9-homemade router-sled-plans

9 Homemade Router Sled Plans You Can DIY Easily

A router sled is one of the essential tools for perfecting the surfaces of materials. It is commonly used in leveling wood surfaces and over live edges. Instead of going for a ready-made router sled, you can create one using

9 Homemade Keyboard Trays

17 Homemade Keyboard Trays You Can Build Easily

Many times you find yourself buying everything you need in your house. But, you can easily build some of these things using readily available materials and tools. If you are looking to create a functional workspace for your computer, you

13 Simple Homemade Chainsaw Mills

23 Simple Homemade Chainsaw Mills You Can DIY At Home

A chainsaw mill comes in handy to process logs of timber to usable planks and boards. If you are dealing with fallen trees from your backyard or looking into processing timber at home, then a DIY chainsaw mill can be

Beautiful DIY Pallet Bed

15 Ways to Craft DIY Pallet Beds

As a builder, you often may feel like creating or building new and exciting projects, but you’re not exactly sure what you want to build. We understand that this can be quite a challenge for DIYers, so let’s help out.

Self-Centring DIY Dowel Jig

7 Homemade Dowel Jigs You Can Diy Easily

A dowel jig is an awesome tool that helps with making straight holes as you drill into a particular location; for example, when you are doweling two pieces of wood together. Whenever you have any piece of wood that you


How to Use a Circular Saw For Beginners

Are you looking into buying a circular saw? If you are thinking of taking on some home improvement projects, you may want to learn how a circular saw works. It is one of the commonly used tools for experts as


7 Homemade Dovetail Jigs You Can DIY Easily

Dovetail jigs are great woodworking tools that help with creating accurate joints. You can make perfect dovetail joints with just the right jig. A dovetail joint is usually used for holding drawers in place. If you do a lot of


10 Quick And Easy DIY Pocket Hole Jigs

Pocket hole jigs are special tools that help the user to drill a hole at an angle accurate enough to get a good joint. It is a favourite among woodworkers and many DIYers because it is an extremely fast method

DIY Precision Router Lift

10 Best Diy Easy Precision Router Lift Plans

There’s not much you can do with your router table if you don’t fit in a router lift. But the problem is, buying a new factory-made one is just too expensive, and to be honest, not worth all the hype.

DIY Router Table Fence

7 Homemade Router Table Fence You Can DIY Easily

For you to have a proper working router table, you need a fence. Router table fences are mainly used for making joineries, creating decorative mouldings, door making, profile routings, etc. Have you ever tried to build any project, but it

Right-Angle DIY Knife Sharpening Jig

10 Homemade Knife Sharpening Jig You Can DIY Easily

What good is having a knife if it’s not sharp enough to do your cutting? Knife sharpening jigs are necessary for any workshop. Without having to buy professionally made or factory-made sharpening jigs, you can build an effective and efficient

DIY Hanging Lounge Chair

15 Homemade CHAIR You Can DIY Easily

Even though you spend a significant part of your life sitting, do you ever find that a lot of times, your seat is not entirely comfortable? It is possible that whoever built your seat didn’t make it fit your sitting

DIY Hobby Metal Lathe


Metal lathes are a must-have tool in any workshop; however, these priceless tools are quite costly and may take a massive dip from your budget or monetary plans. Nevertheless, you don’t have to fret. With just a little amount, way

DIY Drum Sander

7 Homemade Drum Sander You Can DIY Easily

One of the important functions of a drum sander is to sand pieces of wood to fit particular shapes, edges, or corners. It also helps because you can sand large pieces at the same time, which helps to save time

Fold-a-way Drafting Table

10 Easy DIY Tutorials for a Drafting Table

Drafting tables are one of the essential equipment for major creative works mainly used by architects, designers, engineers, and artists. Before a building or work of art comes to life, it is almost certain that you start its creation process

This band saw fence was made for barely $15! This band saw fence helps you to rip better, resaw and do a bunch of other important construction work with your bandsaw. The video  tutorial is clear and easy to understand.

10 Cheap & Easy DIY Bandsaw Fence Tutorial

Bandsaws are great for resawing boards into thinner pieces. They are essential tools if you need to make ample use of your wood because they turn less wood into sawdust, unlike other saws like table saws. They’re also suitable for