22 DIY Watering Can Projects – Best Watering Can Hacks 2021

Unless you are looking for a quick fix, you do not need to spend a lot of money purchasing a watering can when you can easily make one using items that can be found in your home.

In this DIY tutorial, I have listed several DIY watering can projects and ideas that you can DIY easily. I hope you find the perfect DIY watering can project for you.


1. How To Make A Watering Can


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I bring to you a unique guide that will show you three unique ways to make a watering can. These methods are great. But only ideal if you have a small garden. They are not necessarily ideal for use on a large farm. The making process is very easy to follow. It doesn’t require any special skill to make any of the watering cans.

2. DIY Kid Watering Can


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An actual watering might be too big for your kid to use. If your kid really wants to help in watering the plants in the garden, you can make this cute kid watering can for him or her. Trust me, your kid would love his or her new watering can. The making process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

3. How To Make A Watering Can With Waste Material

Here is another watering DIY project that is worthy of note. I love how the creator was able to make this amazing watering can using waste material. If you can get your hands on the materials he used, you would be able to make one for yourself too.

4. How To Make A Watering Can At Home

Trust me, the feeling of building stuff from the comfort of your home is one everyone should experience. In this DIY tutorial, 90% of what the creator used was old stuff that can be found in almost every home. I have a strong feeling that you would enjoy using this homemade watering can.

5. Foldable Watering Can


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I would recommend this DIY watering can for people who have small gardens. Due to the small nature of the can, it won’t be ideal for a large garden. However, if you are looking at saving space in your home, you should opt for this foldable watering can. The making process might stress you a little bit, but you would love the finished project.

6. DIY Recycled Watering Can


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I found this idea to be amazing. If you have items like this in your home, you can recycle them into a watering can. This DIY guide will show you all the steps you’ll need to make one of these. I love the handle of the watering can, it’s quite creative.

7. DIY Watering Can


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When I saw this, the first thing that came to my mind was “what a nice watering jar.” You can call it a jar or a can, regardless of what you call it, I think it is an amazing DIY project that you can make. The steps to making this watering can are quite easy to follow. You’ll need a couple of supplies.

8. DIY Recycled Watering Can


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Have a good look at this beauty. This is one watering can that would catch the attention of any of your friends who sees it. I mean, take a good look at the nozzle, it is very finely crafted. For the making, you will need to gather a few materials. You should be done making this in no time.

9. How To Make A Watering Can Using Corrugated Iron

If you are looking at making a watering can that look exactly like what you would purchase from a store? Here’s a tutorial to watch. In this DIY project, the creator will take you through the complete process of making a watering can with corrugated iron. This isn’t one of those easy tasks, it would take your time and energy.

10. DIY Watering Can From Oil Can

Every home has an oil can, instead of throwing away old oil cans, you can turn them into a watering can. This guide shows you the whole process of converting an oil can into a watering can. With the materials handy, you would be done in no time.

11. Lazy Susan Watering Can DIY


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With this kind of watering can, you would barely run out of water. This kind of watering can is ideal if you are looking at watering a lot of plants. For the making process, you would need a couple of supplies.

12. DIY Watering Can With Milk Bottle


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Here’s another project you can make if you have kids who are keen about watering the plants. For this project, you do not need a whole lot of supplies. All you would need is a milk bottle and a skewer. The making process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.

13. DIY Watering Can From Fanta Can


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This DIY tutorial is not as hard as it looks, the major challenge is getting the tools required to make this, the rest would be like a walk in the park. All the processes required to make this DIY watering can be seen in the DIY tutorial. You are just a click away from making this for yourself.

14. DIY Watering Can With Crystals


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I also came across this beauty. Take a second to imagine how beautiful your home would look after making this DIY watering can. I think this is a great outdoor decor idea. The making process won’t take a lot of time to build. With the required materials, you would be done in no time.

15. DIY Watering Can For Kids


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Here’s another great watering project that you can make for your kid. However, for efficiency, this can would need a nearby water supply, as you can see in the image above, there’s a bucket nearby, all the kid has to do is fetch and water the plants. A bucket of water is necessary for this DIY watering can to work.

16. DIY Simple Watering Can

Using a plastic water bottle and a straw, the creator was able to craft this simple watering can. It is small but would still perform the watering task. I would only recommend this watering can for people who have a few plants in their homes. This watering can, won’t be ideal if you have a lot of plants in your home.

17. How To Fix A Leaking Watering Can

Why do you want a DIY watering can guide, is your watering leaking? Here’s a tutorial that will show you how to possibly fix a leaking watering can. The process of repairing a bad watering-can requires a lot of tools. If you don’t have most of the tools handy, you can settle for making a cheap DIY watering can.

18. DIY Watering Can Fix


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When the shower tip of my watering-can broke, I was able to use this tutorial to build a new one. If you are in this shoe too, you might want to check this DIY guide out. This is a great fix, I tried it and it worked for me.

19. Sprayed DIY Watering Can


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I noticed that a lot of people transform containers into watering cans, while this process is quite easy-to-follow. Most people just boreholes, add water, and start using. I love the fact that this creator used spray to make his watering-can look a whole better than most watering cans I have seen that are made out of containers.

20. DIY Watering Can With Fairy Lights


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This idea was included for the design lovers. I found this watering can with fairy lights to be pretty amazing. This would be a cool design to try out during Christmas. I think it is ideal for a rustic themed house outdoor decor needs. Trust me, this watering-can with fairy lights would most definitely add a spark to your home.

21. Copper Watering Can

Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can for Outdoor and Indoor House Plants, 40oz

Are you looking for a quick fix to your watering can needs?. You can purchase this watering can. It is very affordable and quite beautiful too. It’s one of few watering cans that would make your neighbor want one so bad, after seeing you use it.

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22. DIY Mason Jar Watering Can


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While doing my research, I also found out that you can convert a mason jar into a watering can. The process is very simple, it won’t take more than 4 minutes to complete. All instructions can be found on the DIY guide.

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