4 Wonderful Ideas to Save Storage in a Small Kitchen

Are you having trouble finding room for everything in your tiny space? Lack of storage can be an inconvenience in smaller kitchens.

Fortunately, the internet offers many terrific ideas for increasing storage space. You can read about four of them here.

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Maximize Cabinet Use

Kitchen cabinets provide essential storage in any home. First, make sure you have enough cupboards to hold critical items. Then, you can apply the organization tips below.


Since you have little space in your kitchen, to begin with, it’s critical to keep only the essentials in your cabinets. Select the items you use most frequently, and arrange them carefully.

If you have small appliances or cookware that you use only a few times a year, you may choose to keep them elsewhere. For example, you might have room in a closet or the garage.

Wire Racks

Sometimes there’s too much clearance between shelves in a cabinet, resulting in ineffective use of space. You can install wire racks to divide the area and use it more efficiently.

Having more shelves enables you to organize effectively. You’ll be able to determine a specific place for each item.

Door Storage

There’s often space available inside cupboard doors. You may choose to put in hooks or racks to hold items like utensils, spice containers, or plastic bags.

Vertical Plate Racks

You might notice that you could fit more plates in a cabinet by standing them instead of stacking. A vertical rack allows you to maximize the use of space by storing these items upright.

Consider Built-In Appliances

You can make the most of the limited kitchen space by installing appliances against the wall and flush with the cupboards. Building dishwashers, microwaves, wine coolers, and refrigerators into the cabinetry provides a sleek and sophisticated look.

Lining everything up in this way can help reduce clutter. You’ll end up with simple elegance that you can decorate as you choose.

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Built-in appliances make cleaning easier since they eliminate small spaces where dirt can accumulate. They look terrific and can increase your home’s resale value.

If you bake a lot, a built-in oven can be more convenient, as its additional height makes it easier to access. You can check on your food without having to bend down.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

If your kitchen has empty walls, consider using them to store items. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Hanging Items on the Wall

Small kitchens often lack space to put away pots, pans, and cooking utensils. You can store these on a wall. Cutting boards can also serve as decoration if you opt to hang them.

A magnetic bar allows you to stick knives to the wall, or you may choose to craft a pegboard organizer for hanging items. It can give you a place to store coffee cups or utensils.

Look Up

You may have unused space on top of the refrigerator, microwave, or cabinets. By placing little-used items up high, you keep them in the kitchen without taking up room inside your cupboards.

If you have an island, you might choose to hang pots, pans, or utensils above it. They can even provide a decorative touch while resolving a practical problem.

Area Under Cabinets

Consider installing hooks on the underside of your cupboards to hang teacups or coffee mugs. Some people also choose to place the microwave on a suspended shelf under a cabinet.

If you need more space for pantry items like noodles, rice, or popcorn, Mason jars may resolve the issue for you. Attach the lids to the bottom of your cupboards, and the containers will screw on for under-cabinet storage.

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Shelves or Small Cupboards

You can install shelves or small cabinets above windows. Storage racks can go on the sides of your cupboards or pantry. You may also choose to place them under a staircase if you have one in the kitchen.

Taller Cabinets

You might also want to consider installing ceiling-height cabinetry. In this way, you guarantee more storage space, and the items you place up high aren’t visible. Tall cupboards with crown molding provide an elegant touch.

Stacking Boxes

You can save shelf or counter space by investing in storage boxes. Nesting options are available in department stores, or you could find ones with lids and stack them.

Add an Island

If you have unused floor space in your kitchen, you may want to consider installing an island. It can perform multiple functions.

Counter Space

An island will give you more room to prepare food. Carefully planning will enable you to make the most of it.

For example, if you plan to use this space to chop vegetables, you may want a built-in sink. On the other hand, you could include an oven if you expect to use the island for baking.

Additional Storage

The area under the island’s counter automatically allows for storage. If your island is a baking station, you might want to keep mixing bowls, cookie sheets, and cooling racks in this space.

You may also choose to install shelves or cabinets above the island. They can significantly increase your available storage.

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Kitchen Seating

Your island can serve as a table with bar stools that can slide underneath when not in use. Friends or family can sit there during meal preparation. It’s also an excellent place for kids to do homework or stay nearby while parents cook.

Electrical Outlets and Appliances

If your small kitchen suffers from a lack of outlets, you may choose to install more on your island. Then, you can operate small appliances there. Here are some examples:

  • Espresso machine
  • Mixer
  • Toaster oven
  • Food processor
  • Blender

Take Away

It’s challenging to find room for everything in a tiny kitchen, but there are workable solutions. First, consider how to organize essential items in your cabinets. Built-in appliances can also save space.

With careful planning, you can make the most of the vertical room available. An island may also provide the extra space you need. All of these possibilities enable you to maximize storage in your small kitchen.

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