10 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging

Studies show that on average, in any country that celebrates Valentine’s Day, people will spend approximately 160 USD on their loved one. Some countries, like Italy, will pay closer to 1000 USD each. Yikes!

That’s a lot of moola for one day of the year. What‘s your significant other even looking for in Valentine’s Day presents? Is it the contents or the actual act of gift-giving?

In this article, we’ll look at some super easy ways you can woo your love on February 14th through packaging. Unless you’re moving to a far-off land, get ready to spruce up this Valentine’s Day because your loved one is expecting it.

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What Makes a Difference in Gifts?

Thinking back to your favorite Valentine’s Day, what was a common theme? For most, it was thoughtfulness. Let’s be honest, a lot of you likely can’t even remember what some of the gifts were. Okay, minus that year your boyfriend bought you diamond earrings. To have someone that puts time and effort into something that’s thoughtful always makes the most significant difference in gift-giving.

How you wrap your present can make a huge difference regarding your loved one’s perception of the thoughtfulness put into the item. The internet has some fabulous ideas on how to make your own gift bags for those who want to add a personal touch.

Crafting not your thing? Not to worry, many companies also offer the option to customize your gift packaging. Imagine your sweetheart’s face when you arrive with a beautifully wrapped gift. You could choose to make it in their favorite colors too. Would they really care what was inside or that you’d taken the time to pick something made just for them?

Let’s Talk Packaging!

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Although packaging can be costly and time-consuming, it really will leave a lasting impression on the gift receiver. Ever hear the expression, ‘first impressions last a lifetime?’ Well, the first Valentine’s Day gift presentations certainly will in your loved one’s eyes. A custom drawstring bag for a necklace that they can keep it in forever is an excellent example.

The packaging doesn’t have to be difficult to execute or scary. Let’s look at ten fun, easy ways to DIY your wrapping.

  • Wrap your gift in a scarf/shirt; it becomes part of the gift.
  • Wrap your gift in a sheet of music, perfect for the music lover.
  • If you have young children, have them decorate a brown paper bag with stamps or stickers.
  • Glue or stick personalized pictures onto a package.
  • Add real leaves or flowers to the bow or top of your package.
  • Use colored duct tape for wrapping.
  • Use plain brown paper and draw or write cute notes on it.
  • Buy custom wrapping from a packaging company.
  • Try a gift bag with lots and lots of tissue paper. Be sure to include your loved ones favorite colors. Add a spritz of cologne or perfume to appeal to all the senses.
  • Paint on thick paper or cardstock and glue or tape to the top of the package.

Source: pixabay.com

Take Away

The packaging does matter. Don’t fret so much about the gift when the thoughtful touch on the wrapping paper or time spent on something will delight your other half. Use our ten ideas to spark your imagination and create a package for your gift that your significant other will never forget.

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10 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging