12 DIY Pool Fences Projects That You Can DIY Easily

Having a fence around your pool is a smart and good idea, it keeps your pool clean and safe from intruders that tend to treat your pool with indecency. Pool fences are also meant to keep kids from 0 – 5 years old from gaining access to the pool. So, with this guide, you can make a simple DIY pool fence that won’t cost much and is pretty easy to build.

The making process might require more hands, however, you can decide to do it alone. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see the list of amazingly outstanding pool fences available on this DIY today.

1. How To Install Mesh Pool Fencing

This video guide helps you to make a mesh pool fence if you don’t have a concrete patio surrounding the pool or you don’t intend on drilling holes on the ground to install the fence. With this mesh idea, you can easily make the fence without any of the above and it will be sturdy and durable as ever. Nevertheless, the creator made a concrete slab for the fence poles which made it as sturdy as it is. The steps in this tutorial are easy to follow, you should be able to complete this DIY in no time.

2. DIY Pool Fence Installation

For this guide, you need to start by mapping out where you want to install your pool fence. Once you have gotten this process done, you can start drilling holes on the concrete. You need to have a concrete floor around your pool, this will enable you to drill the holes and install the pool fence. It’s sturdy and transparent, you can see through it quite well. Although, the fence is not so tall, so this is meant to keep kids away from the pool.

3. How To Install Aluminum Pool Fencing

This is a great aluminum pool fence that is super easy to install. You don’t need to build or weld anything from scratch, you can buy the aluminum pool fence, and use this video guide, following the instructions to install the fence with ease. All you need for this guide is a drill and a few other installment tools. The creator made the video simple to follow by systematically installing the aluminum fence so that you can see and follow the steps with ease.

4. DIY Pool Fence: How-To

The creator of this video guide made a super-easy way for you to build a pool fence. The creator had a pool outside the house, And she started by making wooden frames buried in the ground. No concrete was poured and the making process is super easy for even a beginner to perform. This guide will show you how it’s done. You won’t have a hard time understanding the making process, it should be like a walk in the park for you.

5. DIY Pool Fencing

5. DIY Pool Fencing

Here is a sturdy pool fence that will take over 2 days to build, if you have more hands on deck, you can be done in less than 2 days. You also need a high skill level to be able to perform this task. This project is also quite expensive. You’ll need panel brackets, solar lights, a GO safe gate kit, flange post, and a few other supplies. The making process is quite simple, it just takes an experienced mind to understand it with ease.

6. DIY Glass Pool Fence

6. DIY Glass Pool Fence

You might think it’s not safe to use glass as your pool gate but once you take a look at this glass fence idea, you’ll love it. You’ll need spigots, hinges, frameless glass pool fencing panels, and a few other items. The creator didn’t explicitly explain the making process but if you have all these materials gathered, you might figure something out or rather find another guide altogether.

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7. DIY Glass Pool Fencing

7. DIY Glass Pool Fencing

This guide started with a plan, and it is yet another frameless glass pool fencing panel. After planning and choosing the right fencing style, you will move on to getting planning approval from the appropriate authorities. Once that is done the rest of the steps are super easy to finish, just 5 simple steps, and you’re done. The pool fence is perfect for an outdoor pool and it’s actually to make the pool look more elegant, perfect for a sophisticated house or mansion.

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8. How To Build A Swimming Pool Fence

8. How To Build A Swimming Pool Fence

This is a cool pool fence that you might have come across before. You might have thought about getting a carpenter to work and install it for you, but now with a few materials and basic woodworking tools, you can make this pool fence with ease. Now, this guide offers 3 amazing pool Fencing options, the use of glass, mesh, or aluminum. You can choose whichever suits your budget and begin work. The making process for any of the pool fence ideas is super neat, so there might only be a slight difference in cost and time to build and install.

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9. DIY Fully Frameless Pool Fence Installation

Here is a fully frameless glass pool fence. The creators of this video guide made the glass frame by series of calculations, the base that will house the frameless glass panels should be 82mm in width and 88mm in-depth, you can check the video guide to learn more about these dimensions. This is a project that will require two or more highly experienced workers. If you are looking for a quick guide that you can use to install a pool fence with ease, then then you should probably try another guide. The making process of this DIY fully frameless pool fence is quite complicated and might take some time to finish.

10. DIY Pool Fence

Instead of getting people to do it for you, you can do it yourself, all this project requires is an experienced skill in fencing, enough time to work, and simple basic fencing materials for glass fences. The creator of the video did not explicitly state the tools used, so it’s up to you to figure that out, if you have done this before, then you have nothing to worry about, apart from that, this DIY will be extremely difficult for you. The creator was working with frameless glass panels for his pool fence idea.

11. How To Build A Wooden Fence

Now, this is a pool fence that you can make all by yourself with ease. It’s a wooden pool fence and you will need a few woodworking tools and materials like pressure-treated wood, cedar planks, carriage bolts, exterior wood screws, wood preservative, Rustoleum spray paint, and. A few more supplies. For the tools, you will need a drill, speed square, table saw, circular saw, level, measuring tape, chalk line, brush, chop saw, and a few more supplies. The making process is super easy and simple to follow. This is a full-time privacy fence because the space between the boards is super slim and you can hardly see-through. It’s sturdy and durable, the perfect wooden fence for your pool

12. Above Ground Pool Fence Installation

This is an amazing time-lapse video guide that briefly explains how to build a pool fence for an above ground pool. This is as easy as building for any other kind of pool, but because this pool is above ground and comes with a patio and an elevated platform, so the frame was made with it. If you have this similar pool pattern then you can add the fence and make it blend with your existing pool platform.


So, that’s all about the pool fence and how to make it. This DIY has been easy and concise enough for anyone to be able to make a pool fence from a list of 12 of the best pool fence ideas available. I hope you found the right pool fence idea that will work for you, thanks for stopping by to view this DIY. If you have any questions or contributions regarding this article, kindly use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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