25 Guest Bathroom Ideas – Decor & Design

These guest bathroom ideas will surely receive tonnes of compliments from any visitor that happens to visit your house.

25 Guest Bathroom Ideas To Leave Your Guests Astonished


A Little Something For Your Guests

An easy way to make your house decor look inviting is to focus on the interior.

This also includes the interior of your guest bathrooms in particular!

You could even convert a powder room into a guest room if you keep reading our article below.

A guest bathroom usually has small space available but it is also the place where most of your visitors get to have an image of your style.

So you might want to make it look impressive without spending too much!

1. The Pearlescent Calm

1)The Pearlescent Calm

Source: houzz.com

It is rather remarkable how an interplay of pearly white combinations can contribute to such a soothing and impressive guest bathroom! The lighting on the mirror depicts lamp shades whereas a silver pot has been arranged to display a touch of nature. Everything from the white cabinets to the porcelain-tinted shelves is extremely well balanced and delighting!

2. Black Magnum

2)Black Magnum

White and black are the yin and yang in this bathroom! The black vanity cabinets are rimmed by white washbasins whereas the tiles give a hint of the luxury matte shade of vintage grey. The shower area is demarcated by a sliding glass door with pebbled tiles that give it a unique texture and exquisite flavor!

3. Pastel Blues

3)Pastel Blues

Sometimes it is all about playing with the right color of paint and the choice of decorative items. Even though this bathroom is very simple, it has an invitational look, thanks to the Turkish blue paint and the floating shelves displaying decorative items. The white is very well contrasted with the blue, and the lighting is neither too bright nor too dim!

4. Fresh Dandelions

4)Fresh Dandelions

An earthy and fresh vibe can be easily imparted with either the placement of faux plants or those that can thrive naturally. The warm-toned lighting coupled with the luxurious bathroom hardware is giving us major goals! You can always top it up with your favorite set of frames to give it a personalized touch.

5. Splendor Maximus

5)Splendor Maximus

Alternatively, you can make your bathroom as chic as you would normally spot in high-end and expensive restaurants. It can all be done by selecting the right design of toilet seats and mirrors. The washbasin is a frosted glass resembling the shape of a flower. The two-tier cabinet has bathroom essentials that make it look very welcoming and relaxing. Also, notice the hanging apex lights which give it grand splendor!

6. A Grand Welcome

6)A Grand Welcome

You can also make your bathroom look this inviting by the clever picking of houseware items. The lighting is the most prominent feature whereas the exquisite marble vanity complements it. The use of decorative items and shiny silver faucets gives it a customized touch and the stack of guest towels dedicate their entirety to its purpose! Also, notice the peanut butter painted walls that give it a warm glow!

7. Glossy Mustard

7)Glossy Mustard

Instead of renovating your entire bathroom, try repainting it for a fresh glow. This bathroom is very plain but is giving a lot of radiant vibes by the uplifting cool-toned yellow color paint. The addition of white faux flowers gives it a natural glow whereas the glossy black faucets give this bathroom an elegant grunge look!

8. Trip To Venice

8)Trip To Venice

Source: i.pinimg.com

A smoked grey theme bathroom is the perfect way to achieve modern contemporary vibes. The Chester piece vanity coupled with regular white toilet seats executes an interesting blend of colors whereas the picture frame above the toilet seat makes this bathroom look almost out of a memory! The pink flower pot gives these monochromes a pop of necessary vibrance!

9. On The Country-Side

9)On The Country-Side

Alternatively, you could make your bathroom look extremely homey and welcoming by using cottage housing themes. Notice the welcoming display of towels and other essentials on the vanity whereas the tiers of the shelves are hidden behind faded peach curtains.

10. Necessary Partitions

10)Necessary Partitions

A great way to make your bathroom segregated is to include partitions! This makes cleaning much easier and also adds more to a good bathroom experience. The powder room can be made more personalized by the addition of a cute set of frames.

11. The Ultimate Sophistication

11) The Ultimate Sophistication

Another white and black themed bathroom is backed up or reinforced by the addition of Rhino-grey paint! This paint is complemented well by the abstract pattern curtains. The use of black-framed mirrors and picture frames makes it look like a guest bathroom that has been loaded with a lot of style and customization!

12. The Brightest White

12) The Brightest White

There is nothing more calming and serene than an all-white bathroom. The brilliant illumination along with soothing undertones can make any hard day at work well served by a nice hot bath. Placing plants by the window sill gives an earthy scent whereas the unique faucet shape of the washbasin makes this bathroom look ever so beautifully crafted!

13. The Glorified Radiance

13)The Glorified Radiance

Source: hometalk.com

A long-length window is a great way to harbor more natural light without having to spend much on the lighting. Also, notice the wooden ladder piece being used on top of the toilet seat to hold all drapings. The picture frame is placed in contrast with the midnight blue paint color. It is a very simple yet wholesome bathroom!

14. A Bohemian Fairytale

14) A Bohemian Fairytale

You can always place an Aztec or Boho themed rug in your bathroom to pamper your feet when you retire after a long day at work. It is always a good idea to place uplifting quotes in your bathroom along with plant arrangements that keep you connected with nature!

15. Welcome, Your Majesty!

15) Welcome, Your Majesty!

What a royal entry this bathroom can make. All of this is done just by the use of a vintage floral pattern wallpaper in gold tones. The mirror and vanity represent royal victorian architecture to make it look lavish and extravagant. The warm-toned lighting blends in with the warm undertones of the wallpaper. The natural light pouring in through the windows also does the trick!

16. Calm With Aquatics

16) Calm With Aquatics

Indulge yourself in the ultimate aquatic themed bathroom. If you are someone who resonates with calming blue colors of the ocean, then this bathroom idea is for you! The biggest impact is made by the use of distinct and unique ocean blue sinks which seem to have almost a watery texture! The wood flooring gives it a luxurious vibe whereas the cool-toned lighting makes it look very well lit!

17. Home Sweet Home!

17) Home Sweet Home!

Source: i.pinimg.com

This washroom is such a pleasing sight to look at. The welcoming arrangement of grid baskets on the floating shelves gives it a very caressing vibe. The wooden quotation and the hanging plant pots, all contribute to a very welcoming vibe. The use of brown panel tiles complements so well with the warm-toned theme of this washroom. A shower area is also included in this small washroom, which demonstrates good use of space!

18. Memories From Maldives

18) Memories From Maldives

Notice the use of excellent transitions in the textures of this bathroom. The shower area is made from rugged brick-like tiles whereas the washing area is composed of smooth and soothing marbles. The orange flower arrangement goes hand in hand with the frame. The generous amount of light seeping in through the window makes this entire bathroom look divine!

19. Time To Unwind

19) Time To Unwind

Source: freshome.com

Your guests deserve some luxury too! So pamper them with a nice hot tub whilst displaying some shower essentials on the bathtub plank. Dark brown cabinets contrast well with the porcelain whites in this bathroom. The white flower arrangements make this bathroom look almost breathtaking!

20. Craving For Crystals

20) Craving For Crystals

Sometimes it is all about displaying your prized decorative items to uplift the entire aura of a guest bathroom. The use of crystal crockery in white and light themed bathrooms is an excellent idea. You can also couple this with geometrically aesthetic mirror shapes to give your guest bathroom a more personalized look!

21. Black & Gold Floral Fantasies

21) Black & Gold Floral Fantasies

Source: decoist.com

In order to execute the ultimate powder room, an impactful wallpaper like this one can do the trick. Also, make sure to couple it up with the right sort of vanity, so it does not feel like an odd one out! Adding a candle or two will give it a royal and luxurious look!

22. A Touch Of Exuberance

22) A Touch Of Exuberance

This shiny beige floating sink and the glass bowl make this bathroom look so unique. It has an empowering look, and all of this can be achieved within a good budget. The warm undertones are set up against cool-toned lighting to demonstrate interesting lighting blends.

23. Narrow Corridors

23)Narrow Corridors

Source: hzcdn.com

This is a perfect example of how even bathrooms as narrow as this one can be imparted a grand touch by the right lighting and vanity selection!

24. Perfect Blends

24)Perfect Blends

Source: i.pinimg.com

The same grey color is put into the spotlight, but with transitioning textures. The white bathtub adds more to the definition of this bathroom!

25. The Grid

25) The Grid

A grid-style wallpaper goes hand in hand with a grid-style trolley to stack in all those towels! The shower area has excellent matte black fittings which give this bathroom further enhancement of style.

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