15 DIY Kayak Trailer Ideas You Can Build Easily

Loading the kayaks on a vehicle’s roof or other classic means initiate a mess. But a rightful trailer can save you on wallet, effort & time. And we’re specifically talking about the homemade ones only.

There are different DIY kayak trailer ideas to get your kayaks onboard. Start checking the most suitable ones to haul the cargo comfortably.


1. Reliable Kayak Trailer Option


Converting a standard kayak angler into a carrying trailer can solve the problem. And the tutorial lets you locate the perfect option, considering all the primary requirements.

It utilizes a Harbor Freight to carry one single, large-sized kayak upon attachment. You’ll have to go through the wordy details to understand the core operation of its assembly.

Unfortunately, there are no defined steps or standstill images to help with the process. Spending on the mere explanation should help you to figure out the necessary steps.

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2. Simple Trailer Transformation

It takes no time to transform an utterly wasteful trailer into a functional one. The video demonstrates a simple method to perp a reliable kayak trailer.

A list of some of the necessary materials follows the onscreen depiction. Certain portion to explain the facts continues in normal playback speed to explore specs.

But the processing intentionally induces a time-lapse motion to save your eyes. You don’t need any further background word; the dynamics come self-explanatory.

3. Stepwise Kayak Trailer Guide


No more exhausting kayak carriage with tedious loading, balancing & unloading. The ultimate hack enables you to manage almost everything in proper order. Right after the introduction, you’ll get to gather all the necessary materials as per the list.

And you’re to watch the integrated video to understand the throughout task in the real-life event. Watching the dynamic presentation will help you to adapt the points with more clarity. There are two following sections to cover the construction of its deck & both racks.

You’re to conduct the 4 points to finish the deck for moving towards the rack. Coming to the rack, you should follow the pointed tips on attaching the deck first. Though the bottom rack comes with only three steps, the top rack features seven defined steps.

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4. Homemade Kayak Trailer Rehab


Converting any utility trailer into a functional kayak trailer appears one trending practice. And the featured article focuses on converting an old, functionally invalid boat trailer.

The actual transformation consists of bar padding with a definite pair of t-post fabric. It’s likely to require some modifications to become capable of carrying the kayak’s load.

You can easily rack your kayak in an upside-down position to strap it to the bars. Minimal words with supporting images should explain the task with understandable statements.

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5. Multipurpose Kayak Trailer

Once again, you’re to utilize any random trailer to make a homemade conversion. For the best part, the outcome remains suitable for multipurpose applications.

The depiction comes rather simple, letting you catch the process easily. And the live commentary should give the appropriate guidance on its implementation.

Playback in a normal motion makes the video somewhat longer than standard. But you can surely cover all the essential points to attend a successful conversion.

6. Cargo Hauling Kayak Trailer

No more tricks with the hauling of cargo in nearby lakes, ponds, or other lagoons. The tutorial reveals a peculiar hack to carry the kayaks on the back of your transport.

It’s a video-based article containing minimal words on the project explanation. You just need to watch the 7-minute video closely to understand the whole process.

7. Improvised Kayak Trailer

The processing comes rather simple with any ordinary trailer available in the house. It’s one of the simplest ways to set for your destination within time.

You just need to install the shallow tubes for making the guard rails. Putting the water sewage pipes in an organized manner will help to uphold the kayak.

8. Kayak Trailer How-to Guide


Harbor freight is indeed the most suitable option to save the framework within the budget. The well-organized content includes a defined material list with pointed steps for clarity.

The included Table of Contents will immediately reveal the segments to cover the task. And the startup explores the necessary materials with supporting details.

There are six certain steps to implement the objectives, the last one being optional. Lack of images barely obstructs the flow, thanks to the simple yet insightful stepwise guidance.

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9. Key Facts of Kayak Trailer

It demonstrates the physical configuration of customized homemade trailers. The presentation comes somewhat different in terms of video tutorials. For the confusion over the project startup, you should consider some essential factors.

And the dynamic motion presents six stages of your cycle with the structure. It delightfully continues with introduction, startup, 2nd version & final version. Right after the disastrous failure, you’ll get to understand the influential considerations.

10. Heavy-Duty Freight Trailer


An excellent steel setup comes forward to save the wallet, installing hassle & carriage troubles. The article explicitly uses Harbor freight to shape up the final structure.

Of course, the processing starts with the freight’s assembly to establish the mainframe. But the uniqueness comes with its sturdy metal rail like no other. It’ll take considerable time to interconnect all the pieces together with screws, bracing plates & supports.

There are several pictures to capture the ongoing operation to present a definite stage. However, all the segmented steps let you know the tasks, not explanations.

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11. Back-Saving Kayak Trailer


Skip the tedious job of unloading expensive, custom, hoisting kayaks from your van. The DIY project lets you make one functional kayak trailer for $400 only. Introductory discussion concerns with available options to follow the beginning of the suffered story.

Solid steel platform of Harbor Freight lets you customize the design with lumbers & metal pipes. The operation actually begins with the assembled framing of the purchased freight trailer. And decisive customization comes with three distinctive segments – lower rack, deck & upper rack.

Each section features sufficient words to explain the job for any passionate adventurers. There are many captured images with the details, depicting the whole implementation. Not to say, pictures managed to occupy the major portion of the intended article.

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12. Story on Kayak Trailer


A convincing, motivational, insightful story ends up creating a cheap kayak trailer right at home. Purchasing a small utility trailer happens to undergo some indoor modifications.

There comes no pointed steps or specific tips in bullet points to hold your notice. Instead, the article features ten separated segments to cover all the fundamental working points. You’re sure to enjoy the somewhat different yet plausible presentation of the project.

Initial look at the content, the job may seem tedious or boring for many interested DIYers. Slight thinking on any obstruction can induce a preferably cheap way to address the issue.

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13. Utility – Kayak Trailer

Turning your utility trailer into a kayak trailer seems one easy job with the tutorial. The video comes self-explanatory, even without the background commentary.

Sizing up the wooden pieces will enable you to make drilled holes for attachment. And the bolts impart a suitable locking facility to secure the imposed kayaks.

14. Utility Trailer Conversion


Investing in a simple DIY kayak trailer can backup your wallet, transport & carriage. The article specifically uses some pipes to repurpose an invalid trailer with Kee Klamp Fittings.

Despite the absence of defined segments, the sections are easy enough to understand. Simple words with supporting images are capable of providing all the necessary specs in detail.

And the final part includes basic setup configuration – Specs, Time, What’s Included & What’s Not. The idea isn’t available for free; you’ll have to buy the project for a decent price tag.

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15. Converted Kayak/Camping Trailer

15. Converted KayakCamping Trailer

Haul the kayaks with camping gear for the entire family with a standard trailer on the back. The project costs a mere total of $363 at the time of its implementation. Starting with a simple Harbor Freight, you can easily transform into a usable trailer in a reasonable time.

There are 15 steps in total, covering every detail you’ll need to know on the job. As it happens, the first step concerns with the enlisting of necessary materials. You’re to continue assembling the basic frame with simultaneous prepping of supporting parts.

Though the number of steps is somewhat large, the task comes simple with minimal effort. And assembling & connecting the parts undeniably covers the majority of this project. Not to mention, each step includes standstill images, some featuring one singular picture.

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There’s no need to empty the wallet over a fancy yet costly purchase. Build your custom homemade kayak trailer with available resources. And at least one of the aforementioned options is likely to hit the mind.

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