12 DIY Above Ground Pool Ideas You Can Build Easily

One of the best things to have in your home during the summer is a pool. It helps to cool off from the scorching sun. An above-ground pool is one that doesn’t require digging the ground. It is not so easy to make and takes a lot of time to complete.

If you have never made one of these before, you will need a guide. Here’s a list of 12 DIY Above Ground Pool projects that you can DIY.


1. How To Build An Above Ground Pool


In this guide on how to build an above-ground pool, you’re going to look at the type, size, and shape of the pool, how to install it, installing the electrical connection, installing the filter, fixing the pool base, and filling the pool with water.

From this guide, you’ll have to choose the type of above-ground pool you want. There are Resin or metal frame pools, inflatable pools, and rigid wall pools. The next thing to do is determine the size and shape, which will affect the price. 12-feet pools go for about $48, 18-feet pools for $123,  24-feet pools for $191, 27-feet poos for $241, and other sizes you will find in the guide.

You’ll need a permit to start working on the above-ground pool. When you get that permit, you’ll begin to work on the pool base, install an exterior GFCI outlet close to the pool, install your filters and pump, and then fill the pool with water. The pump will go into the GFCI outlet.

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2. DIY Above Ground Pool

This video tutorial guide started with a 3D model of the pool. This model will guide you as you try to build this at home. You’ll need a regular 2 x 4 stud for walls, which is 12-feet. The dimensions for the pool are 9-feet across and 13 and a half feet in length.

After the entire job is completed for the woodwork, you’ll need carpet padding for the walls. This project cost about $250; it’s easy and cheap.

3. DIY Above Ground Pool With Pallets

The first step in making this above-ground pool pallet involves creating a circular space on the ground with a hand digger and a shovel. Pack the sand out and level the ground for the installation of the pallets. Before installing the pallet, you’ll have to pour dry sand on the area you created and level it again by using an empty gas cylinder to roll on it.

Install the pallets and cover them with a wooden board from the inside and add them to the pallet’s top. Then finally, apply your tarpaulin pool cover.

4. How To Level An Above Ground Pool


Ever wondered how to perfectly level an above ground pool? Here is a unique above-ground pool that you don’t have to build from scratch. Your job is to level the above-ground pool. Here are the materials you need to begin. Get a tent stake, drill and drill bits, rake, shove, washers, and bubble level of 2” or longer.

The next step is to draw a plan on paper of the above-ground pool and how you intend to level it. The guide will direct you on how to use the above-stated materials and tools to do the leveling.

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5. DIY Above Ground Lounge Pool


Here is an above-ground pool that can be used for indoor use, preferably a lounge. You’ll be using a 1000L IBC and a few pallets. You will need some wood screws, PVC pipes, a pool pump with a sand filter, and a few other materials.

For the tools, you need a circular saw, hacksaw or cordless reciprocating saw, cordless drill, a heat gun, and a few other tools you can have at home or get from your favorite hardware store.

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6. How To Install An Above Ground Swimming Pool


This can be an above-ground swimming pool that you have purchased already, and you are just looking for the right guide to install it with ease and without mistakes. Here you’re going to get that done with a few easy steps.

The first step involves finding a suitable location for the swimming pool, then get the pool out from the box and lay it on the ground ready for installation. Get the pool ready for plumbing and then inflating, attach the skimmer, and install the filter and pump. Finally, add water to the pool and you’re good to go.

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7. Installing An Above Ground Pool

Installing this for your house is going to be as quick and simple as possible. First, you need to get all the wood ready for this project. Set the wood you will use for the base of the pool on the space you want to start mounting.

The floor for this pool was cemented, so if you want something permanent you might do the same thing. After building the walls, install the vertical braces, then hanging the liner and others, and then fitting the solar cover. This project might be a bit tasking but if you follow the guide correctly it’ll be finished before you know it.

8. DIY Pallet Swimming Pool Under $200

This pool will cost you about $200 and it’s a simple swimming pool to build using pallet wood, you need a lot of wooden pallets to work with. Start this project by preparing a place on a fresh piece of land around your home, the space you’ll create will take an octagon shape.

You also need flat wood boards to place on top of the pallets so that someone can easily climb on top and dive into the pool and swim. The pool cover is attached in such a way that you can see it inside the wood, but the water can’t escape because it is properly sealed. The list of tools was not stated in the video tutorial, but this is a woodwork project so standard woodworking tools must be used.

9. How To Install An Above Ground Pool

For this project, the creator used a land clearing tractor, but if you don’t have that sophisticated equipment, feel free to improvise. After clearing the designated land for the above-ground pool, you should proceed to set up your in-ground pool kit in a circular pattern.

The next step to take is to install the Concord steel pool. This is made of steel and it’s and it’s quite hard to set it up alone, you will need some extra hands to complete this process. This task will take a pretty long time, but it’s a very durable and long-lasting pool that you can use for years to come.

As you unwrap the steel pool, you will install some vertical braces to give it a firm balance on the ground. After the steel pool installation, you will proceed to level the insides of the pool and then spread your pool tarpaulin cover and seal it all around. The steps are easy to follow, and it’s a great above-the-found pool for any occasion. You will need a shovel for the leveling and the pool pump and filter for the water.

10. DIY Above Ground Pool Makeover


Here’s a nice above-ground pool that you can probably refurbish. This means you have a nice ready-made pool that you can style back to beauty.

A new model of the kind of pool in this guide probably goes for about $2,392 and you still have to install it by yourself or get someone to do it for you. With this guide, you can do this with ease. The most important step is to clean the inside of the pool thoroughly before painting it with any color of your choice.

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11. DIY Above Ground Pool Fence Installation


Do you have pieces of smooth plywood or any good wood at all? You can make a pool fence with the help of this amazing guide, it’s quick and easy. Here are some tools you need for this project, a drill, knife, screwdriver, tape measure, saw, protective glasses, and pencil to make markings on the wood.

Firstly, start taking measurements of your pool to determine the size of the wood you will cut out, then cut the wood out using your saw and then install it above the top rail connector caps of the pool. Check the guide for more important information on this project.

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12. How To Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

To build this great above-ground pool with a deck you need to find a great vantage point where you will install the deck. This will be easier for you if you already have a pool at a good location around your house and you just want to put a deck as a sweet addition to the pool, to tush up the style.

Like this guide, your deck can have some sort of jumping platform where you can dive from into your swimming pool. The deck will be made of wood and can easily be attached to a ready-made pool. This video gives you a detailed explanation of how to build the deck from scratch. All you need is lots of plywood and some standard woodworking tools.


That’s a wrap. Remember, in some countries, it is illegal to build a DIY above ground pool without contacting appropriate bodies. All the projects listed in this article are safe to build. Be sure to follow the steps correctly.

Thanks for stopping by, if this article was helpful, feel free to share. The comment section is now open for questions and contributions.

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