Ideas For a Creative Present

Although you know your friends or family members well, choosing the right present for them is sometimes problematic – you don’t know what they need; you wonder whether to select a practical or more imaginative gift. You don’t want your significant other to get bored with your presents, but at the same time, you worry about making it too creative and bizarre.

What’s the solution, then? Well, an ideal gift should be well-thought and adjusted to the person’s needs. But apparently, there are a few ideas and tricks that can help you prepare a creative, but fairly universal gift. Read on, and you’ll see what they’re like!

Make Some DIY

  • a personalized T-shirt

Well, a T-shirt as such may not be the most original gift idea, but if you make it more personal by, for example, adding embroidery, a photo, or some badges, it can become more original.

There are various ways of personalizing clothes. You can find some more information about this topic on the site of Tee Junction.

DIY is a dangerous field of present preparation because it’s easy to make it too fancy and overdone. However, a little effort of personalization can create a good impression on the recipient. What are the best DIY present ideas?

  • a candle


Almost everybody loves candles – especially those who take excellent care of their interior design. Thus, a handmade candle can be a brilliant gift idea on any occasion. If you also decide to wrap it up in a creative way, it will become a perfect gift.

Of course, if you don’t feel like making the whole candle by yourself, you can buy a simple white one and customize it.

You can find some tips on how to make or customize a candle here.

  • a customized photo frame

A photo frame is another universal item that barely everyone will appreciate as a gift. Of course, you can simply buy one and then put a photo inside, but a DIY photo frame will be considered a more personal present.

You can start off with getting a plain, white frame, and then customize it with stickers, sprays, and other decorations. The photo is also important – try to choose a meaningful one. You might also want to add an inspirational quote to it.

Create an Original Voucher

Create an Original Voucher

Shopping vouchers could undoubtedly be on the list of the most boring present ideas. But how about more creative ones?

You can create a special voucher, for example, for ‘spending more time together,’ or for ‘an adventurous weekend in the mountains’ – it would be an excellent idea for a partner or spouse.

Along the same lines, you can design a voucher for a kid – for instance, for ‘two hours of playing,’ or ‘a fancy afternoon with friends’ – there are numerous ideas for that. Some of them are available here.

Provided that you print the voucher and wrap it up in a nice way, it could be a brilliant idea for everyone who enjoys non-materialistic presents. It can also promote the concept of slow life and tighten family bonds.

A Jar for Memories

If you are giving a present to someone who is really close to you, it’s a great opportunity to create a so-called ‘jar for memories.’

What is it? It’s an actual jar (a customized one) that you fill in with memories. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? You might put some little pieces of paper inside, and write some moments or situations that you spend together there. You can think of some dates and more details.

Then, the recipient may continue this tradition and put some more souvenirs there. This way, you can create a unique source of inspiration and the story of your relationship.

A Unique Journal or Diary

Not everyone is keen on keeping a journal, but once it’s highly personalized and original, it can become a favorite everyday tool.

Think of buying your significant other a DIY journal, diary, or calendar – it should have stickers, colorful pages, personalized covers. It can become a great source of inspiration and motivation.

For those who need to get organized, and think more about their goals and needs, a bullet journal will be a great gift. It will help to keep things neat and sorted.

To see some examples of such customized journals, have a look here.


Choosing a perfect gift might be a challenge, especially if you really want the recipient to appreciate it. However, the presents described in this article are both practical and personal.

A bullet journal can help in getting things organized, while an original voucher, for example, can be a starting point for spending more time together. If you enjoy DIY, you might want to use some ideas of this kind and prepare a customized T-shirt, a photo frame, or a candle.

All in all, remember that intention is always what counts the most!

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