20 DIY Headband Ideas That’ll Make You Look Prettier

Crafting your own hairbands is a simple and rewarding process that’ll help add a more homely or personal touch to the accessory. A DIY headband is just as good as store-bought ones and most times, even better!

You can also match them to your outfits by using excess material that’s left after making the cloth or utilize an old t-shirt. Headbands are also perfect gift ideas so it’s good to have one handy.

I’ve put together a list of 20 DIY headband ideas for your creative pleasure. Whether you just want a unique twist added to your collection or you have beautiful scraps of fabric that shouldn’t go to waste, or maybe even as your first handmade item for your new baby… Whatever the reason, you’ll find among these DIY headbands an easy way to meet your needs.


1. How To Make A Turban Headband

This quick and easy DIY turban headband tutorial shows you how to make a turban headband with only two materials; your fabric and an elastic band. A piece of African print fabric is used in this tutorial but you can use any fabric of your choice. A sewing machine is used but with fine needlework, you do not have to use one – just a regular needle and thread for the stitches.

2. DIY Scrunchie Headband

Got excess fabric, no plastic headband to use as a frame but want to make a scrunchie headband? This DIY scrunchie headband shows you how to fashion one out with just an elastic band to keep the shape, using an elastic band that is ¾” wide and 6” long. You’ll need to cut your fabric of choice into 3 strips of varying lengths and sizes; 3” wide & 15” long for the elastic casing, 2” wide & 14” long for the inner fabric, and 7” wide & 40” long for the main fabric.

3. DIY Turban Tutorial

Stretchy fabrics are recommended for this DIY turban inspired headband tutorial, although you can use any fabric of choice. The process just involves some stitching and joining of the materials to give the desired design. Remember you can mix and match materials to get even more unique designs. Be sure to use zigzag stitches on stretchy materials to avoid the stitches popping during use.

4. DIY Elastic Headband


Any fabric you have can be used to create this DIY elastic headband. You’ll need your fabric, 6” of elastic, matching thread, scissors, safety pins, and a sewing machine. While it’s possible to stitch by hand, it’ll take a bit more time than if you had a sewing machine.

This tutorial gives you 2 different styles of DIY headbands; a plain one and one with a bow! You do not want to miss out on this.

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5. DIY Knotted Headband Tutorial


This DIY knotted headband tutorial is great for beginners, doesn’t require elastic, and has a chic look that can be used by any age bracket. You need just 2 strips of fabric, both 29” long and 2.5” wide. Stretchy fabric is generally better for headbands without an elastic, so get some if you can.

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6. How To Make A Headband


In just 7 steps you’ll learn how to make a simple headband. The tutor also gives a guide to adjusting the dimensions if you want to, very thoughtful if you ask me. This is another DIY headband tutorial that gives you 2 designs instead of one. You’ll learn how to make a one-sided band and a reversible headband that allows you to turn it out, but no worries! The construction process is the same for both, only a little change in the materials required.

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7. How To Make Headbands


This is a 3-in-1 tutorial on how to make headbands. It outlines clearly the steps for making a basic headband from fabric, a basic headband from an old t-shirt, and a sailor’s knot headband as well. You will need a basic sewing kit, the fabric of choice, and a 1.2cm wide x 12cm long elastic band for the first DIY headband style. For the other two, grab an old t-shirt and your sewing kit and you’re good to go.

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8. DIY Headband With Button For Face Mask


One can never be too careful in the midst of a global pandemic; this is why I’ve added a tutorial that is COVID-19 safety precautions friendly to this list of DIY headbands. The best part is how the functionality also serves an aesthetic value even if you don’t want to use it with a mask. To get the most of this design, be creative in your style, color, and the number of buttons used.

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9. DIY White Scrunchies Headband

For this beautiful DIY white scrunchies headband, linen is the fabric of choice. Silk, satin, and any other fabrics will however do just fine, and you can make it in any color or fabric style of your choice. The tools and materials required are a basic headband, fabric, thread & needle, and a pair of scissors. You do not need to have experience with a sewing machine to make this beauty.

10. How To Knit A Headband With A Twist

This DIY knit headband with a twist is for our crochet lovers. The technique used for the knitting is English rib, and although the tutor knits in the Continental style, you can do it in the English style as well because it doesn’t affect the pattern. Necessary materials are light worsted yarn, 3.5mm (US4/UK9) needles or 40cm (16”) circular needles, scissors, and a tapestry needle. For a 50g yarn, you’ll get a headband that fits an adult head of 56-58cm circumference and you can adjust the width via the number of stitches you cast.

11. DIY Knot Headband

A DIY knot headband with a twist! It’s easy to assemble, super cute, and requires just a minimal amount of fabric. For materials, you need a basic headband, fabric, matching thread, needle, a pair of scissors, and safety pins. The assembling time is pretty short, thus, you can make a lot in good time! Perfect for making matching headbands for family photos or events.

12. How To Make A Turban Headband

Another beautiful tutorial on how to make a turban headband using stretchy fabric. First off, you’ll need to identify the best stretchy area of your fabric, and of course, make sure your sewing machine is set at zigzag stitches and follow the procedures to get your beautiful result.

13. Padded Headband DIY


Make your own padded headband by following the easy and laid down steps in this padded headband DIY. They are super fun to make and can be paired with a casual dress or good old t-shirt and jeans combo. For this look, you need ¼ yard of stretchy or somewhat stretchy fabric, paper to use as a template, 1½” plastic headband, ½“ upholstery foam, a glue gun, sewing machine, scissors, and safety pins.

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14. DIY Headband In 10 Minutes


$1, 10minutes later and you’ll be one magnificent headband richer. A good deal right? Definitely what I call a steal. A half yard fabric could give you about 2-3 headbands and all you need to know is basic sewing skills.

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15. DIY Simple Headbands


These simple headbands are aptly called DIY simple headbands and you’ll definitely find one amongst the styles showcased that is you. This simple design allows for wearing more than one to create a more dramatic look or using just one for a simple touch. It is easy, fast, and cheap; yet perfect to meet your daily needs.

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16. How to Sew a Headband

The method used here can also be used to sew scrunchies and infinity scarves. Get your stretchy knit fabric strip of 18” x 4” – 8” depending on how wide you want it to be. In choosing a size, know that your final headband will be half the size of your fabric (width-wise), plus or minus 1”.

17. DIY Headband Out Of T-Shirt

Make use of your old t-shirts by crafting this DIY headband out of t-shirts in very easy steps. All you need to do is cut out the appropriate fabric from the t-shirt as shown in the video, fold it in the shape of an 8, cross and knot like you would a rubber band – easy peasy!

18. How To Sew An Elastic Headband

The supplies you need are a pair of scissors, safety pins, measuring tape, elastic, an iron, and your fabric of choice. Come armed with your sewing machine or needle and thread to take this one on; all materials you have lying around the house, making your elastic headband practically free.

19. DIY Fitness Headband Tutorial


These DIY fitness headbands are suitable for workouts and keeping the hair off your face and neck. All that is required to achieve this is your fabric of choice, elastic, scissors, pins, and needle and threads.

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20. DIY Baby Headband


A treasure trove for new mums and those who desire to give them beautiful handmade gifts. You’ll find in this DIY baby headband a sizing chart that covers newborns to 2-year-olds. You’ll be done in no time and can adjust the dimensions of this design to fit anyone else.

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20 DIY Headband Ideas That’ll Make You Look Prettier
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