23 DIY Ottoman Projects – How To Make An Ottoman

It’s the season of decorations. While you think of the best thing to decorate your house with, I could easily suggest an ottoman for you. It is not just a decorative piece, it can also have more benefits than that.

We have researched and found 23 fantastic DIY ottoman projects that you can make from home. Most of the projects are woodworking related and would require woodworking materials.


1. DIY Ottoman With Faux Fur


To make this beautiful piece is not so much of a big deal. It’s a wooden piece with fur at the base. You will need to work with wood, foam, fur, and gum. The first step is to stain the legs that have been cut already, lay the foam on the base, and wrap the fur over. Make it firm and screw the legs in.

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2. DIY Ottoman Footstool


This is a unique upholstered ottoman made entirely white. It can give your room a pleasant spark. You will need concrete foam and plywood then fabric. Measure and from the base with the wood. Glue the pieces together and fit in your foam. Pad well with another fabric so it won’t be so hard. Finally, sew your upholstery fabric and wear from the top, secure then fix the legs of the stool.

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3. DIY Ottoman Pallet


Are you a fan of pallet woodcraft? Here’s one you would like. This piece is made from a pallet and a mattress topper. The first step is to build the pallet wood base. When you are done, easily add the foam and cover with your best fabric.

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4. How To Transform A Bucket Into An Ottoman

The best way to recycle is to create something fascinating and long-lasting. This project will surely help. Glue your foam around the bucket and add batting. Make marks for your buttons and staple the fabric to the foam using the markings. Make a lid and you are good to go.

5. How To Make An Ottoman

This is a rectangular piece ottoman with a great patterned fabric. Make a wooden box and 4 legs. Wrap your foam on the top of the box and secure your fabric to it. Assemble! This beautiful DIY ottoman was made using less than $200.

6. DIY No-Sew Stuffed Ottoman

This is a round storage ottoman. It’s really cool because it performs two functions. Create an enclosed circle for the base and an opened circle for the top with wood. Wrap your foam and fabric around and make a lid.

7. DIY Tire Ottoman


This ottoman has the center raised higher than the sides giving it a soft feel. To make this, you will need old tires. Fix a lid to the base of the tire and you may choose to use a removable cover or not. Sew a hem around the cut circle and place the lid on tom. Finish and drill back.

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8. DIY Drum Shell Ottoman


This exquisite ottoman is made from a drum and has a cushion above to place your legs. You will need a drum shell, some pieces of wood for the legs. Build the rims and feet. Attach foam to the base. Assemble all the parts together. The making process of this unique ottoman is very easy to follow.

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9. How To Build A Padded Ottoman


This is a padded ottoman that can either serve as a stepping stool or extra storage. Get your pieces of materials together. Add the padding and fabric then assemble.

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10. DIY Coffee Table Ottoman


The color of this piece can serve as a generic piece for any room color you may have since it is coffee. The design is a rectangle and a shelf in the base. Assemble your parts and cut them out. Prepare the foam. Make the cushion and upholstery. Finally tuft.

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11. Ottoman Bench Made With Tyre

This is a beautiful ottoman made with tires and wood. Cut the pieces of wood according to measurement and get a base for the top and bottom. Glue the foam around the entire piece or staple it neatly. Use a stretchy fabric and staple for tufted looks.

12. How To Make An Attractive Ottoman

You can use an old tire and jute rope to make an ottoman. Don’t bother about recycling. Hot glue plywood at the top and the bottom for a bit of firmness and it would serve as a base. Glue the rope in a circular form from the center of the top and run around the tire. Pretty simple!

13. DIY Ottoman With Storage

The best part of an ottoman is when it comes to storage. The fun part is that you can do this with an old stool at home. Wrap the whole stool with a portable board. Drill holes where you can secure with zip ties. Wrap the board with felt and then foam. Make points on the foam and make holes using scissors. Use a stretchy fabric so you can staple it into the holes. Finally, make a lid.

14. How To Build A Storage Ottoman


Here’s an easy guide that will show you how to build a storage ottoman. The making process starts with cutting wood to preferred sizes, afterward, the building of the base which is quite complicated. You’ll then need to upholster the base and lid. The final step is adding the top and feet. You should check this guide out.

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15. DIY $20 Ottoman


To make this will not cost more than $20. Get your wood pieces together and attach a white foam board. Wrap the already made cushions and sew the slipcover. This is ideal for people looking for a cheap DIY ottoman project.

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16. DIY Ottoman From Plastic Bottles


This is a simple and light ottoman made from reusable plastic. This is a better way to recycle. Make two circle pieces from cardboard for the top and bottom. Fit the bottles, secure them in place with tape, and cover them with fabric and fur.

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17. How To Make An Upholstered Ottoman

Every beautiful home deserves this. The first step to making this upholstered ottoman is to cut your pieces of wood and screw the necessary parts. Make a cube frame. Fix your foam all around it then attach your fabric nicely.

18. DIY Moroccan Style Ottoman

This is pretty much different from the base with wood or bucket. This is a square stuffed ottoman. You will need a mat, cushions, and a needle and thread. Place the mat and stitch together and leave the tassels so it adds to the decoration. Fold over with the cushion in between and secure completely.

19. DIY No Sew Storage Ottoman

If you are not a fan of sewing then this creation can work for you. This uses a circular base with a bucket. Glue the foam to the bucket all round and cut off excesses. Wrap your fabric around and glue. Get wood rounds and wrap with foam and fabric to get a lid.

20. DIY Ottoman With Wheels Under $25

This is a classy and unique storage ottoman and you can move it around with the wheels. The first step is to create a seat with wood. Stain the material and make marks for screws. Upholster the seat and attach it to the made storage crate.

21. How To Make A Tufted Ottoman


This is a pink tufted ottoman. You will need polyurethane, wood staples, sintepon, screws, plywood, and other materials for the making process.  Create a circle frame with the wood and fix holes. Wrap your fabric and make holes for buttons. Finish off neatly.

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22. DIY Bench Ottoman


This is different from the all rounded and secure ottoman. This takes the form of a bench and you will not need so many materials to cover up. Get already made hairpin legs from a store, it comes with screws. Make the wooden base and wrap it with foam and fabric. Fix your legs in.

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23. DIY Ottoman With Storage Unit

This DIY ottoman is made from cardboard and it can be used both as a storage and a footstool. Cut out the sides and the base. Glue them together. Fix wooden stands on the insides for firmness. Make markings on your foam for holes. While fixing your fabric, staple to get the holes.


An ottoman is ideal for people who love comfort. You do not need to buy one. Making one is much more satisfying. All the projects listed in this article are pretty much easy to DIY. Have you recently come across a unique DIY ottoman project that we missed? Feel free to share in the comments section below. We would be happy to take a look.

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