19 DIY Turtle Dock Projects – How To Make A Homemade Turtle Dock

Ever wanted to create a beautiful dock for your pet turtle but didn’t know how? We have got you covered. After doing some research, I and my team were able to put together a list of DIY turtle dock projects.

Most of them are very affordable, some even cost as low as $2 to build. Trust me, your turtle will love its new dock when you are done building.

1. Styrofoam Turtle Dock


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For this turtle dock, you’ll need to get a large piece of Styrofoam that can fit into a tank tightly. Your glue gun will come in handy but it has to be at a low temperature. You’ll need a knife and some rocks to be creative. Place your rocks and plants and glue them to the Styrofoam. Glue the dock to the front of the Styrofoam. When you’re sure the embellishment is right, carefully drop the dock into the tank.

2. How to Build a Turtle Basking Dock

A productive idea is the greatest asset to business exploits. This cost less than $2.00 and less than 10mins. For this basking dock, you’ll need to cut your wood and drill it to fit into the tank. Cut it such that it is slightly longer than the tank then drill holes into the wood and fix the sticks. You will need hot glue to stick the pieces together. Place it in carefully.

3. DIY Turtle Basking Dock for $20

This DIY turtle dock would not take much of your money and time. First, take any obstacle from the top of the tank. Take the measurement of the tank then cut your plastic accordingly. Assemble and connect the pieces with zip ties. Remember you are working with plastic, so it is important to make a space beneath the hot light before placing it on top so it does not get to burn off in the long run.

4. Making a Turtle Dock from Scratch

This is very affordable and durable and you can tweak it the way you like it. To make this stand, measure your wood according to the width of your aquarium. Sand appropriately to take away unnecessary rough edges. Fix the edges together and make sure one is a bit slanted so the turtles can comfortably move on it freely.

5. How to Build a Naturalistic Basking Area for Aquatic Turtles

It is necessary to make a basking area for your turtles. This DIY turtle dock is one of the best options for a naturalistic habitat that the turtles can adapt comfortably to. You can cut a piece from the bark of a tree and make sure it has a slanting edge where the turtles can comfortably climb in from. Fit it into the water and let it be wedged completely to prevent it from falling off. After all is done, you can install lighting to provide warmth for your aquatic animals.

6. PVC Turtle Dock


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This beautiful piece is made of PVC. Buy your PVC according to the size of your tank so you don’t get to buy excess that you will not need anytime soon. Measure the size you need, cut, and cement. Form the shape of 90 degrees angle, then finish up on the cement so it will be at maximum strength. Install by attaching ridges to give them a place of comfort with warmth from the light bulb.

7. DIY Outdoor Large Turtle Dock


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You can also make a DIY turtle dock for outdoor use! Create your 3D model on your pc. Use a slicer to import your 3D model. This should give you a direct measurement. Print out and use it as a pattern. Once you’ve cut the layers using a laser cutter, sculpt and sand with concrete. Paint it with concrete and try to soak in water for 24hrs.

8. How to Make a Turtle Basking Platform

This DIY turtle dock requires a lot of active creativity. It’s time to replace the old basking dock. Get your tiles shaped according to the measurement of your tank, then attach the floating platform to it. You’ll need a zip tie to fasten each joint together so it does not give way in the water.

9. DIY Low Budget Turtle Dock

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on this one. Get an old plastic bin and create a hole by the side at the bottom where you’d attach a flap for the turtle to climb through. Don’t try to force them immediately to do so because they may likely not want to climb in immediately. Give them time. You can attach a bulb for warmth and embellishments for comfort and easier adaptation.

10. DIY Turtle Basking Platform

This DIY turtle dock requires a low budget for high quality. You can actually order your cork bark from an online store. Fit it horizontally into the tank according to the measurement of the tank. Tilt it a bit above the water

11. DIY Miniature Deserted Island

It’s time to stir up your creativity and productivity. You’ll need some materials to create this basking area. Carve out the sides of the cork and make a hole at the center for the flower pot. Put your desired embellishment then drop it into the water.

12. How to Make a Turtle Dock in 3 Steps

Start by getting an egg crate lighting panel. Measure and cut out the size you want. Be sure it can comfortably fit into the aquarium. If you miss out on this, it may be a lot difficult fitting in and that means the material you have cut will be wasted. You can use zip ties to knot the sloppy area to the crate.

13. How to Build an Above Tank Turtle Basking Platform

If you invest your time, money, and resources into a DIY turtle dock you would surely get good results. Build a pattern with your PC and get the right dimensions. You need to buy your wood. Use something that will be strong enough to hold the sliding panels. Shape the wood into an open box with steps. It’s pretty much simple.

14. Building a Turtle Dock & Bridge from PVC

Measure your PVC to shape and add the plastic hinges to the edges. This is made like the top part of a car with the first slope going upward, the middle part going straight and the last slope going downward. It is a lot easier for the turtle to climb the bask and go back inside the water. You can use a PVC sheet as your base.

15. DIY Turtle Basking Platform Idea

This DIY turtle dock is better made from thin bamboo sticks. This is because they are light and they can float. Tie the thin bamboo sticks with ropes just like a raft, then place it in to float. You’ll need a pair of suction cups to plug to the right side of the tank to make the raft firm in water and enable your turtle to slide in and out of the water.

16. DIY Turtle Basking Dock

DIY turtle dock makes it easier and comfortable for your turtle to adapt to a nice but enclosed environment. Measure the interior sides of the tank. Attach zip ties that hold the cut egg crates to form a box. Put all preferred enhancement to make the basking dock more comfortable for the turtles.

17. Turtle Basking Platform for $2

Creative thinking guarantees productivity. This particular Basking dock takes less time and a little amount of $2.00 to create. All you need do is, measure your plank according to the preferred size. The embellishments should be put in order to make the turtles more comfortable. Use a net with larger loopholes for adequate ventilation.

18. DIY Turtle Dock

If you put more effort into producing your DIY turtle dock you may likely use it for a pretty long time. Get your plank, measure to shape, and cut. Staple your egg crate to the shaped plank. Attach embellishments, then make a raft for the turtles by cutting out a piece of the egg crate from the center and use zip ties to make it more flexible. Fill the tank with water to enable buoyancy.

19. DIY Turtle Dock Under $15

Try your hands on this DIY turtle dock, it’s way cheap and is of high quality. Use a freezer basket with a reasonable size, cut into two. Get a very thick aluminum foil and then perforate the two corners to enable the zip ties to firmly hold it so that it slants for the turtles to move on it freely.

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