How to choose the fabric of the sofa?

We get excited if we have something new in our house, whether it’s a piece of an appliance, a pet, a person what more if we can have an elegant sofa from the fruit of our labour. We need something to remind ourselves that we are loved and cared for. Pampering ourselves with luxury and comfort after a hard working day is fair. Searching for the right sofa is never a comfortable journey. There are instances you would like the curve or shape of it but not fabric: you can have it changed. You can try to upgrade the fabric to your preferences.

How can we pick the most reliable fabric? Check out these tips to get you started.


Weaves plays a significant role in upholstery fabric. It makes it more durable and reliable. The tightness of the weave contributes to the performance of the fabric. The weaves help the fabric to be manageable and more comfortable to wash. They can’t lose their shape quickly. Thinking all of the advantages of the weaves in the household make people try it on hand.

Linens this fabric has looser weaves without a lot of numbness, which means they drape more elegantly on your sofa; at the same time, linens are not tightly weaved. They are more prone to weariness.

Velvets are examples of the tighter weave. Furthermore, they have a pile or nap to them that makes the threads stand upright, creating a fuzzy and soft texture. They are incredibly soft to touch.

Functionality is the key.

Assessing the level of abuse of the furniture, in the long run, is critical in picking out the right sofa fabric. Nowadays, stain-resistant fabric receives lots of good feedback from customers. You have to consider outdoor fabric if you have pets and kids at home because they can withstand wear and tear.


Pay attention to the tone and texture. If you are interested in an airy feeling, it is best to stick with light colour tone fabric. You can try mixing linen, wool, and leather with delicate pieces. If the sofa is countless designers highly approve of the vintage neutral colour, it brings out a subtle and elegant vibe.


The sizes of the sofa matters on how big and small the family. Mostly large families use a three-seater or four-seater sofa. In this situation, use a piece of different upholstery fabric. Larger sofas complement well with plain and textured fabrics, whereas the smaller ones go well with patterns and printed fabric. If you think you’ll get tired of the pattern fabrics, you can look for sofas with removable covers where you can buy plain fabric set as an extra. It is one tip if you’re buying lighter sofa fabric and might need replacement when it’s getting cleaned.


We always look for affordable prices, which is pretty standard; we don’t want to spend too much on fabric for an average person. However, being manufactured, the prices differ from how the fabric is. The tighter and the denser the weaves of the fabric, the higher the labour it gets, which means the price should be higher. Think of this as an investment; some cheaper things don’t have good quality. You might need to buy more replacements in a year rather than buying a piece of fabric at just a price but would last many years. Velvet fabric appears to be expensive, but the quality is superb. It’s one of the most durable and reliable upholstery fabrics.

Special Factors

These are some of the things you need to check before considering the sofa you have found. Check the following aspects:

Are they fade resistant? 

When you are looking for a piece of furniture that stands the direct rays of the sun, you better look for fabrics that can withstand heat and fading. Linen fabrics are the suggested choice for this since they are one of the fabrics that can cope up with pilling and fading.

Are they mildew-resistant? 

Mildew is a form of fungi and a common component of household dust. They are prevalent in places with hot and humid summers. So if you live in areas with this type of weather condition, make sure you choose a fabric that won’t quickly form any fungi, especially when daily.

Do you have any Allergies?

 Different people have different allergies, but the most common allergies would be skin eczema. If you are a person who quickly gets sick because of dust, microfiber fabrics are an excellent choice because it is lint-free and does not attract dust easily.

Do you have kids and pets at home?

Having kids and pets at home would be challenging. Delicate fabrics like velvet and silk are not suitable in this type of house since they might get damaged significantly when kids and pets play around every time. Try to select a pet-friendly upholstery fabric instead.

Sofas and home decorations must complement each other. You also need to check the walls of the room. If your walls have printed wallpaper with distinct colours like orange, matching it with a white sofa or grey sofa would tone down the room’s colour scheme; otherwise, it would not be pleasant in your eyes. White walls with wide and tall windows, you can choose a sofa with vibrant colours. It can be matched with neutral colour curtains to present a mild and soft appearance.

Anyhow, fabrics of sofa’s should represent homeowners’ style and attitude. There are tons of ideas you can look upon the internet, although check your own space first and plan out the interior for easier decision making. Additionally, video bloggers are experts of home decors or maybe and interior designers. You can search online and get their insights for their preferred upholstery.

You can visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for suggestions and samples of different upholstery fabric for your sofas. There’s no harm in trying. Build up your creative ideas and explore the fabric industry with optimism and enthusiasm.

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