10 DIY Mattress Projects You Can Diy Easily

There’s no harm in making a mattress for yourself if regular beds are overly expensive and out of your budget. A DIY Mattress can also be as comfortable as a traditional mattress. However, you would need to follow the making process thoroughly.

After researching, we were able to find 10 DIY Mattress Projects that you can make from the comfort of your home.

1. How To Build Your Own Hybrid Mattress

This guide will teach you how to make your hybrid mattress with ease. First, you need a cotton base core made out of polyfoam with no heavy chemicals in the particular product. It’s not all that expensive, it’s quite functional, and it will last a while. You will now put a hyper gel foam on the topper that will sit on top of the cotton base. The toppers come in various forms, soft, medium, and hard choose wisely. It is advisable to use a latex topper, it might be more expensive, but it’s money well spent if you want the comfort.

2. How To Make A Natural DIY Mattress For Van

Sleep is an essential part of our existence, and sleeping in a comfortable and conducive environment makes it even better to recover from work and other activities. That is why this guide will teach you how to make one of the most comfortable 100% natural mattresses. At the core of the bed that you will be making will be latex, wrapped in wool. The wool should be half an inch thick. Then you cover the whole thing with a waterproof jersey. Then, consider using a natural fabric cover, something like a durable cotton canvas.

3. How To Make A Mattress


With just a few easy steps, you can make a Mattress that will use a thick slab of latex as the base, 3” pads will do, and it will go for about $300. You also need to add a wool or cotton mattress topper. What you should look out for when making this mattress is warmth, breathability, and absorbency. These three key features will enable you to make the perfect mattress. This process is a step-by-step guide, and it will take you less than a day to finish.

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4. DIY Latex Mattress


Have you been searching for a simple way to make a Mattress that will last for several years without breaking or being thrown out because it’s longer comfortable to use? You have come to the right place; here is a quick tutorial that shows you how to build a latex mattress with a Savvy rest serenity latex mattress. The cover will be made with cotton and wool, no organic chemicals used, no bleaching, and you can say goodbye to any backaches when you start sleeping on this mattress. This mattress will also last you a minimum of 20 years, and it’s eco-friendly.

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5. How To DIY Your Mattress

To make any mattress, you need two essential things, a case and a fill. For this case, a 100% cotton thicken or 100% organic fabric, but you will use a twill weave Thicken for this process. For the fills, you have natural latex, one of the most common fills ever used; one slab of latex will do, next is a wool flake, which will add thickness and firmness to the fill.

6. Low Budget DIY Mattress

Here’s a low budget DIY mattress that you can DIY in your home with a few supplies handy. The first thing to do is measure your fabric according to how big you want it to be then, cut it into two equal sizes. Place the mattress in a way that the right side is facing down and the wrong side facing up then, stitch the four sides leaving a small hole in at the corner to put in your stuffing.

7. DIY Wool Mattress Topper

You will be making this pure wool mattress topper out of 22 pounds of wool, and you are going to fold it up into a pie then turn it into a mattress topper. When you have gotten the 22 pounds thread, the first thing to do is spray some water on it and roll it to make it thicker and ensure that it doesn’t shed and lose its thicknesses. The next process might take your time; it depends on how fast you can tie a slip knot until it has a firm flat mattress look. Then, cover the wool with a duvet cover. This whole process does not require sewing.

8. DIY Pillow Mattress


This is a unique mattress made out of pillows. Here are the materials for this process: Fabric maker, pins, coordinating threads, five standard pillows, XL twin sheets, 66 x 96”, and a ruler for measurements. Lay the mattress on the floor, measure and sew, then add your pillows and sew again. The upside about this mattress is that you can easily fold it and move it from one place to another. The downside is that it can’t contain more than one person unless you decide to add more pillows to the side to make it more comprehensive.

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9. DIY Natural Mattress

Here is a time-lapse video on making a natural mattress using wool and a thick bed cover. You need to get your hands on many wool flakes for the thread, spread them on the floor, and beat it hard with a stick. The reason is to make it firmly stick together and become thicker. Then, pack it inside a fabric sack, sew it tightly, and lay it on the floor, beat it till it flattens.

10. How To Make A Mattress

For this guide, you need 54 4-inches high spring, laced together. It will be an addition to the mattress. Get a fiber carpet material and stitch it tightly to the spring, top, and bottom. Then, use a wool material to cover the top of it, cover it with another fabric, and sew it to the fiber mat and the spring. Repeat the process for the bottom. Cover the whole mattress with the duvet cover, and our bed is ready.


We have come to the end of this article on the best DIY mattresses. All of the projects are unique. It might not feel like a $260 mattress, but it sure will be comfortable to sleep on if you follow the making process with rapt attention.

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