11 Convenient DIY Bed Risers for Easy Implemetation

Are you troubled with the shortened height of the bed? No wonder, bed surface tends to get lowered over time to make you uncomfortable. Raising the legs can offer a convenient solution to the problem with additional benefits.

And you don’t have to fall for expensive wooden risers. Fortunately, there are cheaper & easier means to introduce some extra height to the existing condition. DIY bed risers can also give some additional space to store certain belongings.

There are different methods to curve up bed risers. It’s definitely not any heavyweight hoke décor project. Therefore, you don’t have to attend much detail or precision. All you need is to find the most suitable option to save your effort.


1. Cheap Homemade Risers


Easy implementation teams up with a highly affordable organizing method. It specifically focuses on taking full advantage of available resources. And the tutorial covers the absolute basics to keep the processing simple.

It calls for fence posts, saw (miter/hand), foil paper, drill with the drill bit, mod podge & felt. Of course, a conveniently sized wooden structure is essential for the mainframe. Total cost is likely to remain within $2, unlike any other.

There is a total of 5 steps only to introduce a sufficiently raised bed height. It needs initial measurements to follow drilling. Then, the process moves toward conducting holes, wrapping design & installation – that’s all for pulling the job.

Check the Tutorial

2. DIY Bed Riser Construction


The pictorial process steps forward to make a riser within a fraction of its cost. All it requires some careful implementation of certain steps to induce additional height. It’s quite simple from every aspect, letting any passionate homeowner get the facts.

Unfortunately, it’s more like a wordy description of the guidelines. There comes no definite label on steps or certain segments on necessary items. But the clearly depicting pictures will represent the job in a steady motion.

Concerning the explanation, there are 4 parts to structure an individual riser. But the presented portions basically cover initial cutting, measured drilling & final installation. Even the captured processing stands pretty clear to the exact point for making it plausible.

Check the Tutorial

3. Simple Wooden Bed Riser


Utilizing some additional space under the bed remains simple with the project. The guideline helps with the making of wooden supports to induce further height. And the raising process requires nothing but some accessible resources against one to two hours.

The tutorial combines simple words for included pictures to demonstrate the process. There’s no additional segment for the article, not even for necessary items.

Sufficient words keep the guidelines pretty clear to allow immediate adaptation & understanding. 9 different pictures with supporting wordy details simply explain the entire trick. It’s likely to cost $10 for an hour of work to raise by an exact 2.0”.

Check the Tutorial

4. Making DIY Bed Risers


The woodworking project gets a pace, specifically for taller beds. It becomes easy to add some further storage space with simple yet detailed guidance. There are three sections to understand – Required Items, How to Implement & Weighing Capacity.

Certain lumber pieces with screw, holes & drill will do the job. But the processing lacks defined steps to follow an order. Instead, you’ll have segmented lines to determine the different steps.

In brief, it takes measurements, cuts, drilling & frame attachment through screws to accomplish the riser. For the best part, the whole task is likely to cost less than $15 in total. And the weight capacity measures the same as the actual bed frame.

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5. Easy Bed Riser Project


Introducing risers to the bed support lacks glamour or high-end output. But the tutorial pays attention to a usable improvement without getting expensive. It describes the entire process within simplified details to ease the whole implementation.

The first segment concerns with necessary tools along with the wooden pieces. It requires a cutting saw, ruler, glue/gum, screw, sandpaper, stain/paint.

Likewise, there’s no actual step-wise order to arrange the task. A total of 4 narrated paragraphs covers everything just right, avoiding complexity. And the supporting pictures clearly depict the entire transformation with the ongoing construction.

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6. Idealized DIY Bed Risers


Solution to under-bed storage seems simple, convenient & affordable with the risers. But there is something special to notice in the steps. It comes in safety tips instead of directed guides to implement the job.

The processing stands pretty easily without any hassling complexity throughout its structuring. There are additional facts to focus on the primary idea. Featured key considerations help with a secure riser to enjoy a heightened bedframe.

There are 5 specified safety factors to take into account while making up the body. It’s entirely possible to accomplish the intended task within an hour. And the project will cost $11 – $20 over a matching home décor.

Check the Tutorial

7. Cheap & Easy DIY Risers

Projecting scrap wood provides a raised surface to hold the bed casters. It’s one dynamic representation of bed risers, concerning common household storage problems. The processing is pretty fast without requiring any costly gear or material.

Leftover 2×10’ makes up the 4 in2 boards to raise the bed by an additional 3.0”. it can even undergo any color for the borders of the surroundings to match the décor.

Absolute complete processing gets captured in time-lapse frames. Still, the steps concerning cuts, drills, joints & paints remain crystal clear to its viewers. The video tutorial includes some extra details to give ideas on lumber pieces.

8. Creating Riser Blocks

Fast, easy, simple, effective – the processing of wooden blocks can offer stable support. And the raised height is likely to induce further space right beneath the furniture. In fact, the blocks can uphold any common furniture, certainly including metal or wooden beds.

5” x 5” sized white cedar makes up the blocks in the video. The entire task requires no special tool, just common gear to size up the wood. Like no other, it utilizes a 1.125” sized Forstner bit to dig a hole right in the center.

The bored hole prevents the furniture leg from accidental slipping. Detailed yet simplified presentation remains understandable from its very beginning till the end. Clearly practical depiction of the structuring process gets captured in normal motion.

9. Homemade Bed Riser

Amateur video frames the entire task with absolute simplicity concerning practical situations. but the video manages to depict the processing from the top to its bottom. No fancy or complex details are there to mess with the process.

Cutting a leftover wooden piece initiates the exact piece. Of course, there are variations to consider in terms of bordering surfaces & induced height. Simple measurement, sizing & joint do the work to raise the topmost bed surface.

10. Adjustable DIY Wooden Riser

The tutorial is completely different from all other options mentioned above. Featured methods imply steady raising height, lacking adjustment, or further customization for beds. But the dynamic demonstration reveals the structuring of risers with adjustment.

It’s somewhat an elaborate segment of making simple bed risers. The process includes continued framing of numerous blocks to introduce a pile. And the gaps get filled with certain materials to hold the adjustability to change the height.

It becomes rather easy to attend the most preferable adjustment for initiating a balanced look. All the constructed blocks remain interlocked to one another within an ordered chain. Whenever necessary, it takes no time to remove to extend the pile to make changes.

11. Wooden Furniture Risers

The tutorial pays more attention to cost estimation rather than its processing. of course, the presentation is somewhat wordy to understand with explanations. It gives a rough idea of the entire structuring facility for standard furniture.

Again, the blocks are pretty sturdy on the outcome to bear the imposed load. Protective bottom initiates no harm to the floor surface, whether tiles or wood. For the best part, the blocks can uphold any household furniture over a reasonably sized frame.


Leftover wooden pieces are useful in numerous ways. And making DIY bed risers from the lumber lets you skip aftermarket costs. You just have to go through the options to satisfy your preferred requirements. Curving the blocks will become easy with common mechanical gears right then.

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