25 DIY sword Ideas That The Kids Will Love In 2021

Do you love to use swords as art in your house? Do you wish to have sword from your favorite movie or game character? Have you checked sword prices? They are expensive right?

Worry no more you are in the right place. In this article you are going to learn on different DIY tutorials to follow when fabricating and customizing your sword at the comfort of your home.

1. Gamora Sword DIY

In this build you require cardboard, expansion foam, masking tape, Elmer’s glue, mod podge, metallic silver spray paint, PVC pipe and a newspaper.

Begin by tracing the sword template on a card board, cut all the pieces on the cardboard using a sharp blade, and glue the pieces together.

Make the sword handle, reinforce the sword using newspaper and glue. Lastly finish the sword by painting with silver spray.

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2. Zuko’s Dual Dao Swords DIY

2. Zuko’s Dual Dao Swords DIY

In this DIY you will require wood, a cutter, band saw and wood glue.

Begin by printing the swords template, trace the pieces using the template, and cut them using a band saw.

Sand all the pieces, cut two pieces to act as handles and cut out the yellow section of the blade. Glue the pieces together.

Strengthen the weak parts using bondo and form globs on the handles. Sand the areas that you have applied bondo.

Lastly paint the sword using chrome spray paint.

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3. He Man Power Sword DIY

3. He Man Power Sword DIY

You will require the following materials foam core board, razor blade, PVC, sand paper, wooden dowel, epoxy and acrylic paint.

Plan measure and cut out sword pieces from the template, place the pieces together and tape them. Make sure that the taping is even.

Create side handles with 2 Styrofoam spheres. Attach the handles on the sword and begin taping. Lastly paint the sword with black acrylic paint.

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4. Links Master Sword From Legend Of Zelda DIY

In this tutorial you require foam floor mats, dowel, dremel, heat gun, wood burner, contact cement, newspaper, pattern copy, and masking tape.

Begin making the blade by printing the pattern, cutting it out and gluing the pieces together.  Proceed to make cross guard by tracing from the template.

Cut hit (bump between the guard and grip), and make the pommel. Lastly finish, coat, paint, and protect.

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5. Mine Craft Sword DIY

You will need the following tools and materials; cardboard, printer, paper, spray paint, glue, ruler, sketcher and masking tape.

Begin by printing the sword template then glue on the cardboard. Lastly, Color the sword and cut it out.

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6. Duct Tape Sword DIY

In this DIY you require sketch block, pencil, knife, duct tape, glue, silver tape, foam tube, and bamboo.

Begin by researching on the design.  Make a template using paper, mark and cut the foam. Stick the parts together using glue pieces together.

Cut and shape the sword edges, add strips to the sword using tape, and make the sword handle. Lastly decorate the sword to your liking.

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7. Umbrella Samurai Sword DIY

You will require a steel pipe, vinyl cloth, black leather laces, black jeans, old umbrella and sewing kit.

Begin by unscrewing the umbrella handle and screw steel pipe inside. Cover the steel using the old black jeans. Place clothing inside the pipe for it to bulge.

Do the samurai lace wrapping and lastly make the sheath.

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8. PVC Training Sword DIY

8. PVC Training Sword DIY

The following parts are required two long 5ft rods, two PVC adapters, chalkboard sprat paint, masking tape, and sandpaper.

Cut the pipes according to measurements, sand the pieces until they are smooth to eliminate the possibility of being cut while playing.

Glue the parts together after they have dried then apply paint. Rubberize the handle of the sword by wrapping masking tape and then you can begin your training.

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9. Kendo Inspired Training Sword DIY

In this DIY you need to collect the following bamboo, meat cleaver, hammer, masking tape, black fabric, glue stick, Eva foam, sand paper and a rope.

Cut bamboo sticks into smaller pieces on the meat cleaver, using hammer hit hedge of cleaver to cut ends of bamboo.

Bind the sticks together using masking tape. Place a cloth on the top and secure it with a rope to ensure you don’t get bruised. Make handle by wrapping a black cloth around the top part.

Lastly make en guard for the sword using Eva foam.

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10. Halo Covenant Energy Sword DIY

Are you a fan of Xbox franchise learn how to make an energy sword.

You will require LED, PVC pipe, heat gun and Weldon adhesive.

Begin by making paper prototypes and cut 4 identical blades from acrylic plastic using a band saw. Shape light diffusers for placing inside each blade.

Solder blue LED strips and connect them to a battery situated at the switch.

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11. DIY Light Saber / Sword for kids

This is one of the easiest sword DIY’s and the materials are easily available

You will require the following materials knife, pool noodle, duct tape and electrical tape.

Begin by wrapping duct tape around the noodle and wrap the rest of the noodle to create hilt. Lastly dress it up with different color duct tape to make it look realistic.

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12. Fire Dancing Sword DIY

The following materials and tools are needed Kevlar tape wick, aluminum tape, bolts, nuts, washers, wooden practice sword, drill, scissors, and shears.

Begin by drilling two holes on the sword handle and wrap it, Wrap the wick around the blade tightly and bolt the wick.

Lastly screw eyebolt at the end of the handle, wrap it in wire and then light up the sword.

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13. Foam Fighting Sword DIY

You will require PVC cutter, hot glue gun, hammer, thread, paint, tape, scissors, jigsaw, sander and drill.

Begin by making PVC core, sew a fabric on top of the pipe, make the guard, and assemble the hilt. Glue everything together and the wrap the handle.

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14. Gladiator Sword DIY

In this DIY you need wood, saw, wood glue, and sander.

Begin by laminating wood to be used as blades, draw and cut blade templates. Create handle guard and pommel for the sword and shape them.

Rout the blade edge, glue the parts and finish.

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15. DIY Garden Sword

This DIY is quite simple you will require bamboo, epoxy resin, spring steel, bicycle tire inner tube, sharp knife, sharpening stone, and sharpening steel.

Begin by cutting bamboo to the right length and leave both end joins. Cut the steel and ensure it has a tang to get inside the bamboo.

File the edge of spring steel to flatten it then insert the tang of the blade inside the bamboo. Lastly wrap the bike tube around bamboo near the blade.

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16. DIY Wooden Two Hands Sword

This sword is made from ply wood and cord. Begin by making a template; trace it on a piece of wood, and using a jig saw cut out the wood.

File the edges of the sword using to make it smooth and then make it more smooth using sand paper. Lastly paint the sword wrap the handle using a cord.

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17. Paper Sword DIY

17. Paper Sword DIY

You will require the following tools and materials hot glue gun, sandpaper, paint brush, cardboard, scissors, acrylic paint, white masking tape and wooden dowel.

Begin by drawing sword on cardboard and cut out the sword. Reinforce and wrap the sword.

Make designs using hot glue, make the pommel by inserting small dowels in the handle foam. Lastly paint the sword.

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18. Wooden Leonidas Spartan Sword DIY

18. Wooden Leonidas Spartan Sword DIY

When making this DIY make sure you have wood, wood glue, leather, scroll saw, circular saw, sander, and clamps

Begin by ripping the board, print out and trace the pattern, and cut out the pattern. Sand the cuts and add a bevel.

Proceed to cut and sand the pommel, cut groove in the pommel, and fit it. Glue all the parts together, sand and stain the sword.

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19. Mini Sword DIY

You need nails, anvil, file, blowtorch, drill and sandpaper. Begin by making holes on the handle.

Shape the blade by heating the nail and banging it with hammer. Sharpen the sword using file. Lastly make the handle guard and put it through the drilled hole and then bang it with hammer to secure.

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20. Origami Sword DIY

20. Origami Sword DIY

You require scissor, sello tape, and origami paper. Begin by cutting rectangular 6×6 inch square origami into two. Using part of the paper, fold it two crease and then unfold.

Begin folding the right side 3cm left, fold bottom and top parts of flipped paper.

Combine the parts and then stick it up using sell tape.

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21. Bilbo’s and Frodo’s Sword DIY

21. Bilbo’s and Frodo’s Sword DIY

In this DIY you need a foam board, reference image, paints, air clay, wood glue, sand paper, clamps, knife and spackle tools.

Begin by searching the right image for the sword then print it out, trace and cut out the sword on the foam board. Glue the two pieces of foam using glue.

Sand the parts and apply sparkle on the blade. Lastly paint the sword.

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22. Shulk’s The Monado Sword DIY

In this DIY you require a foam core board, printer, tape, pen, glue, blade, and paint.

First, get the template, cut foam and design the blades. Stick the blades together and shape them perfectly.

Proceed to paint the sword. Connect the lights around the sword and put a power supply.

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23. Lord of the Rings Wooden Sword DIY

Firstly, find image of the sword and print it out, trace all the edges on the wood and cut it out.

Refine and shape the sword using a belt sander, mark the area where the bevels are to be fitted on the blade.

Spray paint the handle and then decorate it. Attach aluminum foil on the part of the blade and lastly use metal polish to give it a metallic look.

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24. Sturdy Ninja Sword DIY

24. Sturdy Ninja Sword DIY

In this DIY you need PVC pipes, PVC end cap, PVC coupler, reducer spooling, PVC cement, PVC cleaner and pipe cutters.

Begin by cleaning the pipes using PVC cleaner. Forge the blade by heating it until it is soft enough and compress it.

Glue the parts together using PVC cement, cut a rubber band and wind it around the handle. Lastly finish the blade and paint it.

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25. Prince Caspian’s Sword DIY

25. Prince Caspian’s Sword DIY

Gather the following old tooth brushes, baking foil, wire coat hanger, metal glue gun, and short garden hose pipe.

Begin by bending the coat hanger to shape, proceed to making cardboard mould for blade, and line the baking foil with the blade.

Glue the bottom part of the mould using gun glue, and fold the foil then close the mould. Construct the handle and wrap it around the handle.

Lastly, Cut tooth brushes to make cross guard then attach it to the sword.


The above 25 DIY sword tutorials will help you choose the sword you would love construct. These tutorials are easy to follow and you will get great results.

You do not need to buy a Halloween sword while you can make construct using readily available materials at  your home workshop.

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