15 Easy DIY Tonneau Cover Ideas to Implement

Are you troubled with the complex details while making your tonneau cover? It’s one beneficial addition to any pickup truck. There are several ways to attend DIY Tonneau cover, lacking proper implementing details.

But you can easily prepare the ultimate tool through simplified ideas. We realize the problems with truck owners to enlist the easy challenges right below. It’s likely to cost you some hours to have your tonneau ready to fit the compartment.


1. Making Hard Tonneau Cover


The tutorial implies on homemade hard tonneau cover. There are 5 steps in total, requiring about 5 hours to accomplish. Convenient steps remain straightened to let the user understand the points easily.

First step concerns with collecting necessary materials with supporting tools. The next step prepares two distinctive frames to hold the cover. Then, you’re to cut two plywood pieces as per the bed shape.

Painting the surface isn’t compulsory but imparts further durability. Therefore, apply certain coats to induce beauty & let it dry for sometimes. In the end, wrap the plywood with vinyl using glue through a stapler.

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2. Quick Wood Truck Bed Tonneau


Creativity gets to reach its finest, remaining friendly from different aspects. The article covers the necessary tips & tricks to prepare the tonneau by yourself. Of course, the initial discussion on what & why regarding tonneau reveals some essential points.

Right then, you’ll get to know the required items to customize the bed cover. Every necessary material & supporting tool is explained with specs & numbers.

And you just need to follow the five enlisted straightforward steps to pull the job. The steps concerns with – frame structuring, plywood attachment, paint cover, vinyl fabrication & screwed installation.

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3. Building Homemade Tonneau


In-depth details cover the entire task to build your tonneau cover at home. It concerns with wood or plywood to make the construction. And you’re to get some basic insight into the necessary tools & materials.

The exercise calls for a total of 6 specified gears. And there are 5 steps in comprehensive details to process the structure. It actually covers – design/measurement, connection/attachment, painting/coating, wrapping vinyl & final installation.

But the tutorial still has further details. You get to know the definition & benefits of tonneau. Also, the article explores the key considerations following a short buying guide on the cover.

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4. Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau


Hard-looking tonneau is set to ready for new pickup trucks within a few hours. The instruction let you create a retractable cover, all by yourself. And it requires 10 particular materials & gears to accomplish the task.

The simplified instructions come in two distinct segments. The foremost portion includes 8 steps, covering from measurements to surface painting. And the following segment focuses on proper vinyl fabrication in 6 consecutive steps.

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5. Pickup Truck Bed Cover


Unlike the stepped guidelines, the tutorial follows the detailed sequence. The entire task comes in different segments to ease the points. It’s another convenient means to create an exact wood cover.

The tutorial specifically utilized aluminum angle iron & a custom latch system. It results in a simple yet effective design. And you’re free to make some extra modifications to encourage the current appeal.

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6. Fabricating Rigid Tonneau Cover


It’s one particular tutorial to provide guidance through images. There comes a total of 52 pictures for depicting the whole task.

Initial measurements, inclusions & detachments, final installation – everything is there. The tutorial focused on the point, without complex words. A fixed front segment remains supported by one removable rear portion.

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7. Truck Tonneau for Any Pickup


Following the guide, you can easily make the ultimate tonneau to fit your pickup. The making of one retractable cover takes only a few hours to get ready. The processing comes in brief, letting you catch the points at once.

All the necessary tools get enlisted prior to the steps. Then you’re to start the measurements to make cuts to apply paint coats. There are 8 well-defined steps to cover the primary job thoroughly.

Then you have to implement the vinyl fabrication separately, according to the next segment. It comprises 6 steps to ease completion. Also, the part covers a solid portion of the final setup.

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8. Pickup Bed Cover from Plywood


The comprehensive details cover everything on structuring your tonneau at home. Everything is right there, in an orderly form. You just need to get the facts to implement the steps.

8 defined steps cover the start to T-hinge screw, bordered by required items with following tips & warnings. Then, you’re to move to plywood painting in 3 specified steps. Waterproofing right before its assembling follows the coating segment.

The rest portion covers the advantages & disadvantages of plywood. Also, there are some safety tips in terms of cutting risks. The whole article features 44 defined segments in total regarding the DIY job.

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9. Homemade Waterproof Tonneau

Preparing a soft tonneau at home seems a breeze using standard 18oz vinyl. The video depiction is one practical, detailed & simple illustration of the DIY task. And there come step-by-step instructions in words to keep things clear.

Total of 9 specified steps covers the entire structuring process, including the installation. Closeup view should keep the facts clear to avoid misunderstanding. Every step covers the entire processing with the relevant tools & materials.

For the best part, you can frame a soft yet reliable cover for pickups. The vinyl stands waterproof to securely store the bedded items. Informative, detailed, dynamic lapse lets you understand the instructions at once.

10. Custom Pickup Tonneau Cover

It’s a brief, timelapse video illustration of creating a customized bed cover. The framing begins with measurements through a polymer fabric. Then it requires cleanup, concerning the portion to stay on the cover.

You’re to add 0.5” seaming space to structure the edging reinforcement. It requires double-sided taping right before sewing the seams. Induce flat stitching to lay the sized stowage with bar tacking straps.

Integration of bolt rope makes the soft cover ready for installation. The video seems pretty basic with convenient information. The throughout the guide is easy to adapt without hassling complexity.

11. Building Own DIY Tonneau

The video is one descriptive, dynamic illustration of creating a custom cover. Practical implementation comes in simple words to depict the entire task. It’s one continuous video in normal motion to hold the naturalized processing.

There are no defined steps or individual segments to catch. Fluent flow of the building guidance should remain easy for anyone to understand the facts. And the tutorial contains supporting details regarding items, approach & finishing.

12. Preparing DIY Truck Bed Cover

Garage processing is recorded in normal motion to create a usable tonneau cover. The entire task gets much easier through closer views with the described explanation. The video tutorial itself focuses on the outcome of your implementation.

And there come written details to accompany the whole structuring job. The article contains everything to help you with the build. For the best part, there are only 4 in-depth steps to consider for accomplishing the simple accessory.

The video lacks information on clearing the definite steps for making up the cover. But combining the explaining words with depicting video covers everything to shade the compartment.

13. Folding Aluminum Truck Tonneau

You’re to skip wood, hardboard, or vinyl polymer for heavy applications. The video lets you make an aluminum tonneau with guided instructions. Making a homemade metal cover is slightly difficult.

But the dynamic presentation will keep it a breeze. You just have to get some extra machinery to size up the aluminum. The tutorial is impressive with essential points & lengthened processing.

14. DIY Pickup Truck Bed Cover

It’s more like a described instruction in words to create your cover. The narrator keeps going with the specs & outcome. It seems to focus on the items further in comparison to the steps.

You’re to pay grave attention to catch the steps. Lack of processing illustration can induce some problems. But having some previous knowledge can help you to avoid all the confusion.

15. DIY Tonneau Cover of Wood

The tutorial implies certain details to enhance the created tonneau. You can induce modifications to improve the overall functionality.

And the video itself is one portion of an entire series of camper prep. It comes with worthy details for its image lapsing guide.

Internal tubing to enable proper sealing is one primary concern of the illustration. The rest portion focuses on installing reflectors on certain sides.

You have to watch previous videos to get a complete idea. The prepared tonneau gets to wear reflectors to match the camping details.


Proper tonneau cover can give some noticeable advantages. You don’t have to spend lots of dollars on the marketed ones. All the embedded tutorials can help you to make a decent homemade option. Just go through the individual guide to sort out the most suitable method prior to creating one.

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