13 DIY Window Security Bars To Keep The Burglars Away

Security bars are a great way to keep the burglars out of your home. They are weak security bars and strong ones. While compiling this article, we made sure to include the strongest projects.

In this article, you will find 13 DIY window security bars that you can DIY from your workshop. You might need some skills to be able to build a DIY window security bar. The making process isn’t going to be seamlessly easy, get ready for some hard work.

1. How To Make Simple Window Grill For Home

Cut out steel bars to the appropriate length and weld four sides together to form a square that fits your window size. Place vertical steel and weld to the sides of the steel bar. Then cut cylindrical steel and use it to design your preferred design to be used, then weld to the frame and paint.

2. DIY Security Bars For Basement Window

2. DIY Security Bars For Basement Window

Two long 1x2s and two short 1x2s steel bars will be needed. Line up the short 1x2s and clamp them together. Working from the middle, space the bars accurately.

Measure and mark off the bar interval using a speed square, then drill 7/8” deep holes at each marking with a 15/16” paddle bit.

A quick and dirty mortise and tenon system can be made using chop saw hand saws and sharp chisels(optional). Cut ¾” rigid (metal) electrical conduit to length. One side of each will be filled with spray foam at this point.

Attach both long 1x2s to one short 1×2 (Ensure your drillings face in). Insert foamed-ends into the assembled portion of the frame. Tip the assembly up and fill the other end of the bars with expanding spray foam. Agitate bars as needed. Feed finished bars into the drillings of other short 1×2 and attach the final short 1×2. Check squares on the frame and clamp with corner clamps. Spray paint the entire assembly and then install.

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3. How To Install Security Bars In Windows

3. How To Install Security Bars In Windows

You may have a preference to install your bar on the interior or the exterior, luckily I’ll be explaining both ways.

Mounting exteriors on a single window is a job that an average homeowner can complete in an hour or two. You basically position the bars in the position you want, level them vertically and horizontally, then mark the positions of the holes on the mounting brackets. Drill a pilot hole on each mark, then reposition the bars and drive a non-reversing security screw into each hole to secure the bars in place. Interior window bars often come with quick-release mechanisms that allow you to open the grille like a door or remove it from the frame altogether.

The bars must fit inside the window frame and typically come with an installation kit that includes rails and screws. You screw one of the rails to the window frame, slide the other rail onto the bar set, slide the bars into the rail attached to the window frame and finish up by securing the other rail to the frame.

When mounting the rails, be sure to use a level to plumb them, mark positions of holes, and drill pilot holes in the window frame with an appropriately sized bit. The screws that come with the kit are long enough to go deeply into the studs behind the window frame, so once the bar set is properly mounted to the rails, it’s there to stay.

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4. How To Make Windows Security Bars

Measure your window accurately, shape the steel bar to the top measurement by bending to shape. Sand the steel and drill holes. Then cut cylindrical steel to length and attach vertically to the steel bar and weld. After sanding the welded edges, spray paint and take your framework to the exterior of the window and measure where to drill holes on the window. Fix the framework, then drive in screws and weld screw to metal, and finally paint up the screwed points.

5. How To Install A Grisham Window Bar

Before Installation, know and practice fire escape in your home and do not install in an emergency window. Measure width and height of window opening. Insert quick release hinges on a horizontal tube of the window bar, then ensure the window bar is centered so you can drill with a 3/16 drill bit on the marked hinge bracket location on the wall.

Fasten screws to hike with screwdriver or driver bit. Insert latching bullet at the other end and marking the center location on the surface. Draw another mark ⅝of an inch directly above each latching bullet to indicate the location of the cable feed. Drill the interior wall exit point to develop a gradual downward slope, at both locations position the lock body and feed the cable through the wall.

Repeat with a shorter cable with a lock body at the bottom. Secure bolt-on cable clamp standoff, install cable cover, and screw. Place spiral cable shield onto the flat portion of standoff and mark cable shields ¼ below standoff. Position both wire cable shields under the cable clamp assembly and fasten. Feed wire cable to the top of the foot pedal guide holes and under the backside of the clamp position your offset brackets and tighten.

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6. How To Make A Window Security Grille

You will require a more advanced machine to drill quite big holes on the metal. Drill holes on 4 steel bars of desirable length. Weld the edges together. Have your cylindrical metal rods cut out to attach in-between the bars as railing, weld rods to the side of the bar, and your grille is ready.

7. DIY Cheap Window Bars

This is on a really low budget. Get number nine-gauge galvanized wire and lay your window frame on the floor. Create a hook on the wire and attach wire horizontally on the frame, place the frame on the window, and screw to the wall.

8. DIY Window Security Bars

Using a bandsaw, cut out steel rod and bars to desired length and sand the edges of the bars. Clamp a steel bar and lay the horizontal bars appropriately for welding. Weld bar to bar and Ground down your welding. Clamp your hinge on the side of the metal frame and weld. Go ahead to sand and paint. Get lag bolts and pre-drill holes and then fix in the bolt.

9. How To Weld Security Bars Without Using Jigs

Place out your metals and crossbars and cut them to their right shape and length. Lay two metal bars parallel to each other, lay two pricketts just to see where you want to put your crossbars. Then place two crossbars horizontally and six-inch apart from the vertical bar and place your mark. Do the same for the other crossbar at the other end. Take off two pieces in place leaving the vertical pieces in place on the square frame. Hold down the weight of the vertical pickets by spacing horizontal pickets with equal width. When everything is in position, then weld them together.

10. How To Make And Install Security Bars On Windows

If you have a wooden frame of your window in place and want to secure it, get ½inch cold, rolled steel and drill holes at the bottom of the steel, place vertically on the wooden frame of the window and drive in the screws individually.

11. How To Secure Windows

Due to the way robbers break-in, this tip will help secure your home. Robbers shatter the outer glass to get to the sash lock and unlock it to get the sack up or pry up with a crowbar. Firstly drill holes where sashes overlap and insert a steel window pin to lock the sash together or rather insert a dowel to hold the sash down for safer installation of a stainless steel security screen that can’t be broken.

12. DIY Spiderweb Window Security Bars

This spiderweb window is more complex therefore will require longer hours. Take window measurement, draw out patterns on a book. Move onto your working table and draw the same pattern with precise dimensions. Cut metals to shape and bend to shape, then sand the bottom of the metals, and weld them together to form a square(window size). Clamp the metal, cut out metal strips to fit within the square as indicated in your pattern, and weld. Bend cylindrical steel or Crossbars to fit your pattern, cut out each piece, and weld to vertically placed rods. After welding the varying sizes, take out your finished project and paint.

13. How To Build Burglar Bars For Windows

13. How To Build Burglar Bars For Windows

Make a decision on what you want your security bars to look like. You can get custom-made security bars/grills or opt for adjustable ones. Determine where you want to place your security bars. You may likely want to be able to open your windows, so, if your basement window opens inward, place the bars between the screen and the window. If your window slides you could put the bars on the inside of the window and still be able to open it.

Measure your window opening and get the appropriately sized bars or security grills cut into length. Weld the vertical and horizontal bars. Place your security bars in the window opening and mark where the fastening screws will go. Drill holes in the window frame for installation of the bars. You may want to consider painting before Installation.

Install the security bars. Use long screws to be sure the screws go all the way into the window framing (not just the casing)

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While building window security bars, do not settle for overly cheap or inferior products due to the fact that your safety is involved. I hope this article has been helpful to you. Feel free to ask questions or drop contributions related to this article.

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