8 DIY Van High Top Projects: Do It Yourself Easily

This is a DIY van high top compilation that will show you how to make High Top for your Van at an affordable cost. A high top is very important for your van not only because it makes your van look more attractive but because it gives your van an additional interior room.

After researching for hours, we were finally able to come up with 8 DIY van high top projects that would be of use to you. Are you ready to check them out? Come with me!

1. DIY Van High Top

1. DIY Van High Top

This amazing van high top is made from plywood, screws, fiberglass, laminating resin, a cut-off wheel, electric sheet metal shears, and glue.

Start by cutting the roof of the van just after the 1st brace to enhance reinforcement. Though additional support would need to keep the frame firmly in place. Attach the frame and reinforce the edges and joint. Sand the edges and joints to remove excess.

The frame is made out of plywood strips glued together. Tubing can be used for the bends. The fiberglass gives additional strength and it is waterproof. Laminating makes it easy to grit within coats. You can panel the inside and add some shelves and benches.

It is not the cheapest but it is very affordable if you want to build one. There is a lot of work to be done

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2. How To Build A DIY Wood High Top On A Van


This DIY is made basically from wood, plywood sheets, screws, glue, paint, fiberglass, and Jigsaw.

One amazing fact about this high top van is that the frame is made from wood and everything is joined together with wood instead of screw or nail in some other. This principle makes it easy to avoid unscrewing a bolt loosen due to vibration. Make notches on each side piece for the roof beam to snugly.

After the frame is in place, screw the side pieces to each side of the van and attach some reinforcement. After everything has been set, use plywood to cover the frame from outside and paint it. It is an amazing project though it takes a while before completion. It’s surely worth it.

3. How To Build A High Top Van

Since the fiberglass has a sheet roof and wooden block which is covering the lips of the fiberglass. Unscrew everything and get them off except the fiberglass which is still intact. View from the outside and see if the blade can pass through the thickness.

There are two methods you can use to cut the roof off. You can pop up the base of the roof and cut around the lips. Or cut around the area where there is demarcation already.

If you’re hitting through the demarcation, drill holes along the line just above the wood fixed to the lips. Start by cutting the sides. Tape and mark each side with a straight line. A straight blade saw would make the cutting easier and then change to the jigsaw to make the cutting straight.

The materials used include jigsaw, straight blade saw, Tape, Wood, drill, and fiberglass.

4. DIY Van High Top

4. DIY Van High Top

Did you know metal produces much heat under the heavy sun? This insulated high top will keep your stuff cool always.

It is made from a tubular steel frame. The frame is mounted on the car, starting from the 1st brace after the roof has been removed. Print the steel frame and add an insulator. The roof is made from commercial rubber roofing.

The steel frame is visible from the inside of the van and this gives the interior a striking look and a space to hand magnetic equipment or tools. Among the materials used are tube steel frame, insulator, rubber roofing. This project is not the cheapest but it’s among the best.

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5. Van High Top Installation

5. Van High Top Installation

This high top looks old in design but functionally it is strong and durable. It is a unique project

Using the air nibbler or other cutting tools you can get, cut off the roof and hoist the frame rest or bolt the lips. To clear the rear of the raised machine, cut the brake from the bottom.

Sand and paint the top with a raptor liner. The to is a rubber seal- home depot garage door seal. Position the frame on top of the fan and screw tightly.

The material used includes nibbler/ other cutting tools, home depot garage door seal, jigsaw, screw, and bolts.

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6. DIY Hightop Camper Van

Building a high top camper van can be a lot of work because the whole project starts from first taking care of the interior. It is made from fiberglass mixture, wood, screw, hammer, insulation, ply sheets, paint, subfloor, jigsaw, and table stand.

Clear the inside of the, take care of the rusted or open joints. Fiberglass mixture works well for the opening. Screw a piece of wood to each side of the van just below the window (this serves as a support for the high top). Then, add foam insulation to each side of the van.

The floor has three layers; the first layer of insulation, the floor above the insulation, and the subfloor before an actual floor is placed on it. Make the frame for the high top and screw the reinforcement in perfectly. Cover the frame with plywood.

7. How To Build A DIY Van High Top

Little difference makes everything unique. In this guide, tips for building a DIY van high top and reviewing if what and what not to do. This amazing DIY Van high top is made from a jigsaw, straight hand saw, screw, wood, fiberglass, marker, and gel coats.

Start by cutting the roof off. Pop the roof off from the base and cut through the fiberglass. To get a straight and clear-cutting use a jigsaw. It is advisable to tape the roof up before cutting to keep the line straighter.

To get the more accurate cut off the roof according to the measurement of the roof from the inside. Framing is very important as it makes it easier to build the sides and save the stresses of balancing each side with multiple layers.

The cut-off roof is not always restored to the van after it has been raised but in this guide, the cut-off roof was reinstalled as the roof of the high top. Raise the van by placing 2 long pieces of wood on each side of the van. Building this is a lot of work and it takes longer to complete. It has been cleared in the video that you can do this by yourself alone. You need people to help you, especially someone that is tall.

8. DIY Hightop Camper Van

Did you want to build a mini home inside your van? Here is a guide for you to get started on your project. Though this is a time-lapse video, you will get something out of this. A camper needs a high top for it to be long enough for the person inside and to have more space for the interior room.

Before building the high top, clear the van and make necessary cleaning and lending for the floor to be intact. Then, add insulation to each side of the van. Reinforcement is necessary to hold the top in place firmly.

Install the table stand to the center of the van and put the floor layers and take it to a necessary place. Moving on to the high top. Carve the frame (frame made from wood) of the top and gather them together on the van. Screw each of the side pieces tightly and cover the frame with a plywood sheet. Trim excess plywood and paint the top.

The interior look of the camper is also very important. Because it is a place you want to stay you have to spend more time working on the interior to give it the best taste.

The project requires a lot of time, energy, and money. However, the result is worth all the stress.


There are limited guides that show you how to build a DIY van high top, after much research we were able to collate a list of some amazing projects. The process of making a van high top can be confusing from the beginning but I’m sure you can keep up with the build. If followed correctly, at the end of the day, you will have made an awesome high top for your van.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave contributions or questions regarding this article. Also, share this content with your friends who have vans and might want to build a high top.

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