10 Cost-Effective DIY Pig Feeder Plans to Adopt

Pigs certainly love the foods, but feeding the animals isn’t exactly a clean job. Without the right feeder, your day on the farm is likely to become messy. Integration of a dependable feeding platform can help you to resolve the problem.

There are several DIY pig feeder approaches to skip the costly commercial purchase. Why waste your time, money & effort on readymade ones when you can build one by yourself? Let’s check out some suitable methods to get busy this weekend.


1. Homemade Feeder for Pigs


Proper feeding is an integral part of farming activities, particularly difficult with pigs. But you can make the exact feeder right at home, without exceeding your possession. The detailed tutorial reveals 3 different methods to shape up the idea.

Primary discussion starts with basic requirements – the main two criteria over certain others. Then you’re ready to move for the ways – metal, plastic barrel & gas cylinder.

Each method features numbered steps within limited words for simple understanding. One additional segment lets you calculate the necessary amount of pig food. Apart from some supporting images, you’ll find a video demonstration at the end.

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2. Plastic Barrel Pig Feeder

Make the ultimate pig feeder using an ordinary food-grade plastic barrel. The video demonstration remains simple in detail to keep up the pace. You just need to mark the openings for saw cuts.

The rest seems easy with some additional features to help with the feeding. It specifically requires a Peter-type pipe integration on the back. Final installation should clarify its efficiency in the field.

3. Portable DIY Hog Feeder


Simple, inexpensive, enjoyable home DIY project gets your hogs a portable feeder. The tutorial skips all the troublesome design execution or delicate resources. An ordinary food-grade plastic drum can serve the causes satisfactorily from every aspect.

There come to no extra words to keep you engaged, only the implementing details. But you’ll have to figure out the processing by yourself, going through the entire article.

For the relevant part, a good number of images give the guidelines a depicted life. Initial computer design with a shortened description helps with its thorough execution. And the actual implementing photos should explain its ongoing idealization closely.

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4. Automated Wooden Feeder

It’s simply precise DIY woodwork, requiring some leftover pieces. Simple measurement, cutting & attachment can get you the box. You just have to follow the commands to construct the structure.

Supporting commentary will let you catch the facts easily. Just fill the holding space with food, the feeder will take care of the supply by itself. And the final placement reveals its practical application.

5. Pig Trough Buildup


Spend your weekend leisure to ease your task of feeding the hogs right at home. The wordy tutorial covers almost everything there’s available on the do-it-yourself DIY project. Standard 5-gallon buckets need to get in shape for initiating the storage trough.

Unlike the detailed introduction, the project implementation maintains a straightforward approach. Likewise, you’ll have to collect the materials with the relevant mechanical tools first.

There are only 5 steps to complete your versatile trough to handle the feed. Drilling, cutting, screwing, attaching – regular mechanical jobs will accomplish the design. Against an incredibly simple DIY approach, you’re to have a reliable feeder for the farm.

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6. Easy Pig Feeder Plan


Only the right setup can save money, labor & time on your pig feeding job. The article lets you make one sturdy, convenient pig feeder, keeping the expenditure low.

Of course, there isn’t much to continue on the steps without any defined segment. It specifically prioritizes the essential facts to decide on your feeder plan.

The first two sections discuss the probable capacity to follow its durability. Right after, you’re to get creative regarding its construction & placement for getting the outcome.

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7. Waste-Free Feeder Platform

Pretty basic feeder design seems to curtail implementing complexity. It’s incredibly effective & practical, letting anyone try for farm hogs. You just need to put some scrap wood pieces together.

And the important part concerns with sufficient but not over-spaced openings. Unfortunately, the video just explains the structure. But you should idealize the design with the words right there.

8. Upgraded Feeder Design


Make yourself comfortable with the happy pigs, thanks to the improvised feeder. With wooden pieces, you don’t have to spend your money on flimsy metal or leaking plastic.

Of course, the idea still utilizes a plastic drum to keep the stored food healthy. You just need to go through all the words, keep coming on long paragraphs to present the action.

Despite the lack of any defined section, you can adapt the points with supporting standstill pictures. Obviously, the content should explain the project without needing any further details.

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9. Automated Feeder with Waterer


The intended DIY project to feed the pet hogs is somewhat different from the others. It concerns with pasture-raised pigs instead of caged or farmed ones.

Using one 55-gal food-grade drum, it reveals the secrets of an automated homemade feeder. But there is a definite lack of processing steps in the words.

The throughout explanation contains a video interlink for a closer demonstration. You’re to purchase the required steel top from the provided Amazon link.

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10. Adjustable DIY Feeder

Absolute southern representation lets you make one unique feeder. Skipping precise measurements, the tutorial lets you make a more practical design. There are large openings on two sides with one cover surface.

Of course, you’ll have to figure out the individual steps on visual approximation. What actually makes the system viable is the variable locking options. You can easily reset the feeder opening position whenever you want.


Whether it’s metal, plastic, or wood – you can utilize some available resources there. Of course, the approach requires specifications based on the key considerations. Only the right estimation will help you to narrow down the most preferable DIT pig feeder idea.

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