8 Reasons Why Every House Needs A Water Softener

Water softeners eliminate minerals and make cooking, cleaning, washing more effective. It also makes water safe for skin and hair care.

The tap water we use every day contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, chalk, lime, which makes the water hard if the levels of these minerals are high. Hard water is bad for daily use and consumption.

Many people drink mineral water but the use of water with a high content of minerals can cause domestic and health hazards. To make it suitable for daily work like cooking, cleaning, and washing, or consumption you need to soften the water.

The best way to do that is by installing a water softener. These softeners are specialized filters that filter out the minerals and make water soft.

This makes water usable for both consumption and domestic use. There are several other amazing benefits of using a water softener and here are the most important ones-

1. Makes Cleaning Easier

If you often clean your clothes and dishes with hard water, you will soon notice white spots, soapy residue, and streaks.

With soft water, you will be able to clean this soapy residue much better and your clothes and dishes will look much cleaner. Hard water also needs a lot of soap and water when cleaning.

On the other hand, with soft water, you do not need to use the same amount of soap or detergent. This helps you save unnecessary expenses on soaps and detergents.

The best water softener eliminates impurities and prevents any detergent curd from forming on your sink, showers, bathtubs, or other cleaning devices. Making the cleaning process easier, efficient, and less time-consuming.

2. Keeps Your Skin Healthy & Smooth

Hard water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. When these minerals mix with the anions of soaps they form soap scum and can result in sticky skin.

This element is not easy to wash away. It does not dissolve easily even after continuous rinsing. It blocks the pores and causes dry, itchy skin, and skin irritation.

Prolonged exposure to hard water can also cause acne. The University of Nottingham also released a report where it claimed children exposed to hard water are 50% more prone to eczema.

Water softeners filter out these harmful components of the hard water and convert it to soft water. Bathing with soft water keeps your skin smooth, fresh, and healthy.

3. Makes Water Appliances Last Long

Your everyday appliances like washing machines, coffee makers, dishwashers, and other equipment are prone to mineral built up because of hard water.

These minerals can buildup inside the machines and clogging the appliances. Too much clogging can result in damaging the machines from the inside, and eventually burn out.

Water softeners soften the water so you do not have to worry about your appliances. By using a water softener you will be able to protect all your water appliances.

This will help you save unnecessary expenses on repairs. Water softeners are also easy to install if you have some DIY experience in appliance installation.

4. Heats Water Faster

Hard water takes a long time to heat up. Compared to that soft water heats up faster.

We all know water heaters can significantly increase your electricity bills. If you use soft water it will improve your electric water heater’s efficiency by 22 percent. Gas heaters also improve by 29 percent.

Just like the other appliances, hard water can also build up minerals in your water heater. It can damage the heater from the inside and take a long time for heating.

Water softeners help in lowering your utility bills and keeping your water appliances more efficient for a long time. Remember, when installing a water softener make sure the place is dry. You can use a part of the garage if it has space for at least 10 feet of piping.

5. Prevents Faucet & Pipe Damage

The hard water that runs through your faucet or pipes can cause scaly deposits inside them. The scaly deposits of magnesium slowly clog up and can not be rid of easily.

This can severely affect your entire plumbing system and over time cause corrosion and rust. Prolonged exposure to hard water can also cause all the valves and showerheads to get clogged up.

A water softener uses its advanced filters to eliminate harmful materials,  keeps your plumbing system functional, and increases the longevity of the water fixtures around your house.

6. No More Bad Hair Days

We previously mentioned how soft water is great for skincare. But did you know soft water can do wonders for your hair too?

That’s right! Soft water provides you with a deep clean that rejuvenates your hair and enhances its vitality. Our hairs have millions of small scales and if you use too much hard water, these scales get damaged.

This will make your hair rough and will tangle up easily. If you use soft water you will be able to reduce the number of limescale deposits and as soft water does not contain high levels of minerals, your hair will also stay healthy and smooth.

7. Makes Water Safe For Cooking & Drinking

In general, we drink hard water. The minerals in them provide the taste of water.

But if you want to make drinks, cocktails or tea, it is best to use soft water. Soft water is a much more effective solvent compared to hard water and it is effective in cooking as well.

Just try adding soft water to stock. We can guarantee that it will enhance the aroma and taste.

8. Prevents Spotting When Washing The Car

Car enthusiasts do not like hard water and for good reasons. The mineral deposits in hard water leave behind an ugly chalky residue when used to wash your car.

It can even damage the paint job and significantly affect the visuals of your car. Soft water does not carry hard minerals so it is an optimal solution for your car wash.

Final Thoughts

Hard water may seem harmless but over time it can significantly damage your appliances, equipment, and health. Using a water softener can eliminate all your worries and even save you unnecessary expenses.

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