20 DIY Wood Stove Projects – How To Build A Portable Woodstove

Wood Stoves are much more efficient when it comes to burning firewood. Also, they produce much more heat. In this article, you will learn how to build a portable wood stove for your home. They are a couple of projects to choose from.

We listed 20 DIY Wood Stove projects that look pretty amazing and easy to make. All the wood stoves listed in this article are quite affordable. Are you ready to make a wood stove? Alright, let’s begin.


1. DIY Wood Burning Stove


You might not be an expert metal worker or have any knowledge of blacksmith, but if you follow this guide, the outcome will be successful. Some simple materials you need for this job is a sheet of mild steel 3mm and it should not be thicker than 6mm.

You also need some tools to work with, an angle grinder, emery paper or gas paper, a large flat file, e.t.c. You might not have a piece of industrial machinery to cut the metal which would get the job done faster and efficiently, but you can improvise with the file.

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2. DIY Wood Stove Made From Scrap


If you have some scrap metal you plan on discarding, this is the right time to put those metals to good use. You can build a wood stove from those scraps and it will cook for you and keep you warm during cold afternoons.

You’re going to only spend about $20 on recycling the scraps that you have, the other materials that you need to finish are some welding machine to weld the electrode, stove paint, and grinder discs. For this guide you will be using an empty gas cylinder, if you have another scrap metal that is cylindrical, that might work too. The entire process is simple and doable, it takes time and patience to get the right finishing.

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3. How To Build A Barrel Wood Stove


For a barrel wood stove, you need a barrel, barbeque paint, a stove kit, a cast-iron gate, but it’s optional, and a barrel stove hot plate kit, also optional. Firstly, your barrel has to clean and have no hole on the body, because you will be creating your openings where you can control the heat.

One important item you need to have is a sturdy hearth. Unless the barrel you have is thick enough to withstand the heat, if the metal of the barrel you have is thin then, you need a sturdy hearth to accommodate the amount of heat that you go in. To build a hearth isn’t easy but very possible.

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4. How To Build A Small Wood Stove

If you are looking for a small wood stove that won’t inconvenience you or take up space in your home then, this guide is your best bet. You need to get your hands on a small old propane tank/cylinder and turn it into your small wood stove. Before you start using any small propane tank, if you have any, you need to cut off the valve and ensure that every single molecule of propane gas is out of that tank, as propane gas, no matter how small can still be flammable. The materials you will need might cost you about $20 if you don’t have them already, these are your regular circular hand saw, hammer, tape measure, painters tape, and mire.

5. DIY Wood Stove From Car Rim

Scouting for the best material around you that you can use to build a wood stove? Then, let me introduce you to this car rim method. You need 4-car rims of the same size, manhole cover, frames, and cast iron. Get your circular hand saw, hammer, chisel, welding machine, and your wood stove will be ready in a few hours.

6. Mini Wood Stove DIY

This is a good way to have a mini wood stove without having to cut metal and weld irons. You need black cement, sand, water, styrofoam, iron, and a bucket. You also need to have a stove kit on standby. You will build a stove with cement, measure the size of the stove with a small bucket, and create your mini wood stove.

7. DIY Smart Wood Stove

Mix your cement, get your buckets, cast iron, and styrofoam, and every other item, and follow the steps to build this, just give it a few hours for the cement to harden, you will realize a great smart wood stove. It is easy to carry around because of the cast iron handle that will be attached to the cement mold before it dries hard.

8. DIY Wood Stove


This is a nice 6inches wide by 6 inches high, 8 feet deep wood stove. It is a small portable and can even be placed on a table. The stove itself is made of a mild steel box, 3 to 8 inches thick. Another mild steel plate was added on the top of the steel box, ¼ inch thick. Countersunk 6-32 screws were used, which even makes it strong and durable.

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9. DIY Pyramid Wood Stove


This is a nice pyramid wood stove that is great for outdoor use, on a camping trip, or when you go fishing with family. This project will take you a day or more if you’re not an expert metal worker. You have to cut the metal sheets into a triangle shape, and you might need to find a metal cutting company if you don’t have the means to cut them.

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10. How To Make A Wood Stove


This might cost you some money, but the finishing will be worth it. You need a silverware canister that can be found at Walmart for about $10, a stovepipe, a Dremel tool, C-clamps, and other steel pipes and sheets that will be used for the legs of the silverware canister.

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11. How To Build a Wooden Stove


A wooden stove made out of metal sheets, with a chimney stack is just what you need, if not, you can try other guides to find the right guide that can help. For this project, you need some metal pipes, a strong iron chain, a round piece of steel thick rough to withstand heat, and 1 whole day to work with.

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12. DIY Firewood Stove

When you have your materials ready you can start. First, you need bricks, black cement, water, a wide bucket, clay, a cement trowel, a flat sack bag, an iron pipe elbow, and a sketch of how the firewood stove will look like, just something to work with. It is simple, easy, and less time-consuming to build.

13. DIY Smoke-Free Wood Stove

Unlike some wood stoves, It is smoke-free and easy to build. The two major ingredients are cement, bricks, and clay. This will take you 24hours, to allow the cement to set and get hard enough. To make it smoke-free, you need a thick steel pipe elbow and a 6 to 10 feet long pipe that will act as a chimney to take the smoke out from the inner stove compartment.

14. How To Make A Wood Gas Stove

A wood gas stove doesn’t mean you will use gas to fuel the stove, it simply means that the wood stove top will look like a gas top. For this guide you will use 2 cans, any empty food cans, the size depends on you but one has to be smaller than the other. All that is left is a hand drill, a metal net as a pot stand.

15. DIY Wood Stove For $5


All the items you will purchase for this project won’t go beyond $5. Some items you need are 1 Lb propane tank, 4 bolts/nuts, tin wire solder, blow torch, drill, 3 in copper pipe section, and your wood stove will be made. You might use some of these tools at home, even better, that will help reduce cost. The tank will be small and portable, something that can easily be carried around.

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16. DIY Backpacking Wood Stove


The perfect lightweight wood stove for a camping, fishing, or survival trip, something that can fit into your backpack and you can carry around, clean, and use as many times as you want until it starts to rust and becomes flimsy. The items to make these are 4 small stainless steel canisters, an expandable metal, a 4-inch pine tongue, and a groove. This can only burn for about 21 minutes before it gets red hot, that is if you’re using small pieces of softwood.

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17. DIY Wood Stove


With this image above, you already know you need 2 car rims to make this, maybe even three, but the third will be entirely cut out with just a small piece left to direct the flames. You also need a circular stainless Grill net that has to fit into the car rims. Also, get a metal Enamel spray paint of any color. The rest of the job will require a welding machine, a powerful hand-held circular saw, and you can make an amazing wood stove that can also work as a BBQ Grill.

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18. DIY Wood Burning Stove

Get a lot of thick metal sheets, a large hand tin snip, a hammer, casting iron, chisel, and other metalworking tools. This project requires a lot of metalwork experience, it will be difficult if you don’t have any but in the end, the wood-burning stove is a durable stove that can withstand a high level of heat for a long time.

19. DIY Wood Stove From Brick

Go to any hardware store near you and get 50+ bricks of different sizes, unless you have some at home, even better. Also, get cement, a trowel, 1 steel pipe elbow, a circular hand saw, and a wide building tile. This project will take almost 2 days because you will be using a lot of cement at different corners and you have to let it dry property, before moving it for finishing.

20. DIY Wood Burning Camp Stove


This is a favorite for camping, it’s small, light, effective, and can last for a long time on constant heat. The entire job requires a metal sheet, 2 iron rods, and a drill. The total cost for this project is about $7, which makes this a budget-friendly wood burning camp stove. Another amazing feature of this camp stove is that it is collapsable. You can collapse it and make it fit into your backpack, carrying it around till you find a place to settle and bring it out.

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Have you found a preferred DIY Wood Stove? Remember, you need to consider a lot of factors before choosing which DIY wood stove to make. Make sure you have the skill and tools for it. You also need to ensure that your home has the space to accommodate such.

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