15 DIY Yoshi Costume Ideas – How To Make A Yoshi Costume

There are different ways to make an amazing costume for your kids and they will love you completely. If you want to play “dress-up” then this DIY Yoshi costume will surely be amazing to recreate. The step by step procedure is not difficult.

Using this for your Halloween party can give you a different outlook entirely. I have put together some DIY projects that will show you how different creators were able to make a Yoshi costume, I also included some ideas to inspire to make a Yoshi costume for yourself or your kids.


1. DIY Yoshi Costume Kids


If your child is obsessed with Yoshi of super Mario then gifting this to hum as a gift will be absolutely delightful. This has a headpiece, a saddle to match, black boots, and an overall made of green and white.

For the saddle, you will hold two strands of yarn together throughout. You can use a stitch marker to help guide you. Finally, fasten off and weave the ends. In the end, sew two straps. You can do the same thing for the cap then add red horns with the material.

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2. How To Make Yoshi Costume


Yoshi costumes are always easy to make when you have all the supplies available for you to use. You will need a green hooded shirt that you will add all your different attachments to make it how you would love it.

Blow up 3 balloons, one for the nose and two for the eyes. Tape them to the hood. Make the backpack with a redshirt and a pillow. Cut the red spikes from red paper and clip them to the hoodie.

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3. DIY Yoshi Hoodie


If you have basics in sewing, you can easily work this out for yourself. This is a sweatshirt for the DIY Yoshi costume that is made for the entire family with every bit and pieces to reflect Yoshi.

For this costume, get your felt material to make the nose and the cheeks. Cut a big circle to make the back of the costume. Do the same for the belly. For the eyes, cut pieces out for it, sew together and fit foam within so it can stand. Glue white and black fabric. Don’t forget to fix the spikes too.

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4. How To Make A Yoshi Costume


If you want to make a Yoshi costume for your carnival then this is your bet. You will need 2 beach balls, glad wrap, newspaper, glad wrap, flour, water, PVA glue, and some other items.

Start off by making a paper Mache to be formed out of the beach balls shape. You can use this for the eyes too. The spines are made of cardboard. Assemble everything you have made all together and paint. For the body, use a t-shirt and track pants.

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5. DIY Yoshi Costume For Kid


Before you read this, you must know that this is a project that will require the use of a sewing machine. This costume is really fun to make and you can take your time to get all the details right. This is a fully hooded overall that can be made from scratch.

Measure out your pieces and cut out. Do this for the hood, front, back, hood center, and sleeve. Sew up your pieces together. For the parts that are inflated, like the nose and the spikes, you can use pillow stuffing.

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6. DIY Yoshi Costume For Kids


This is a pretty easy DIY Yoshi costume to make. It sits really well with a green shirt and a designed head for the costume. Your kids will really love this.

To make this, you will purchase a green t-shirt, felt (white, red, orange, and green), to make the shell, you will stuff it in with polyester fiberfill. Sew a white circular felt material on the front of the shirt. Use the same fiberfill for the head and nose.

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7. DIY Yoshi Mascot Costume


The head of this Yoshi mascot is enormous but it will make a really fascinating costume. He also goes around with a little basket to fit well with the costume.

The major needs for this costume are a Yoshi Mascot head, Yoshi suit and shoes, Mario suit and hats, and finally, a basket. Carve the head on a paper then use Styrofoam to create the image. When you are done, shape to your desired size. Attach a chin strap for the head. The fleece fabric should be cut to shape the pieces together (eyes, cheek, and nose). Sew the other parts together carefully and fit the head on it.

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8. DIY Yoshi Costume For Toddlers

Give it a different color like purple and you will even look amazing. This purple Yoshi outfit will be pretty much fitting for your kids.

Measure the different parts from an old overall and cut your different pieces together. Use a purple fleece to cut out. Sew all the pieces together. For the shell, you can make a shape out of cardboard. Keep filling in so it won’t slack. Do this for the spikes too.

9. Yoshi Costume Idea


You can make a DIY Yoshi costume for Halloween by using two different t-shirts, a face cap, and some spikes. The shirt should be long-sleeved and short-sleeved as well.

To make this costume, wear the green short-sleeved over the white short-sleeved shirt. Add some spikes on the cap over the back of the shirt with fleece material. Attach white and a little piece of black for the eyes.

Did you notice the spikes in the back? I did too, after getting all the necessary things for this costume right, you can creatively figure out a way to add the spikes behind.

10. Yoshi Costume Idea For Teen


This costume is just like fixing and attaching but places like the eyes, backpack, tail, and spikes have a little bit of inflation that you need to pay attention to.

To make this costume, you can fix the eyes to a face cap with some polyester fiberfill. Do this for all the parts you want to feel inflated then sew carefully to the shirt and cap.

11. Yoshi Costume Idea For Kids


This costume can be made from the wealth of the house. Everything used here can be gotten from home, of course, except the filling for the tail and backpack.

You need a sweatshirt, cap, and leggings. All of these have to be green. Attach the spikes and backpack to the back of the shirt then fix the eyes to the cap. Create a hole at the back of the leggings then attach it after finning it in with polyester fiberfill.

12. Crochet Yoshi Costume For Girl


Are you a big fan of crochet designs? If yes, then you must check this out. I must say, the creator did a great job putting this together. This is a lot different and really creative. This DIY Yoshi costume is made from wool and crocheted. It is a big deal so you will need to be precise in your work.

To make this, you can knit every piece separately then attach them together as a whole. You can fix in some really creative filling to the tail, spikes (that move from the head to the back), and the backpack.

13. How To Make A Yoshi Costume


This is an oversized DIY Yoshi costume that can be used for any event ranging from Halloween, dress up to a costume party. An extra tip is the painted face of the character.

To make this, you will need fleece material to make the overall. Make the pattern first on cardboard then cut and sew the pieces together. Divide the face into two and paint the top layer with green removable paint and the lower part with white.

Perfect for Halloween right?

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14. Cute Girl Yoshi Costume

Your costume does not always have to be stereotyped. You can use free cotton fabric to get this done. And add satin pieces for the head, spikes, and bag pack.

Get a green and white gown made of free fabric that can flow easily. Use leggings that you can easily attach the tail to. Make sure you use fillings to make the other pieces stand. Attach the head, spikes, and backpack to the entire costume.

15. DIY Yoshi Makeup Tutorial

Doing makeup for your costume is more than beautiful especially where the color gets to blend well into the costume.

To do this, begin with a maroon base on the eyes then use a green shadow. Draw your eyebrows and fill them in. Use a contour and a foundation. Add your powder as your correct shade. Use a lipstick that looks like the first coating on the eyes and you are good to go.

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