13 DIY Hula Hoop Ideas You Can Diy Easily

Have you ever found hula hoops lying around, and you don’t know what to do with them? Most of us use hula hoops when we are young and active. As we grow older, we tend to focus on jobs and other activities and eventually forget about these hoops.

The good news is that you can use ideas to transform them into useful products and even make money out of them.

Check out these 13 DIY hula hoop ideas.

1. Easy To Assemble DIY Hula Hoop Photo Display

1.Easy To Assemble DIY Hula Hoop Photo Display

You can transform the hula hoops lying around into beautiful photo albums. This process is easy to conduct as you need a hula hoop, photos, a glue gun, and a white ribbon. You can add flowers to beautify the piece.

Also, make use of spray paints to make the hoop colorful. Making a DIY hula hoop photo display takes about 2 hours, and the materials needed are easily accessible.

Make sure the hoops used do not occupy more space than the ones available.

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2. Stable DIY Hula Hoop Coffee Table

Yes, you can make your own hula hoop coffee table from 2 hula hoops, a glue gun, glue sticks, five shower curtain rings, cardboard, spray paint, and decorative trims.

One hula hoop goes to the top, and the other acts as a base. You have to shape the cardboard into a circle to act as the sides. Then, decorate your table using spray paints and decorative trims.

You create patterns on the cardboard according to your preferences.

3. Easy Embroidery DIY Hula Hoop Door Hanger

Choose to be creative and turn these hoops into art that sells. One way to do this is by making embroidery hoops. This process takes time, depending on the type of craft used.

The basic requirements include a heat transfer vinyl, a hula hoop, ribbons and embellishments, circuit easy press and heat press pad, cutting tools, and a hot glue gun. The heat press pad is for preheating and removing wrinkles and moisture out of the fabric.

Use a sizeable hula hoop to create a right door hanger.

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4. Giant DIY Hula Hoops Christmas Tree

During the festive season, you and your family can reduce expenditure by building your own Christmas tree. You will need more than one hoops, each of different sizes.

Other requirements are spray paints, wood, hot glue gun, glue, ribbons, ornaments, and other holiday accents. It would be best if you had different sizes to create a Christmas tree pattern; the smallest goes to the top and the largest at the base.

Create a strong tree by using long wood to support the tree and create a solid base.

You can also use one hoop at the base, use wrapping paper at the ground, and run the ribbons from top to bottom.

5. Kids DIY Hula Hoops Spider Web

5.Kids DIY Hula Hoops Spider Web

Apart from dancing around with hula hoops, teaching your kids how to make spider webs increase their creativity. Assemble the following; scissors, a hula hoop, masking tapes, and ribbons.

Step one is to decorate the hula hoop using the ribbons. Then create a web pattern with the masking tapes. Take four strips of tape and divide the ring into 8-seven sections. Use three small pieces of tape between each wedge to create the web.

Lastly, hang the webs for your kids to play.

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6. DIY Hula Hoops Chandeliers

6.DIY Hula Hoops Chandeliers

Make lovely hula hoop chandeliers to hang during special events. There are different designs, but you need a hula hoop, white tape, roll of streamers, and scissors for the basic one.

Use the white duct tape to wrap the hoop. Cut large pieces of the streamers that cover the whole circle. It is essential to have a specified color scheme to ensure the tape and the streamers match. In this case, we use white tape and white streamers.

Place the top of each streamer piece on the hoop and tie them. Cover the whole ring with streamers for a complete chandelier.

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7. DIY Hula Hoops Wreath

Wreaths are common during spring and summer weddings, and they also create a perfect garden or front yard for your home.

It would help if you had a hula hoop, a floral wire, and other accessories such as ribbons to make wreaths. You need to assemble them. Place the floral wire on the hula hoop and tie them together using ribbons or glue.

Depending on the style you want, insert other accessories in the space. Don’t forget to leave some room at the top you’ll use to hang it.

8. DIY Hula Hoop Canopy

8. DIY Hula Hoop Canopy

A canopy bed is quite expensive, and sometimes you can buy a canopy that does not fit on your bed. The best option is to be creative and make your own out of readily available materials; one small hula hoop, ribbons, tulle yarn, a hook, glue, and other decorating accessories such as flowers bows.

The whole process takes about an hour if all materials are present. The process entails wrapping the ribbons around the hoop, fixing the Tullie pieces on the ring, hooking, and hanging your canopy.

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9. DIY Hula Hoop Stands

9. DIY Hula Hoop Stands

The most common type is the cake stand because cakes are light. It is an easy process, and all you need are a hula hoop, craft knife, spray paint, lumber, an oval plaque, a piece of wood, a screwdriver, screws, and flowers.

Since the hula hoop has no balance, we use the lumber, piece of wood, and the oval plaque to create a solid base. The idea is to place the pieces of lumber on each side for support. The oval plaque’s function is to hold the cake.

For this project, you need more decorations to make it more attractive. Use flowers and other accessories for this purpose.

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10. DIY Hula Hoop Shelves

10.DIY Hula Hoop Shelves

Hula hoop shelves are ideal for holding light objects such as toys. Some of the materials needed are two hula hoops, wooden rulers, wood glue, paints, brush, skewer, wax paper, and a knife.

To make the shelf, cut the wooden rulers to ensure they fit in the hoop. Leave enough space between the rulers. Then, glue the rulers to the hoop’s frame. Decorate your shelf using paints and brushes.

Please leave it to dry and then hang it.  Use glass shelves to make a permanent display.

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11. DIY Hula hoop tent

11.DIY Hula hoop tent

Camping is now more comfortable as there are ways to cut off expenses by making your tent from bedsheets. To do this, you need a hula hoop, bed sheet, duct tape, scissors, twine, and hook. You can substitute the sheet for a piece of better quality fabric.

The process entails putting the hoop on the sheet, fold the fabric over the hoop then use the duct tape to hold it in place. Loop the whole cloth on the ring, then create holes through the sheets and tape.

Use the twine to connect the hoop to a binder through the holes. The last step is to hang the tent using a hook.

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12. Wonderful DIY Hula Hoop Woven Rugs

By making use of old t-shirts and towels, you can create a woven rug as a way to recycle them. This project is easy to do and what you need is scissors, old t-shirts or towels, and a hula hoop.

You must make a unified piece. This means that you come up with a color scheme and use clothes that blend. The basic knowledge learned here is exploitable, and you can diversify the process and make other items such as carpets.

This whole process is about creating loops using the t-shirts to make the rug. The time taken to finish varies depending on the project.

One exciting quality about this process is that you can leave it and continue at a later time.

13. DIY hula hoop camp shower

13.DIY hula hoop camp shower

Sometimes you need your privacy when camping, especially in open places, and you can achieve that with the help of a hula hoop, a camp shower, a Paracord, a hook, scissors, shower curtain liners, and shower curtain hangers.

The setup is simple and since you are outdoors, put your shower in a sunny space to make your bathwater warm. Create strong loops to withstand rain, thunderstorms, and lightning.

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We more often buy our kinds hula hoops; however, the urge and much interest to play with them decline as they age. Sometimes we give them away or even dispose them off. Well, they can do more than that, being of benefits to us.

Luckily, this article gives you easy-to-do tutorials on reusing the hoops and creating art that you can use at home or even sell out to generate some income. Try the above tutorials today.

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