Top 10 DIY Lightsaber Ideas to Enjoy the Star Wars Fight

Whether it’s Jedi or Sith, you’re sure to enjoy the Star Wars franchise’s epic space battles. And the iconic lightsaber already makes it places in the hearts. You may think of getting yourself or your kids the ultimate weapon for any upcoming occasion.

But you don’t have to spend the whole wallet on commercial lightsabers. Why not utilize the leisure time to craft a functional unit with some mere hardware purchase? That’s right; we enlisted the most practical DIY lightsaber ideas for your consideration.


1. Simply Crafted Lightsaber


Create your ultimate fantasy weapon without exceeding the practical simplicity. The idea comes from Parts & Crafts, one creative community to accomplish some unique DIY projects. And the tutorial should give you some insight into a basic lightsaber.

It’s preferably the original design to implement, developed in 2008. Despite several improvised versions, you still can start the journey with the simple project.

There are seven definite steps to define the whole job, starting with the necessary tools & materials. It’ll take time & some extra cost to gather everything enlisted right there.

And the actual implementation continues from its 2nd step, featuring the handle. You just need to go through all the words for understanding the throughout the progress. And likewise, each step includes several steady pictures to present virtual reality.

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2. Flashlight Lightsaber Blade

You don’t have to spend the budget on fancy commercial or homemade lightsabers. The tutorial shows one inexpensive method to build the weapon in minutes. You’ll require transparent vinyl pipes & shiny foil to hold the flashlight beam inside.

Paying attention to the connectivity should do the exact mechanical tricks. Just follow the video depiction with background explanations to explore the essential points. Minimal implementing steps & manual effort should get you one functional unit.

3. Pool Noodle Lightsaber


Whether you need adult or kid lightsaber, it’s one safe bet to settle for the project. Using some duct tape with pool noodles will provide you with one cheap, functional & secure fighting weapon. The design craftsmanship appears rather adaptable for any passionate seeker.

The article starts with some primary introduction to reveal its throughout usability. Not to mention, the most valuable part goes with its versatility in size change.

Regarding the implementation, there are ten defined steps to accomplish the outcome. You’ll find the title steps in one list right on the left side of the section.

There are several integrated pictures of every step, requiring fewer words on explanation. Overall presentation is incredibly satisfactory, letting you understand the process in an organized manner. And the result comes incredibly sturdy to withstand regular uses.

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4. Homemade Lightsaber from Junks


Throwing away common household junks can prove its worth on different occasions. And the tutorial lets you explore the ultimate trick to turn wasteful into beautiful. The article is one interlinked guidance to continue with the implementation.

There aren’t many words on the introductory part to create boredom. And you just need to look into the integrated path for getting all the points for your project.

Apart from the items, you’re likely to spend $20.0 on the hardware requirements. There are ten steps to accomplish the ultimate Jedi skills right at home.

The processing with certain tricks may appear somewhat delicate for first-timers. But following the words can provide an excellent outcome through proper finishing. Amateur pictures manage to capture the job from a closer view, requiring your attention.

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5. Multi-Color Lightsaber Blade

We have lots of guidance on homemade lightsabers, preferably single-coloured blade. Though the presentation appears a professional job, you can accomplish the objectives at home. The video clearly demonstrates the simple creation of the multi-coloured lightsaber.

All the necessary materials are enlisted right under the screen for easy shopping. Apart from the commentary, the screen depicts measurements & commands on occasion. Sticking with the tutorial should end up crafting the weapon with adaptable modifications.

6. Premium Lightsaber Project


Making one realistic lightsaber may sound difficult without the right DIY guidance. Of course, you can attend the ultimate weapon over a slightly extended budget. The article lets you create your gear through a challenging yet enjoyable crafting process.

Before getting into the details, the first segment reveals the project necessities. Both lists appear pretty long, costing you some worthy bucks ahead of complete satisfaction.

And there are 16 different steps to fulfil the requirement of your ultimate present. There are large pictures on every step, against some mere words. Although there are insufficient details, you’re to figure out all the hidden hacks without wasting your time.

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7. Combat-Ready Lightsaber

The video lets you craft one premium lightsaber with some necessary yet reliable hardware. But you’re to make sacrifices for getting a better result, going well with the demonstration. Initial purchase seems costly, coming right beneath the tutorial screen.

Explaining words with initial details on every material should keep the pace. It’ll take considerable time, effort, precision & definite skills on your DIY implementation. The project requires your specific dedication to assembling the mainframe in practicality.

8. Top-Notch Lightsaber Design


Embracer the force with one high-quality weapon in hand to induce the style. The DIY trick appears more like a revised version of the very first ‘Simply Crafted Lightsaber’. And the decisive outcome comes more precise, detailed, functional, appealing & practical.

But there are problems with the outcome since the craftsmanship remains somewhat old. You’ll get the points on its drawbacks right after the introductory beginning.

There are 16 steps in total to keep going with the pace, skipping unnecessary verbosity. And the process calls for some delicate materials; you’re to check the interlinked shops.

Completion will take considerable time concerning its overall design complexity. But the brief explanation should help you with the perfect implementation. As it happens, there are some nice depicting pictures to capture the ongoing steps individually.

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9. Stylish DIY Lightsaber Hilt

Impress anyone with one incredibly realistic lightsaber, skipping the silly outlook. And the video tutorial remains simple in presentation but insightful in implementation. It starts with the necessary tools in one frame, letting you estimate the probable cost.

The guidance seems slow, covering every detail you should have in mind. Of course, putting all the parts together requires serious attention to catch the exact implementation. Finalized frame comes easy to use without any potential threat of falling apart.

10. Circuited Skywalker Lightsaber


Enjoy real-life Star Wars fight with your kids through its featured lightsaber in the hands. You’re sure to find the project rather suitable without any uncertain complexity. The article continues in a fluent flow to let you make simple yet elegant lightsaber at home.

Following the introductory part, you’ll find the steps in shortened sentences. And its right side enlists all the necessary items for the job.

For offline implementation, you can even download the manual from the link. Right after, you just need to explore all the explaining words.

Instead of defined numbers or bullets, there are segmented paragraphs to present the steps. The craftsmanship should become easy enough with its straightforward depiction. There are some cartoon pictures included, nothing to do with the process.

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Additional Thoughts on DIY Lightsaber Project

Apart from the preferred projects right above, there are several ideas worth considering.

11. Mini Lightsaber Project


It’s probably the simplest lightsaber version you can possibly find. Despite its simpler look to satisfy your kids, you’ll have to focus on the throughout processing. Download link lets you get the guidance for offline implementation.

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12. Cheap, Easy Lightsaber Hilt

Ordinary paper tube with adhesive foil requires no intense mechanical processing. Using some glue to connect the papers should shape up the righteous hilt. Though it lacks the bright colours, its simple appeal should do the tricks on fun-play.

13. DIY LED Lightsaber

The video tutorial demonstrates an easy implementation of simple lightsabers. Time-lapse dynamics require proper understanding, specifically the wired connections. And the materials remain enlisted right below the screen.

14. RGB LED Strip Lightsaber


Common objects with some additional purchase will get you the classic lightsaber. Enlisted hardware components with seven different steps will cover the entire job. And the video integration should keep everything crystal clear.

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There are many thoughts to shape up the space gears for a fun-fight at home. And you just need to choose the ultimate project plan based on your capability. One peculiar fact concerns with its future modifications to satisfy your demands. You can improvise the overall design idea by yourself towards an absolute betterment.

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