6 Types of Bathtub Drain Stopper – Buy or Diy Bath Plug

One of the most relaxing things to do especially after a hectic day at work is to get into a bathtub. There are so many positive health benefits of using a bathtub; It can improve your breathing, it can benefit your bones and muscles, balance your hormones and so much more.

You won’t be able to have a fun and relaxing time in your bathtub without a drain stopper. What is a bathtub drain stopper? It is a special device that is used to stop water from flowing out the drainage of your bathtub. Not all bathtubs require the same size of drain stopper, they come in different sizes.

This article is packed with top-notch information on bathtub drainers, after reading, you will know how to choose the perfect bathtub drain stopper for your bathtub in terms of style and match. I also included some DIY bath plug projects for people who want to make their bathtub drain stopper.

Bathtub Drain Stopper Types – Buy Bath Plug

If you are looking at buying a drain stopper for your bathtub, the first thing to consider is knowing what kind of stopper to buy. There are many options to choose from. Your decision should be based on what suits you. In no particular order, here are some bathtub drain stopper types;

1. Universal Lift Bathtub Drain Stopper

LEKEYE Universal Bathtub Stopper for Bathtub and Bathroom Sink Drains, Black and Gray-2 Pack(Patented Product)

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It is called a universal lift bathtub drain stopper because it can be used on all bathtub drains. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is lift it out of the drain hole when you want the water to flow. This particular product is made with premium quality silicone and stainless steel. You will use this universal bathtub drain stopper for a long time before thinking of getting a replacement.

Thanks to the amazing build, it is very easy to press this universal drainer into any drain. I would highly recommend using this product, especially for those who do not know the actual size of their bathtub drain.


  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is simple to use.
  • It seals perfectly.
  • It fits various drains.

2. Toe Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper

LDR Industries 502 5108CP Toe Style Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper, Chrome

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Here’s another special bathtub drain stopper that is ideal for people who do not fancy the idea of having to bend down to remove regular drain stoppers. The toe touch drain stopper makes it easier to close and open the drain. How can you use this device? You can activate or deactivate the drain stopper by simply using your toe.

Although this type of bathtub drain stopper is easy to use, it isn’t universal and might not work for all drains. The featured product “LDR Industries 502 5108CP Toe Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper” measures 1 7/8 which is considered suitable for 1 1/2-Inch shower and bathtub drains.

As for durability, most Toe Touch Bathtub drain stoppers are made of premium quality stainless steel and would last for a couple of years without needing a replacement. The color of this particular product makes it suitable for use in most bathrooms.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is very durable.
  • It does not trap hair.

3. Lift And Turn Bathtub Drain Stopper

DANCO Lift and Turn Tub and Bath Drain Stopper, Chrome (88599)

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Another special kind of bathtub drain stopper you can consider having is the lift and turn drain stopper. Unlike the previous versions listed, this one has a different control method. You will need to twist the stopper in different directions to close or open the drain.

This particular featured product is compatible with a lot of bathtubs. It has two thread sizes; 5/16 in. on the bottom end and 3/8 in. underneath the stopper. As complicated as you may think using this stopper is, it is actually very easy to use; simply lift the stopper and turn it to lock the open position and do the reverse to lock the close position.

It is also a very durable type of bathtub drain stopper, it is made of metal and stainless steel which can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Installation is pretty easy to accomplish too.


  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is compatible with most bathtub drains.

4. Rubber Drain Stopper

Danco 1-1/2 inch Rubber Drain Stopper, White, Carded, 80227

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Many people still love going the old school way. Rubber drain stoppers have been around for as long as I can remember and I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. They are easy to use and the most affordable type of bathtub drain stoppers you can find.

Rubber drain stoppers come in different sizes, you will have to determine what size is best for your bathtub so you do not end up buying one that doesn’t fit. We have included a guide below that will show you how to measure the size of your bathtub drain. This product is compatible with 1-1/2 inch to 2-inch drains. If your bathtub drain falls in this category, you can get one for yourself.

The ring at the top of the rubber drain makes it easier to lift the stopper. It is not the most beautiful bathtub drainage stopper, however, it does the trick.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It keeps your drainage from being clogged.
  • It is great for indoor or outdoor use.

5. Pop Up Drain Stopper


Although this looks like a bathroom sink popup lever, it is actually different. A popup drain stopper is easy to use and install, however, this kind of drain stopper can cause dirt to get stuck in your bathtub.

If you decide to use this make sure you do not use things in the bathtub that would cause the drainage to become clogged. Pop up drains are available for purchase in most retail stores that deal with tools and home improvement. Also, the cost of getting one of these isn’t high.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It fits most drainages.

6. Flip-It Universal Tub Drain Stopper

Danco 88636 Flip-It Universal Tub Drain Stopper, Chrome

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This is my favorite of all the types of bathtub drain stoppers listed in this article. You can buy this and enjoy the ease-of-use too. I have been using mine for a very long time and I must say, it is very durable and easy to use. This particular version listed in this article is universal, this means it is compatible with most bathtub drains.

Firstly, installing this bathtub drain stopper is very easy and does not require the use of tools. The rings are designed to keep the stopper in place. You can refer to the instructional manual on how to use this bathtub drain stopper.

How does it work? After placing the stopper in your bathtub, you won’t need to remove it, simply toggle the switch and it will drain out water, toggling the switch again would close the stopper. As I said, it is easy to use, trust me, you will love it.



  • It is easy to install.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is durable.
  • It is universal.

DIY Bathtub Drain Stoppers

Some people might not fancy “buy bathtub drain stoppers” So, we decided to include 2 DIY bathtub drain stoppers that you can make for any bathtub drainage.

1. Quick And Easy Bathtub Stopper

Here’s a 2-minute video tutorial that will show you how to make a quick and easy bathtub stopper. The idea in this DIY bathtub drain stopper guide is to gather all your medicine containers and check which cover will fit your bathtub drain. Note: You should do this with an empty medicine container.

The final step would be to fit it in your bathtub drain. I think this is a great hack. However, not everyone has a medicine container laying around. If this doesn’t cut it for you, check out the other DIY bath plug tutorial.

2. DIY Bath Plug With Plastic Bag


While researching, I found another great hack that you can try. This should not be something you use always, you can use this hack when you are in desperate need of a bath in the tub and can’t seem to find your stopper.

So, how does this work? All you need to do is get a plastic bag and fill the bag with water, afterward, place the plastic bag over the drain and start filling the tub with water. If done correctly, it should block water from passing through the drain and give you enough time to have fun in the tub.

As I said, this idea should be temporary, see it as a quick fix that can be used while waiting for the drain stopper you ordered to arrive.

How To Size A Tub Drain


There are a lot of tub drain stoppers out there waiting to be purchased by buyers like you. However, a tub drain isn’t something you should purchase blindly, if you do this, you might end up buying a product that won’t fit your bathtub drain. For you to select the perfect tub drain stopper, you first need to know the size of your tub drain.

Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to size a tub drain. You will need paper and a pen, and a measuring tape.

  1. Use a tape measure to take the measurement of the drain hole.
  2. Pen down the measurement for future reference.

It is that simple.

How To Remove Bathtub Drain Stoppers

How To Remove Toe Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper


To do this, you will need a flathead screwdriver. The steps are pretty much basic and very easy to follow. Here’s what to do;

  1. Make sure the stopper is in an open position, hold the stopper’s shaft cylinder and turn the top counter-clockwise. While doing this, if the shafts cylinder turns, release your hold on the shaft cylinder and continue to unscrew the stopper. Once the shaft cylinder is unthreaded from the crossbar in the strainer, lift and remove the complete stopper.
  2. In some versions, only the top finished cap portion will be unscrewed if you hold the shaft and turn the top cap. If this happens, unscrew the top cap off completely.
  3. After unscrewing the top cap, unscrew the shaft cylinder counter-clockwise.

How to Remove a Lift & Turn Tub Stopper

Doing this is a bit more complicated. However, we have tried to make the steps as easy as possible.

  1. Keep the stopper “open” and hold the body of the stopper, then slowly turn the stopper knob and check for a visible set screw on the knob. If your stopper does not have a visible set screw, turn the stopper counterclockwise until it unthreads from the strainer and move on to Step 6.
  2. If your stopper doesn’t have a screw on the stopper knob and also does not unscrew then you may have a different style of lift and turn stoppers. Check for a screw beneath the stopper on the shaft. While still in the “open” position, lift the stopper up. Turn it until you see a small screw.
  3. You will need a screwdriver to loosen the set screw, you don’t have to remove it entirely, just loosen it enough to take out the stopper.
  4. Next up, Lift the stopper off the post. If your stopper has a set screw and will not pull off the post then loosen the set screw a little more.
  5. Unscrew the post from the strainer once the stopper is lifted off the post.
  6. Liftoff the stopper.


Fixing a bathtub drain stopper is not as complicated as it may seem. There are actually a lot of bathtub drain stoppers out there that you can use for your bathtub. You will have to decide which one to go with.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or contributions regarding this article. Thanks for stopping by. If this article has been helpful to you, kindly share it with your friends and family that might need a buy or DIY bath plug.

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