How to Clean a Table Saw Blade – Circular Saw Blade Cleaning

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

Over time, your table saw will accumulate dirt from the process of cutting. This can affect how well it runs and the results it delivers. It is, therefore, essential to clean it properly to ensure it cuts smoothly and accurately.

The blade is an essential part of your table saw hence the need to maintain it in good condition. If you just owned your first table saw and wondering how to maintain the blade, read on. In this article, you will learn how to clean your table saw blade in simple steps. Of course, you can clean the circular saw blade and other saw blades with the below steps.

When Should You Clean your Table Saw Blade Or  Circular Saw Blade?

Clean a Table Saw Blade


It can be challenging to tell when your table saw blade needs cleaning. But, a rule of thumb is to inspect for any build-up of pitch and resin. You need to take the blade out of the saw to ascertain the level of build-up.

If most of the blade teeth are covered by the build-up, then it is time to clean up. If you find just a little build-up wiping it down with a damp cloth can do. Ideally, you should clean the blade at least two times a year. However, you might need to clean it more often if you use it consistently.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Table Saw Blade?

Need To Clean Your Table Saw Blade

The process utilizes items that you probably have at home. If you do not have all, you can find them in your local hardware store.

  • Clean water & Aluminum pan
  • Plastic or soft wire brush
  • Cleaning agent
  • Protective glove

Selecting the Right Cleaning Agent

There are many cleaning agents to choose from online. However, not all are suitable for cleaning your tile saw blade. Some agents are corrosive and can easily dig into the metal and compromise its quality.

Some of the best cleaning agents are citrus cleaners. They are versatile, and the formulas are usually mild to use on metal. These cleaners strip grease off quickly and are relatively affordable for most people.

Oven cleaners seem to work; however, they are all eco-friendly and biodegradable. You should be careful using such cleaners since some have shown to cause more damage than good. If you can, stay away from such cleaners and go for eco-friendlier ones.

All-purpose cleaners are suitable and readily available in most stores. Most are made to suit industrial cleaning, therefore ideal for cleaning tools and similar items. If you cannot access an all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent can work well.

The Video Tutorial about How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Table Saw Blade

  1. Preparing The Cleaning Solution

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade01

First, get a tray or large container to mix your cleaning solution. Use one part of the cleaning agent and two parts of water. You might need to add more cleaning agent if your blade has a lot of grime and grease.

  1. Removing the Blade

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade02

Remove the blade from the saw taking caution to prevent injury. Be mindful of the sharp teeth, and hold it towards the center for safety. It is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual to ensure you follow the right procedure when removing it.

  1. Soaking the Blade

Carefully place the blade inside the container with the cleaning solution. Make sure it is completely submerged all around. Leave it in for about 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

You should note, however, if your table saw blade has lots of grime and grease, you should leave it longer. Also, depending on the ratio of water to the cleaning agent, you can let it soak longer or shorter.

  1. Cleaning the Blade

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade03

With a soft wire brush, scrub the gunk and build-up off the blade. Start scrubbing lightly on areas where the build-up is extensive. This step will expose the layers underneath for the solution to work on.

If you do not have a wire brush, use a toothbrush to scrub. Be careful when doing this, and pay attention to the teeth. You want to keep your fingers as far as possible when cleaning.

  1. Soaking Once More

If your blade has accumulated too much gunk, soak it again and leave it for a few minutes. Usually, grime and resin tend to stick to the surface of the blade. These can be hard to remove with a single soak.

  1. Rinsing

Check if every part of the blade is clean, and all the grease has dissolved. Remove it from the container and place it on a flat surface. Use clean water to rinse, ensuring you pay attention to the teeth.

  1. Drying

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade04

Use a paper towel to pat the blade dry. You might want to leave out for a while to dry completely. You can also use a blow-dryer if you intend to install it immediately.

  1. Installing the Blade

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade05

Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual and re-install the blade. Ensure the blade is completely dry to prevent rusting after reinstallation.

How to maintenance your circular saw blades

After cleaning your table saw blade for the first time, it is crucial to maintain it in the right condition. You want it to last a long time and function well all through. Here are tips you can follow:

  • Take care of rust immediately you spot it. Rusting happens quickly and can quickly destroy the quality of the blade.
  • Lubricate the blade regularly to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Clean the table saw blade a few times a year. Waiting for excessive build-up can compromise how well it functions.
  • Once in a while, use a small brush to clean between the teeth lightly. It will ensure they remain sharp for longer.

Conclusion-8 TIPs For Cleaning Table Saw Blade

The importance of keeping your table saw blade cannot be emphasized enough. A clean blade cuts through accurately and contributes to the smooth running of the saw. The steps above can help you clean your table saw blade quickly and efficiently.

Here is a quick run-down:

  • Choose the cleaning agent.
  • Mix with water to make the cleaning solution.
  • Remove the blade from the saw.
  • Soak it in the solution.
  • Use a soft brush and scrub.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Dry it completely.
  • Re-install the blade.

Feel free to comment with any questions that you have regarding the process and let us know how this procedure works for you.

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