25 DIY File Cabinet Projects – How To Make A File Cabinet

Having a file cabinet is an amazing way to organize files in your office or home. In this article, I have made a list of 25 DIY file cabinet projects and plans that will help you to build your very own file cabinet.

I also included makeover ideas that you can use to give your old cabinet a new look.


1. DIY File Cabinet For Office


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I must confess, Traci really did a great job putting together this fantastic file cabinet. This DIY file cabinet project will not show you how to build a file cabinet from scratch, rather, it will show you how to add a file cabinet to an already existing cabinet. What she was able to achieve is pretty amazing. You can make this too using her idea.

2. DIY File Cabinet Transformation


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For this DIY file cabinet transformation, you will need a whole lot of tools. I love how the creator was able to transform this cabinet into the beautiful file cabinet you are currently looking at. The transformation process is quite easy to follow.

3. DIY Filing Chest


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Just by looking at this file cabinet, you can tell that it will look great in your office. Also, you do not need a whole lot of tools to make this filing chest. The steps are pretty straightforward. If you are the kind who deals with a lot of files, you should consider making this, it has space to contain a lot of files.

4. DIY Reclaimed Industrial Filing Cabinet

Using barn wood and old wall studs, the creator was able to piece together this fantastic DIY file cabinet. If you are into reclaimed wood projects, you should check this out. The making process is quite easy to follow. Also, this DIY file cabinet looks quite durable.

5. Milk Crate File Cabinet DIY


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This DIY project will teach you how to make a file cabinet from an old milk crate. This is one of those low budget projects that won’t require you to spend too much. This DIY file cabinet can be used in the office or home for proper organization of files.

6. Revamped File Cabinet


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Is your current file cabinet looking old? Here’s a hack that you can use to revamp your file cabinet. The DIY file cabinet makeover is not as hard as it looks, with a couple of supplies and this guide, you would make your file cabinet look a whole lot better.

7. How To Build A Huge Desk With Two File Cabinets


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Here’s one of those projects that might take a couple of days to complete, however, if you have the strength, you can finish this project in a day with 100% dedication. In this DIY file cabinet project, the creator will show you how to make a huge desk with two file cabinets. You’ll love it.

8. DIY Built-in Cabinet


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From the workshop of Jenwoodhouse, presents this amazingly outstanding cabinet project. For the making process, you would need a lot of woodworking equipment. This file cabinet would look great in your home or your office. Also, feel free to use any color of paint that would suit your home decor.

9. How To Make A File Cabinet Desk


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This project looks like a tough one right? It actually isn’t. If you are like me who has a lot of files to store, you should opt for this DIY file cabinet. Using three metal filing cabinets and some wood, the creator was able to make this amazing desk. Check out the tutorial to make this for yourself.

10. How To Makeover An Old File Cabinet


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Are you tired of seeing that old black file cabinet? With help from this guide, you will have an idea on how to give an old file cabinet a sweet makeover that would align with the decor of your home or office. The transformation process is short and easy to follow.

11. DIY Filing Cabinet Build


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Where are the rustic fans in the house? Okay, words cannot express the love I have for this filing cabinet. Built from scrap wood, this file cabinet will look good in your office, home, school, or just about anywhere with files for storage.

12. DIY Filing Cabinet Out Of Wood

If you are looking at your filing cabinets having a more modern look, then you should check out this guide. The making process of this filing cabinet would require the use of woodworking tools. You would also need to have woodworking skills.

13. How To Make A Filing Cabinet

Here’s one of those guides that really break down the complete making process. In this DIY tutorial, the creator will show you how to make these amazing file cabinets. The finished work looks so pretty. The making process involves the use of woodworking equipment.

14. Turn Wood Crate To Into A Filing Cabinet

I love great hacks, especially the ones that are 100% useful. In this quick DIY guide, the creator will take you on a tour of how she was able to turn a wooden crate into a filing cabinet. The transformation process doesn’t require huge woodworking tools.

15. DIY File Cabinet Build

If you have a computer desk in your office without a cabinet, I bet there are times you wished you had a cabinet. In this DIY guide, you will learn how to build this amazing cabinet from scratch.

16. Spray Painted DIY File Cabinet


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Here’s yet another makeover project. Most times, all your old cabinet needs is a proper makeover to look great again. Before throwing it away, give that cabinet a chance to look outstanding. This guide will show you how to spray paint your file cabinet.

17. How To Make Over Your Old File Cabinet


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After looking at the “before” image of this DIY file cabinet, I was in awe, how was “that” transformed into “this?” The transformation of this file cabinet requires a whole lot of supplies. The process of transformation is quite easy to follow.

18. DIY File Cabinet Makeover


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I just couldn’t help but include this DIY file cabinet makeover project on our list of DIY file cabinet projects. Unlike the previous makeover guide, lesser supplies were used to give this file cabinet a new look.

19. How To Make A Walnut Cabinet


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I think this walnut cabinet would look great in your office, it would also look great in your home. The making process involves the use of woodworking tools and also requires woodworking skills. If you do not like the wood finish, you can add some extra spice to the overall cabinet after building it.

20. DIY File Cabinet Plans


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I came across these free furniture plans that might be of help to a professional woodworker. The making process is quite easy to follow if you have experience in woodworking. Also, I think you will be able to use this plan if you are a novice in woodworking.

21. How To Make A Two File Drawer Cabinet

If most of the file cabinet projects listed in this article seem too big for you, here’s a small one that would most likely fit into that small space. This DIY file cabinet tutorial is easy to follow. You would be done in no time. You would need a couple of woodworking tools to make it, however.

22. DIY Homemade File Cabinet

For those of you looking for fancy projects, here’s one that you would love. In this DIY project, the creator was able to make this fantastic file cabinet using strips of walnut and maple which makes the file cabinet look astonishing. The making process won’t be like a walk in the park, but you’d eventually get the hang of it.

23. How To Build A Stackable Filing Cabinet


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This isn’t a stand-alone cabinet like others, but I think it is great, especially for people who do not have extra room for a standalone file cabinet in their office or home. You can keep this file cabinet on already existing things like your desk, or an already existing cabinet.

24. How To Cover A Filing Cabinet With Contact Paper


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Another cool way of revamping your old filing cabinet is by covering it with contact paper. Here’s a quick guide that will show you how to properly cover a file cabinet with contact paper.

25. Transform Shelf To File Cabinet

In this DIY file cabinet project, you will learn how to transform a Kallax shelf into a flat-file cabinet. This is a fantastic hack that will sweep you off your feet. The transformation process is quite easy to follow.

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