31 DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

The fall is a charming period of the year for making romantic and beautiful wreaths you can place above your front door. They are an excellent way to celebrate the wealth of fruits we receive from nature. However, I like having some lovely ones in honor of the winter holiday, as well.

You can always purchase an adequate model, but it is still a great satisfaction to make one by yourself or with your children. While we wait for Christmas, it is a perfect moment for the snowy wreath, as well. Let’s consider the most delightful options among 31 DIY fall wreath ideas I have prepared for you.

1. Diy Fall wreath with pumpkins

Fall Wreaths with Acorns

Without any doubt, the most authentic fall wreath always includes pumpkins. In fact, I can’t even imagine autumn without these orange beauties hanging on my front door. On the other hand, you can pick out white pumpkins to make your garland more unique. In both cases, you can’t make a mistake. It will be lovely, and your kids will adore it.

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2. Diy Fall wreath with a hoop

Using a hoop will simplify the process of making a wreath. For this unique model, you should collect as many branches with berries as possible. Then, tie them to the hoop with duct tape, ribbons, or string. You will get an impressive result without too much effort. Well done!

3. Diy Fall wreath with hazelnuts

Make a Hazelnut Fall Wreath

I adore these adorable fruits of autumn, and I can’t wait for the moment when I can finally eat them. Therefore, I always make at least one wreath of hazelnuts and hang it on my front door. I want to tell you about my secret. Every day when I go to work, I take one nut with me for a joyful start of the day!

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4. Diy Fall wreath with real cotton

It is the right option for you if you live in the deep south of the country. With all these modesty and elegance, it reminds me of glory days described in my favorite book ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Every year my friend from Georgia sends me a handful of real cotton to make my gentle fall wreath. You should try it!

5. Diy Fall wreath with acorns

Even making this creative wreath seems complicated, it is actually a quite simple process. Since its colors are neutral, it will match any style and color of your front door. Collect enough acorns and string it down into ribbons.

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6. Diy Fall wreath with pine cones


When it comes to making a fall wreath, there is nothing more elegant and romantic than a pine cone one. If you don’t have the pine tree in your yard, you should go to the nearby forest and collect a bag of these autumnal beauties. If you prefer that way, you can spray them in gold, silver, or red color to enrich the short and greyish autumn days.

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7. Diy Fall Wreath with acorns and pinecones

DIY Metallic Pinecone and Acorn Wreath

If you like a wreath made of acorns or pinecones, why wouldn’t you try to get a winner combination by including them in one model? How much material you need will depend on the size of the garland you plan to make. If you need one for your front door, it will look more impressive if you make it bigger.

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8. Diy Fall wreath with wood slices

If you are a fan of rustic elements, this is an ideal wreath for you. Find a thick branch and cut it on a bunch of slices. I find this model quite masculine, but it looks gorgeous on the front door. It is fair to give our boys a little roughness among all ribbons and flowers we usually use. Do you agree?

9. Diy Fall wreath with leaves

What is more beautiful than leaves in all colors of autumn? Go outside and collect red, orange, grey, and yellow ones. They should be of different shapes and sizes, which will make your wreath the most cheerful model you have ever seen. You can add a few fall blooms to make it more authentic.

10. Diy Owl fall wreath

Owls are fashionable nowadays, and you can make a garland in the recognizable shape of this attractive bird. You will need enough branches and a bunch of golden fell leaves to make such an arrangement. Try it and enjoy the pure happiness of your kids once they spot this lovely creature on your front door.

11. Diy Fall wreath with fruit

The essential advantage of autumn is plenty of fruit available. Pick out juicy apples, fresh tangerines or lemons, and a few large nuts to add to the most desirable wreath on the world. It is a synonym for this period of the year, don’t you think?

12. Diy Wreath with flowers and fruit

Make a grapevine wreath and hang fragrant flowers and various fruits all over it. You can use faux flowers if you wish, but I believe that the scent is that particular ingredient, which makes the whole thing magical. Whatever option you choose, a few tangerines, yellow lemons, or red apples will complete the arrangement in the best way possible.

13. Diy Fall wreath with red apples


I like apples regardless of their color, but only red ones look such impressive arranged in the wreath. Make one royally-liked, striking, red garland and hang it on the front door by using a wide decorative band. No one can remain indifferent in front of so much beauty.

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14. Diy Fall wreath with cookies

We can eat cookies all year round, but they have a specific taste in autumn, don’t you think? Make a lot of biscuits in the form of leaves and pumpkins and make a garland of them. That way, you will offer your children an opportunity to take a cookie every morning before going to school. It has always been amazing to me how small things can make our little ones happy.

15. Diy Fall wreath with moss

Make a woodsy wreath and wrap a lot of moss around it. For providing a better impression, I like adding a few dried mushrooms and grapevine among them if I have any. I am not sure why, but this particular garland always looks a bit fairy.

16. Diy Fall wreath with peonies

Unfortunately, peony blooms don’t live long, but a wreath made of these gorgeous flowers is so beautiful that you should make one at least once a year. Enjoying their angelic fragrance even for a couple of days is worth the effort. Hang it on your front door as a big welcome for all your friends and family members who come by these days.

17. Diy Fall wreath with hydrangea

Hydrangea Wreath for Fall

Hydrangeas are both beautiful flowers and an excellent option for making an elegant fall wreath. Since the blooms are quite large, you will need just a few of them to get a rich and impressive garland. With a few leaves inserted among flower heads, the arrangement will fulfill all your expectations.

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18. Diy Fall wreath with whispy faux stems

DIY Front Door Fall Wreath

It is an ideal wreath to bring some golden and yellow color of hot summer into grey days of late autumn. If your front door is in any shade of blue or purple, the yellow fall garland will fit there the best. In most cases, the grapevine wreath will be an excellent base for arranging these sprigs over it.

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19. Diy Fall wreath with candies

If you can persuade your children not to start eating the wreath as soon as you hang it on the front door, you should try to make one. Collect a bunch of old-fashioned candies and make a decoration, which will beautify your door all season long. Well, that excellent plan will work until I decide to visit you. I adore candies!

20. Diy Fall wreath with boxwood

I prefer floral wreaths in the colors of autumn, but my husband enjoys green ones. Therefore, I always add the model created of boxwood, which reminds him of summer. However, I always hide a few small pumpkins among greenery to make this greenery a little bit cheerful.

21. Diy Fall wreath with corn husk

Gorgeous Indian corn is a real symbol of fall and the plentiful harvest. The only thing you should do is to pick out approximately twenty medium-size corns, dry their husks, and assemble them into a ring of appropriate size.

It always reminds me of my grandparents’ home, fire in the fireplace, and hot black tea my granny made with lemon and a lot of honey. How lovely it is!

22. Diy Ombré fall wreath

22 Fall Wreaths That'll Add Serious Autumn Flair to Your Door

I like this particular wreath made of corn husks even though it is quite demanding in design. First, you should paint them in all shades of yellow, orange, and red. Then, arrange your garland the way that the lightest shade is placed in the front, while the darkest one should stay in the back. I am sure that you will love it!

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23. Diy Fall wreath with harvest wheat

The loveliest wreaths you can make in autumn are the ones made of elements you can find in nature. I like the one made of wheat and straw, inspired by the harvest. To make it cheerier, I always add colorful burlap ribbons, but you can create a unique piece with leaves and sprigs, as well.

24. Diy Fall wreath with wheat and feathers


I am sure that you made a wreath of wheat at least once in your life. It seems to me that this symbol of the harvest is the most common and favorite type of garland in the US. However, you can modify and enrich it with a couple of hens, pheasant, or exotic peacock’s feathers. How lovely!

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25. Diy Fall wreath with fabric pumpkins


Never throw fabric scraps because you can use them for various purposes. One of my favorite ones is making pumpkins of fabric and organizing them into an elegant wreath. You can choose the material of different colors, but I prefer the sophisticated combination of grey, orange, and silver option.

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26. Diy Fall wreath with pom-poms

Who doesn’t adore pom-poms? If you make one, it will represent the playful side of every member of your family. Avoid taking life too seriously while golden colors of new elegant fall are filling our days once again. Your cheerful wreath will help in that endeavor. Welcome to my world of happiness!

27. Diy Fall wreath with paper cones

Thanksgiving Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath

I can’t describe to you how much I love this particular wreath. It looks so sophisticated and elegant that I make it every time my grandparents come to our home. The secret of every cone is that they hold gratitude from every member of my family. They make me feel so connected with my beloved ones every single autumn. I wish your family the same!

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28. Diy Fall wreath of puzzle pieces

puzzle piece fall wreath

I am a real freak for puzzles, and I was absolutely delighted when discovering the new way to use them. They are also a perfect option for you if you have kids. Use an old package without a few pieces of the puzzle, make this playful wreath, and bring some colors to your home.

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29. Diy Fall wreath from a frame


You will need an old frame and a few meters of burlap to make a beautiful and highly unusual wreath for your front door. Wrap the frame with burlap and decorate it depending on your preferences. I like adding dry flowers, nuts, and pinecones in one corner of the frame, which makes it more elegant and fall-like.

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30. Diy Fall wreath with burlap


Burlap wreath with flowers or balloons is an inexpensive but highly attractive option for beautifying your front door. Once you make the basic bubble-burlap garland, you can add anything you want on this versatile piece. I like using Velcro for adding decoration to the burlap. That way, I can change them depending on the season.

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31. Diy Fall Wreath with paper or fabric leaves

If you want your wreath to last for a couple of weeks without any change, you should choose to make this one. The leaves made of colorful paper from magazines or pieces of fabric is a lovely addition to your garland celebrating the arrival of autumn. Plus, they won’t fall after a few days and make a mess in front of your door.

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