16 DIY Aquarium Stand Plans You Can Build Easily

There are different ideas that can be in your head when it comes to building an aquarium stand. However, bringing those ideas to life isn’t going to be like a walk in the park. We did our research and found some amazing projects that have been brought to life.

Most of the projects listed in this article are pretty much easy to follow. We compiled a list of DIY aquarium stand projects that you can DIY easily.


1. How To Build An Aquarium Stand

This video started with the creator cutting out pieces of wood from a backboard he had at home. He used a table saw to cut the wood, some wood screws that can smoothly go through the wood and a battery drill.

In this video, the aquarium stand’s frame was already made; he just cut out pieces from a wood backboard to cover the frame structure to make it look like a cabinet. The stand has two doors on the top of it, with another two doors in front. The creator then proceeded to use a wood primer paint and to give it a beautiful finishing. Check the video to get the dimensions of the wood that you will be cutting out.

2. How To Build An Aquarium Cabinet Stand


Here is a fantastic aquarium stand that you can make out of Plywood. The process is super easy and straightforward to build. All you need is some plywood, molding, hinges, knobs, pocket hole screws, wood putty, brand nails, and wood glue.

The tools specified for this project are a miter saw, Kreg jig for the pocket holes, drill, circular saw, and nail gun to perform the task faster and more efficiently. Start this task by processing the wood for the aquarium stand’s sides. Using a miter saw to cut the wood into the desired size, Create pocket holes on the side and Proceed to add the base and other parts of the stand.

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3. DIY Simple Aquarium Stand


Here is a simple aquarium stand, also made out of wood. The creator made a stand in such a way that it has the right balance on the ground. With this stand, the fish tank’s weight can sit correctly without the shooting bench tilting to one side or crumbling altogether. It’s relatively easy to build if you follow the guide correctly.

You’ll need a 2 x 4″ lumber, exterior wood screws, wood priming paint, and latex or oil paint to change the wood’s color for the building. This task will take four good hours of hard work with the right tools at your disposal.

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4. How To Build An Aquarium Stand


The creator made this seamlessly easy to build if you’re doing the work alone. The fish tank will enter the stand with perfect fitting due to how you will build the frame. This task can only be achieved when you get the measurement right.

The first important step is to cut the wood after measuring the fish tank’s size. Make your base then, the sides, and finally, the top of the stand. The stand will have a lid at the edges that will hold the fish tank properly. If someone hits a fish tank, it won’t easily fall off the stand.

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5. Building An Aquarium Stand


Here is an elegant aquarium stand, perfect for a house with a sleek design. Make the aquarium stand a few inches longer than the overall size of the aquarium tank. The task is an easy one to build with or without any woodworking experience.

The kind of materials you’ll need are a 2 x 4 pin lumber, construction adhesive, construction screws, and a few other items you can find at your favorite hardware store. Here are a few things to consider as you build. Ensure that the stand’s frame supports the edge of the aquarium.

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6. DIY Aquarium Stand Build

With this video, you will learn how to make this elegant aquarium stand using some inexpensive tools. You might not have sophisticated tools perfect for woodworking, but any standard wood tools will do. The first step starts with cutting out the stand’s top pieces from birch plywood. Make all your cuts with your plywood laying on an insulation foam using a circular saw.

Make marks on the wood you cut out to create holes to run the pipe for the aquarium tank from the tank itself to the filter sitting inside the aquarium stand.

7. DIY Universal Aquarium Stand

To make this universal aquarium stand, you need some wood, nine pieces of a 2 x 4 plywood that cost about $3 for one. You may not need all nine of them, depending on how tall you want your stand to be. The next thing you need in terms of supplies is number eight and nine screws that are two and a half inches long, a saw, tape measure to take measurements, and a drill.

The process is quick and easy to build, and you don’t need a top-notch carpentry experience.

8. Easy DIY Aquarium Stand

If you want something easy and straightforward to build that won’t take up much of your time, then this time-lapse video tutorial will help you achieve that. Here is what you need to start, eight cinder blocks, pretty long plywood, and some tools to work with. You’ll be using a tape measure to measure and cut out the part of the wood you’ll place at the top of the cinder blocks.

The first step involves placing a mat on the floor, then place the cinder blocks on it, four cinder blocks on one side, give some gap, and put four more on the other side. Then, place your cut-out wood on top of the cinder blocks and paint with any good wood primer.

9. How To Build An Aquarium Stand

This stand is designed to carry a 375-gallon fish tank. If you don’t have a gallon as big, then you don’t need this video tutorial. The process is simple but very tasking. The stand is 8-feet long, 3-feet wide, and 3-feet tall. The making process starts with a 2 x 6 frame, and then the birch plywood will cover the frame structure. This video will give a step-by-step guide on how to build the stand from scratch.

10. DIY Fish Aquarium Stand

The aquarium stand you will be building will be able to carry a 20-gallon fish tank. This time-lapse video tutorial will help you build an aquarium stand out of a generic 2 x 4 plywood. The stand took the creator a few hours to make. The stand also has a simple look.

The main work was cutting the wood into its desired shape and fitting the pieces together with a standard nail gun.

11. DIY Aquarium Stand


The design of this aquarium stand is so unique and esthetically pleasing. The fish tank will sit on wooden vertical support with foam insulation between the tank and the stand. The materials you’ll need are one piece of 4 x 8 pine plywood, one 4 x 8 sheet of oak plywood, a box of 3 and 2-inches wood screws, a countersink drill bit, and a few other materials.

The project started with the creator cutting out the pieces of wood to the right dimensions, then he pieced everything together to have an idea of how it will all look like when it’s finished.

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12. DIY Aquarium Stand With Shelves


Here’s an excellent aquarium stand that comes with shelves. You will spend about $60 on the wood and other materials. The creator made some simple sketches on paper to settle for a particular design, The shelf added to the stand is an excellent addition to this process, and the shelf frame has a large space where you can store items.

The tutorial below will teach you how to build the stand from scratch using the right materials like oak plywood, wood conditioner, wood dowel pins, and a few essential tools you might have at home or simply get them at your favorite hardware store.

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13. ADA Style Aquarium Stand DIY


I am going to dive right into the materials you’ll need for this project. Get three pieces of a 3 x 4” plywood, wood putty, plastic oval grommets, and two pieces of 8 x “ Formica. Those were the materials, now the tools, Euro hinges, power drills, circular saw, table saw, laminate cutting router bit, and router.

Your fish tank will stand on the aquarium stand for a very long time because the wood is super strong and durable.

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14. Easy DIY Aquarium Stand

This is not a time-lapse video tutorial. You will see the making process, how the creator processed the wood, and how he assembled it using a drill, saw, and other essential tools. To get the full details of the right dimensions, check the video link below.

15. DIY Cheap Aquarium Stand Idea

You need some Wainscot wood, and you can get this from your favorite hardware store. Two sheets of this wainscot wood are required, one for the front panel and the other will be cut in half for the stand’s sides. Check the video guide to see the right dimensions. The aquarium stand is a small one, and it’s also quite portable.

16. How To Build A Strong Aquarium Stand

A super-strong metal pipe is used for this project. You will also need some pipe elbows used for the stand’s legs and other metal pipe connectors. The pipe construction is seamlessly easy because this stand is built to carry a 420-gallon aquarium tank. There will be no welding for this project, only simple connections of one pipe to the other using several 3-way 90-degree metal pipe elbows.


Building an aquarium stand is one project that should not be rushed. Before building any of the aquarium stands listed above, you should make sure you have the required tools and materials needed.

If you do not have woodworking skills, you can show your preferred project to a professional and have him build it for you.

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