8 DIY Sandblaster Ideas You Can Diy Easily

Propelling abrasive material against a particular surface requires explicitly sandblasting. It’s indeed the most suitable method of shaping the surface without any major distortion. But commercially available sandblasters appear a luxury with enormous price tags.

Why not prep your own DIY sandblaster machine using some simple household items? Unfortunately, there aren’t many methods to help you with the project, keeping the budget low. Start knowing the inexpensive ideas to structure the intended device.

1. Cheap Bottle Sandblaster


Almost no major items are necessary to make a simple yet extremely functional sandblaster. The project lets you assemble mere craps into a beautifully crafted immediate machine. Right on its beginning, you’ll get to watch an integrated video for learning the process.

The rest comes easy, simple explanations for all the distinctive steps with pictures & words. Not to mention, the entire instruction comprises of 13 individual steps to cover the task. It starts with the essential materials to end at extra steps to enjoy further functionality.

Minimal words on each segment lack sufficient details to describe the processing. Fortunately, the video should already clear your mind with a throughout onscreen depiction. And all the included images manage to capture the majority of the process for your understanding.

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2. Homemade Sandblaster

Handle the immediate sandblasting job without making a costly purchase or tedious crafting. Assembling air duster with a compressor to support an empty bottle should hold.

The video tutorial lets you make the mechanical equipment with optimum precision. Not to mention, the featured project includes some defined woodwork regarding the process. Average playback speed enables you to catch the instructional steps on your first attempt.

Taking your time with the presentation should imply one of the simplest sandblasters. And there come no background speeches; the process is simple enough to skip that part.

3. Professional Sandblaster


Attend your commercial sandblasting sessions with full preparation through a precise machine. The article focuses on the post-purchase assembly of some proper mechanical equipment.

You just need to assemble the parts in one unit to accomplish pro-level accuracy on the job. There are some technical specs available associated with absolute accomplishment. There are six different segments to cover the entire hacks regarding sandblast with optimum safety.

From compressors to safety equipment, you’ll get to know professional sandblasting from a closer look. And the pictures should support the claim, letting you catch certain points.

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4. Immediate Sandblaster

Shape up your functional homemade sandblaster without getting distorted on its application. The video captures very practical, useful, simple & attending craftsmanship.

It starts with the necessary mechanical equipment, arranged on a table in an organized manner. You need to clean up the interior of one invalid, empty, intact tank before putting it into use. The task comes incredibly simple for the remaining part, letting you finish within hours.

Slight time-lapse presentation still manages to capture the whole assembly clearly. Processing the nozzle, gun, regulating valve will primarily cost you the intended time.

5. Simple Tank Sandblaster


In-depth comprehension of the instructions let you create functional sandblasting support. The article contains everything necessary to ease the job for any passionate plumber, carpenter, or homeowner. Discarded household items with some mere hardware purchase will do the trick.

Everything starts with the working principle, allowing you to know the actual operating mechanism. Right after you collect materials, you’re to find yourself a fire extinguisher or LPG tank. Then, you’re to integrate the nozzle with its gun for completing the functional assembly by yourself.

For the best part, there are some alternative methods available to shape up your sandblaster. Either a pressure gun, spray gun, or high-pressure washer can stand on the task without issues. Apart from the standstill pictures, you can get further depiction through video integration.

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6. Tiny Sandblasting Gun

It’s more like an improvised, miniature version of the bottled sandblaster. You can only cover a small amount of work with such a tiny device. And the total cost remains under $4.0, particularly for the nozzle gun.

The assembly comes rather easy; even a kid should accomplish the objective. Featured onscreen demonstration lacks any words or speeches. Watching the video itself is likely to clarify the entire process.

7. Dual-Tank DIY Sandblaster


Assembling two LPG tanks seems one popular idea to shape your DIY sandblaster at home. In fact, you’re just four steps away to get a highly functional, reasonably capable sandblasting action. You just need to stay with the details for an actual accomplishment of the task.

The tutorial comes simple, requiring your attention on the job from top to bottom. Tanks, Air-Pressure Regulating Valve, Paint Test & Video – you’re about to complete the project. What comes challenging is the collection of two well-conditioned LPG tanks.

Of course, the first three steps feature some wordy details for ensuring maximum clarity. And the final video demonstration should catch your eyes for a one-time application. Satisfying playback speed continues to capture the whole process, allowing immediate adaption.

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8. Apprentice Sandblaster


The ultimate challenge with sand etching becomes simple, even for the novice workers. Its absolute creativity co0mes with commercially rewarding endeavor for different tasks.

Putting the standard practices aside, the intended structure remains suitable for glass etching. One sturdy easel requires support from two different compressors to serve distinctive purposes. There come to no defined instructions through a step or exact image to reveal the processing.

Still, the article comes noticeably lengthy with lots of words to explain the intention. Going through the sentences should light up the mind with fruitful ideas on the outcome.

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Making a sandblast is easy enough to implement, only with the proper guidelines. You can’t expect to spend on the task to compete with aftermarket purchases. That’s where any of the aforementioned methods can help you with the issue. Just know your budget, resources, timeframe & extent of the work – you’re sure to oblige at the point.

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