Napkins are a necessity for every festive dinner. Why wouldn’t you consider this Easter bunny idea for the upcoming holidays? There are a lot of ideas on how to make a bunny by using paper or linen napkins, and you should choose the one you like the most. They will add a sophisticated look to your table. Don’t miss it!

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27. Easter Bunny pencil holder

It is a useful and highly attractive present for every child going to kindergarten or primary school. Use an ordinary cup or cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Wrap them by drawn bunnies, add some eggs, ribbons, or flowers, and you will get an excellent piece of art for your kid. Plus, you will recycle!

28. Easter Bunny balloons


You have two options for this particular Easter bunny idea. You can purchase bunny-shaped balloons and inflate them with your kids. On the other hand, you can buy those exciting long balloons that you can shape to your liking. Twist them until you get bunny shapes and give them to your children. They will adore them, I promise!

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29. Easter Bunny door hanger

You can make an excellent door hanger of wood, but it is better to use cardstock if you work with your children. That way, you will get a lovely bunny without the danger of hurting your beloved ones.

30. Easter Bunny bookmarks

Like every other book lover, I am crazy about bookmarks. If you also like them, you can make a few with motives of bunny or Easter eggs in honor of the upcoming holidays.

Moreover, these funny and exciting pieces of paper may interest your child in reading more. Find the idea you like the most and an adequate tutorial. The process of creating is an easy job, you will see.

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