22 DIY Grow Box Hacks to Grow Plants at Home

Indoor plant growth requires a controlled environment regarding light, wind & ground. You can’t think of anything else rather than one suitable grow box, tent, or shelf.

There are too many options to get yourself one or several plating grounds inside the house. Check preferable DIY grow box ideas to implement within budget.


1. Micro-Sized Grow Box

Considering the extent of the project, it seems almost impossible to beat the project. You just need to cut out a certain portion of any ordinary milk or other hardboard boxes.

And the mini light with a USB fan crafts one tiny greenhouse to grow the seeds inside. Despite the limitations, you can quickly implement the project without getting bored.

2. PC Casing Grow Box


Without a doubt, it’s undeniably one of the most creative, functional & fun projects. You’re to remove the interior assembly from an aged-out PC processor box casing.

There are 12 steps to complete prepping the container into a self-sufficient grow box. Simple words with minimal details should keep you attached to the intended tutorial.

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3. Portable Grow Box


It’s more like a woodworking project to continue with a noticeably tiny, somewhat enclosed system. And the structure appears more like a filled wooden toolbox.

The idea comes useful with no accommodation for light, fan, or rain. Simple plating of anything should feed the seeds on normal conditions, by the windows.

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4. Cheap DIY Grow Box

Shape up the box without wasting time, money, or effort on the project. You just need to follow the video to make plans for your intended shape.

All the needs come enlisted on a paper with the background commentary. Assembling the separate items should induce a cheap, easy, functional box.

5. Hydroponic Grow Box


Start converting your small-sized file cabinet into a dependable plant growth accommodation. You just need to open the interior space by cutting down all the invisible surfaces.

Creating a facility to hold the fan, light & other features should make the structure suitable. And the supporting pictures for explained words can clear the process rather closely.

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6. Miniature Grow Box


Framing a cheap grow box appears fun, thanks to the overall processing ease. Implementation of 8 specified steps will accomplish the intended job of prepping the grow box.

And likewise, the first step comes with the necessary materials in a simplified list. Total cost measures about $50 for the project, including the pricey thermostat & cooling fan.

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7. PVC Pipe Grow Tent

Structure your indoor LED-lighted grow tent using some uniformly sized PVC pipes. You just need to size the pipes to accommodate your targeted plants.

Connecting the hollow pipes with PVC fittings should shape up the basic skeleton. But the video comes without any depiction of the entire processing.

8. Indoor UV Grow Box


Using the window frame to plant the cooking herbs requires incredibly simple implementation. And the necessary contents imply UV fluorescent light with a small-sized fan case.

You can change the provided dimensions to accommodate a greater number of plants. But the lack of details on its processed steps is likely to cause some initial trouble with the project.

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9. Easy Grow Box Cabinet


Plant medical cannabis immediately into the ground to enjoy the taste. It particularly transforms a well-conditioned cabinet into a functional, attractive grow box.

The tutorial lacks any defined steps or segments, only some standstill pictures to hold the depiction. You need to go through all the words to ensure the proper accommodation of plants.

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10. Do It Yourself Box

Make the grow box for indoor agriculture without putting too much effort or budget. The onscreen depiction reveals the necessary items clearly for your catchup.

An approximate $2 spend on the items should suffice the intended job. Its process comes rather simple, eliminating the necessity of background music or speeches.

11. A to Z Grow Box


Closed grow box lets you control the growing environment of certain plants for the entire year. And you don’t have to spare the tiny house space for large-sized planting boxes.

There are only eight steps, accommodating lengthy details to explain the particular segment. Each part comprises of some nice pictures, capturing the ongoing process towards the end.

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12. Functional £25 Grow Tent


Meet your expectations under a tight budget or utterly new to the grow tent subject. There are only five steps with minimal words against one largely framed picture.

Purchasing the necessary items will cost a mere £25 to cover the whole project. Apart from superb support for plant growth, the idea seems incredibly practical with elegance.

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13. Hydroponic Sprinkler Box


Turn your empty, wasteful container into a viable living place of indoor plants. The objectives are reasonably functional, letting you skip the hassle of frequent watering.

You’re to go through the six steps for completing the super-easy DIY project by yourself. Integration of one depicting video is likely to give you some additional insight into the process.

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14. Stealth Grow Box


The featured article covers almost everything you need to shape up the grow box. But the design precisely suits marijuana/cannabis than common vegetables or fruit trees.

Turning the old dresser into a functional grow box sounds like complete fun. Money-saving tips against the long list of necessary materials should help you with the project.

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15. Armoire Grow Box


If you don’t have any cabinet or PC casing, the armoire’s transformation is one great way to go. The process comes almost similar to the previously mentioned enclosed casing.

You’ll have to introduce the lighting facility with a fan system after removing the interior surfaces. Materials, procedure, result & update – the article features every necessary aspect.

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16. Indoor Plant Grow Tent

Growing the indoor plants like a pro without spending on complex grow box facility. The project is unbelievably simple without requiring any expertise or costly purchase.

The video demonstration primarily reveals the defining features of the outcome. Following the speeches should light up your mind with all the processing instructions.

17. Cloning Grow Tent


It’s one great way to grow almost anything without getting out of the house. The project intentionally transforms an industrial shelve unit into a tent.

Lack of further or supporting details poses somewhat challenging for the newbies. But the idea appears self-explanatory for anyone knowing the features.

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18. Marijuana Grow Box


Putting the aftermarket purchase aside, the article lets you make a complete setup for marijuana. Tent, light, filter, fabric pot, potting mix, seed, fertilizers – everything comes in one unit.

The throughout details come in relevant words to explore the separated segments. Every essential fact is addressed for you to grow cannabis without polluting the indoor environment.

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19. Indoor Seedling Grow Box


Mount the box on wall surfaces to save the indoor ground with the practical grow box design. Its first steps reveal all the necessary parts with materials in separate lists.

About eight steps are there to attenuate the entire job without pausing the implementation. Apart from the words, individual action features a good number of integrated pictures.

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20. Vertical Gardening Grow Box

The well-organized video reveals the ultimate hacks of getting yourself on an overhanging grow box. Obviously, the project requires some time for assembling the final parts to ensure free hanging.

It appears more like a woodworking project with several sized pieces, requiring a screwed joint. Covering the prepped box using suitable fabric holds the soil, allowing the excess water to drain.

21. Assembling Homemade Tent


Collecting the necessary supplies for the tent, you just need to assemble all the pieces in one unit. And the essential items come enlisted in the article with slight explanations.

Setting up the tent by yourself requires only five steps to complete the whole project. There is some additional info on the tent concerning with its placement, framing & fabric.

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22. Automated Grow Box


Anyone knowing the basics Arduino can attend the project, slightly larger than scrap ones. And the instructions start with a video integration to keep things entirely to the point.

There are eight steps in total regarding its implementation, following the details on the video. Each of the featured steps managed to cover every crucial fact, including the pictures.

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Making the ultimate grow box can’t get any simpler with the aforementioned methods. You just need to make your mind on the plants. Right there, it takes no time to find your ultimate project for the next weekend.

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