22 DIY Wig Stand Ideas – How To Make A Wig Holder

If you are a lady then you’ll agree with me that having a lot of wigs is an issue, especially when it comes to storage. No one would want to put on a squeezed wig, the best way to store your wigs is by using a wig stand.

Here, I have listed 22 DIY wig stand projects that will most definitely inspire you to make a wig stand for your wigs. Most of the projects are quite easy to follow and others aren’t so easy.


1. How To Make A Wig Stand On A Budget

Here’s one of those amazing tutorials that will teach you how to make a beautiful item on a budget. This one is specifically going to teach you how to make a wig stand on a budget. The stand is so lovely and quite cheap to make. You’ll need a couple of tools to make this wig stand. I love that this wig stand can contain up to 4-8 wigs.

2. DIY Wig Stand Holder

Are you looking for a great hack for your wig stand needs? I found an amazing one that you would love. It is very easy to DIY. For this wig stand the creator was able to use a candle stand, and a 2-liter bottle to make this wig stand. The idea is amazingly outstanding.

3. Hanging Wig Holder

Dreamlover Wig Stand, Hanging Wig Holder, Portable Wig Hanger, 2 Pack

While doing my research I couldn’t help but notice this amazing wig holder, I have a couple of wig stands, so, I had to get a couple of these for my sister, and she loves them. Doesn’t matter if your wigs are long or short, this wig holder is suitable for all sizes of wigs.

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4. Portable Wig Stand

Messen Wig Stands 19.5 Inches Tall Portable Wig Holder Durable Foldable Wig Dryer for Long Short Wigs Hats Display Storage Tool Travel Wig Stands (2 Pack,Black Color)

Here’s one of those wig stands that require a setup, but you don’t have to be worried, it is overly easy to set up this portable wig stand yourself. I had to include this as a quick fix for those who can’t go through the stress of making a wig stand from the scratch. This wig stand is portable and quite affordable.

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5. DIY Wig Stand Under $7

Are you running low on cash? Don’t worry, here’s one you can DIY easily. This wig stand will cost you less than $7. For this DIY Wig stand project, the creator was able to use materials like; PVC pipes, measuring tape, and a couple of other materials. You’ll most likely love this DIY wig stand after making one or two for yourself.

6. Stunning Wig Chateau

6. Stunning Wig Chateau

A wig chateau is much more different, this kind of wig stands can accommodate a lot of wigs at once, you can make one of these and dedicate a space in your room for it. For the making process, you might need the help of a woodworking expert.

7. Space Saving Wig Chateau

7. Space Saving Wig Chateau

I came across this wig chateau and I loved it. A stand like this would be able to accommodate a whole lot of wigs. If you have woodworking experience, you should be able to build one of these for your home. This wig stand is also space-saving, unlike the previous wig stand, this one will not take up a lot of space.

8. How To Make A Canvas Wig Head

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to make a canvas wig head, with this wig head, you can store, and style your wigs with ease. I love the fact that the creator teaches how to use your head to make a wig head. The making process would require help from a friend.

9. How To Make A Tall DIY Wig Stand

I love tall wig stands, in this DIY guide, you will see a quick method you can use to make a tall wig stand. The making process is quite easy to follow, you’d be done in no time. Also, this is one of those low budget projects. It cost about $10 to make this tall DIY wig stand.

10. Wooden Wig Stand

10. Wooden Wig Stand

This is originally meant to be a hat stand, but I think it would also be great if it performed the role of a wig stand. Instructions to make this wig stand are not available, but if you are a woodworking expert you would be able to figure something out if not, you can ask for help from a professional woodworking engineer.

11. Wig Storage Hack

If you are confused about how to store your many wigs, here’s a guide that might help. Most times, having a wig stand or chateau might not be enough, some people have a lot of wigs and want to store them. This hack will show you how to store a lot of wigs in one place.

12. DIY Wig Stand With Household Goods

In this tutorial, Amber Price was able to put together this amazingly outstanding wig storage using nothing but things that can be easily found in her home. Most of the items she used can be found in your home. Even if you can’t find all, most of the items used are overly easy to purchase.

13. How To Make Mannequin Heads

13. How To Make Mannequin Heads

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For your wig stand needs, you can also make a mannequin head. It is not so hard to make. This article contains top-notch information that you need to know on how to make a mannequin head. You’ll need a couple of supplies to work with.

14. Easy DIY Head Casting

Your wigs would look a whole lot better on heads that are a replica in shape and size as yours. In this DIY guide, you will learn another method of head casting, for this method, paper tape is used. The process is quite easy to follow and DIY.

15. How To Put Together Wig Stands

I included this guide for people who have never used wig stands before, this is a short guide that will briefly explain to you how to put together wig stands. I highly recommend this tutorial if you have never used a wig stand before and you are wondering how it works.

16. Using Mannequin Heads

16. Using Mannequin Heads

Here is a wig stand idea for people who are looking for something luxurious. All you need to do is find an empty room, build a couple of shelves, a handyman, and get some mannequin heads to place on the shelves. You can have as many mannequin heads as possible. It all depends on the number of wigs you would like to store.

17. How To Make A Cheap And Easy Wig Stand

This video is in slides. But don’t give up just yet, it is actually one of the best wig stand tutorials I have come across. In this guide, you will learn how to make a wig chateau that will have the capacity to store a whole lot of wigs. The making process is quite easy to understand. With the making materials handy, you would be done in a jiffy.

18. PVC Pipe Wig Stand

18. PVC Pipe Wig Stand

It might be something else, but I have a strong feeling that PVC pipes were used to make this wig stand. I decided to include this amazingly outstanding idea to inspire you. A handy man would be able to replicate this. It can contain a lot of wigs.

19. How To Make Homemade Mannequin Head

19. How To Make Homemade Mannequin Head

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You can make a mannequin head for your wig stand needs from home without having to purchase a lot of abstract materials outside. Most of the materials used in making this mannequin head can be found in your home.

20. DIY Long Neck Wig Stand

Here’s another tutorial that you need to check out. This one is completely different from the rest. Here, you will learn how to make a long neck wig stand. For the making process, you will need to get a couple of materials. However, the making process is fun to follow.

21. How To Make A Wig Tripod Stand

If you have an old tripod at home, you can check out this guide, it will teach you how to make a wig tripod stand in a few easy steps. I think this idea is amazing. It is also low-budget, it costs about $10 to build.

22. DIY Wig Stand

It took the creator about 30 minutes to make this wig stand. It might take more time to make this for yourself but you’ll love your new wig stand. The making process of this wig stand involves the use of woodworking tools.

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