10 DIY Solar Generator Projects You Can Build Easily

What is a solar generator? In simple terms, a solar generator is a straightforward machine built with a battery inside it; this battery receives charges from the sun thanks to the solar panel. Solar generators are hard to make without proper guidance.

However, in this article, you will find 10 DIY solar generator projects to guide you on building different solar generators. All you have to do is pick your favorite project, gather the materials, and start building.


1. How To Build A Solar Generator


You can straightforwardly do this; all you need are a few main components. Let’s start with the Rugged pelican 1620 case. This case is waterproof and has rolling wheels that make it easy to transport from one location to another; the case is rugged because it’s as tough as a nail. You also need a Kreiger peak AC converter of 3000W / 6000W. Another thing you need is a Renogy solar panel of 100 Watt and a charger kit, and an Optima blue top 8016 – 103 battery.

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2. DIY Solar Generator


The purpose of this soar generator was to power radio, flights, and recharge batteries. If you’re looking to do something more decadent, then this guide isn’t for you. There are just a few things that you need to start working on this solar generator. You need a Sunforce solar charger of 15 Watt, 7 amp charger controller, pro X one power inverter of 800 Watt, Nautilus gold deep cycle battery, a 12-volt outlet, Digital multimeter, crimp style electrical connectors, and a ½” plywood. The materials I mentioned above will cost you about $200 or less.

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3. DIY Portable Solar Generator


Here is a portable solar generator that is convenient enough for you to carry to several locations. Firstly, you need a large solar panel that you can get for about $60, a solar charger controller for $10, a deep cycle battery for $80, a power converter for $40, and a misc wire and a battery box. The next step is to put it all together with a step-by-step guide that is super easy for even a beginner.

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4. How To Build A 3.5kWh Solar Generator

With ease, you are going to turn a craftsman toolbox into a 3.5-kilowatt solar generator. If you don’t have the toolbox, you can buy it for about $25; it’s a heavy-duty box, very spacious inside. Use the 18650 batteries, and fit it inside a 14 x 13” configuration. You need 390 batteries and a 12 gauge silicone wire. From start to finish you are going to spend about $650.

5. DIY Solar Generator Build

Here is a super easy to build a portable solar generator with a port for a USB cable to be plugged into your device. With this solar generator, you can extend the first build into something larger by adding an extra battery to increase the battery time and life. It might add weight to the box, but it has a handle and a wheel, so that won’t be a problem.

You need a solar panel, a solar charge controller, and recycled batteries. For the batteries, you might spend $150 only. The energy is easily renewable, meaning that you can easily replace the battery or add new ones.

6. Low Budget DIY Power Generator

Having a low-budget power generator is a fantastic feeling. First, you need a mini traveling bag; you can have that just lying around. Then, you need XT60 connectors, batteries, and wires. You can power a laptop to full charge six times; you can power LED lights for 6 – 10 hours as well.

There are also USB ports for charging phones, and you can use zip ties to attach one component to the other with ease. You can also have an extra battery in the bag pack. You can hang the bag and carry it anywhere you go.

7. How To Make A Solar Generator


This solar generator is excellent. It’s super easy to build, and it’s portable like a suitcase you can carry around. The components that make the solar generator work will fit inside a box that looks like a toolbox. You need three essential parts, a solar panel, a solar charger controller, a 12V USB module, a switch, and an SLA charger.

You can get these components from Amazon for a low price. Once the parts are purchased and pieced together in the box, you will create a hole in the middle and attach the solar panel on the outside.

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8. DIY Solar Generator

To build your perfect solar generator, you need to gather everything you need to know into a designed worksheet document, a wiring diagram, design engineering, and do some maths to ensure the units suit your needs. You need professional knowledge to work with this guide. You will be guided on how to use the diagram in this video to make your solar generator. Most of the generator projects are online, so you can plan out your own if you already have something in mind.

There are three types of battery to buy, a deep cycle lead-acid for $90, AGM for $300, and LiFePO for $950-$1,300.You also need a solar panel with a power of 1,200WH.

9. How To Build A Portable Solar Generator

You will use a low frequency of 3000 Watt inverter; it has 9000 surges for 90 seconds, and you will put it in a large box. You are also going to use a Headway 38120s life p04 battery. This battery will produce 100 continuous amps discharge with 150 amps surge. You will also need several templates to place your components in the box.

10. DIY Solar Powered Generator


Here is one solar-powered generator that you can’t move from one place to another. It’s a stationary solar-powered generator; that’s just the downside. Although you can’t move it around, it’s beneficial and functions appropriately. All you need are the right components.

You need a solar panel, solar controller of 12/24V, DC to AC inverter, heat shrink tubing, insulated electrical crimp connectors, terminal binding post, wires, sealed Lead-acid battery, Lead rocket switch, and a panel system. There are a lot more parts that are needed, but these are the essential must-have components.

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Have you found your preferred DIY solar generator? Our specialist carefully selected all the projects listed in this article. Before you start building a project, make sure you have the skillset and tools required for the project.

Feel free to drop a comment below if you have questions or contributions regarding this article. Thanks for stopping by.

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