How To Refresh Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

Now that we’re at the tail end of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s only a matter of time until it’s safe to finally invite guests back into our homes, so in anticipation for being able to mingle you may want to refresh your living room a bit to brighten it up and impress your friends and family.

However, also due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, money is pretty scarce for lots of people around the country, so for this guide, we’ll be looking at impactful but low cost changes you can make to your living room to get it ready for hosting guests once again!

Liven Up Your Sofa With A Throw

First up on our list, is probably the easiest and cheapest of all of these different ideas, the humble throw blanket on a sofa. If your sofa is a bit distressed or even if it just looks a bit out of place, rather than buying a whole new sofa or having yours re-upholstered, you can simply buy a sofa throw and place it over your sofa.

A throw will give your sofa a new lease of life and a new look, as well as making it more soft and welcoming. You can pick up a sofa throw from pretty much any homeware retailer or a big supermarket, usually you’ll be able to find something for less than £20, so this can be a really easy change to make.

Revive Scatter Cushions With New Covers

Have your scatter cushions lost a bit of their flair over the years? Over time their colour fades, they pick up stains and can develop ‘bobbles’ on the fabric, while these aren’t pressing issues from an interior design perspective, it’s the little things like this that make us most self conscious when inviting guests over.

So, rather than splashing out for a new set of cushions from a big homeware store, you can just simply take the cushions out of their covers and then buy some new cushion covers online to use on your cushions. Buying cushion covers by themselves save you from splashing out on the cost of new cushions and once the new cover is on, they’ll look and feel just as good as new cushions anyway.

Replace The Slats On Your Blinds

Blinds are great, but as they’re in direct sunlight a lot of the time, over the years the colour in your blinds will slowly start to fade and deteriorate. But when it comes time to upgrade your blinds, you may not know that you don’t need to buy a whole new set of blinds.

Lots of blinds retailer offer ‘replacement blinds’ which allow you to simply swap out the fabric part of your blinds for a new part without having to replace the hardware of the blind. As you’re only buying the fabric with these replacement blinds, you’ll find this is a cheaper alternative as you can use your pre-existing hardware and only change the blind itself.


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